First hike after 6 years: Mt. Daguldol

12 thoughts on “First hike after 6 years: Mt. Daguldol”

  1. Love your post! (Which reminds me I have yet to finish the last entry of my series).

    Why am I special? Lolz. is it because I’m the only one who didn’t slip? Lolz!

    Poor Dino, he’s now branded as the HM Brand Manager! lolz. Peace Koya Dino!

  2. AJ is officially the most entertaining person in the blogosphere.

    kahit pagod na, sige pa rin! bentang benta si Phoebe. mwehehe

  3. May kilala pa ba kayong ibang hiker na nag ala broadway musical while going down the mountain? Si AJ lang yun!

    Harhar, I love the special mention of our dear guro XD

  4. Hahaha! Katuwa naman tong post.

    I agree, AJ’s real entertaining. Biruin mo nakipag amazing race sa sarili. Hehe.

    I also thought naman at first “Dear Guru”…

  5. walang kupas ang mt dagulgul… may nagtitinda pa rin ng halo-halo!!! πŸ™‚ i was there 3 yrs ago….

  6. love the pictures, just want to ask is there a camping site for boy and girlscout in Mt. Daguldol or do you have any recommendations for us to go.

    Thanks and waiting for a response

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