Dating a Food Blogger, (The Rudiments Of)

13 thoughts on “Dating a Food Blogger, (The Rudiments Of)”

  1. Sometimes its helpful to know the difference between a gourmet and a gourmand 🙂 And also know what a foodie is.

    I am a foodie and I write for a personal food blog

    I think it also helps if one learns to eat one’s vegetables. 🙂

    As a guy who has a relatively high interest in technology I’ve always found that the means to connect with a food bloggers would be to talk about the camera that she uses. ”

    I hate to say this but every bit of this is true. 🙂

  3. @anne: Fanny’s is located in Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon) in Vietnam. It’s right below Temple Bar. The address is 48 Le That Thiep at the downtown.

  4. My husband and I used to eat/date out a lot until I found out that the dining expenses were just too much. We decided to cook at home and it’s been one big adventure.

  5. Actually, the food experience is good, but the conversation during the whole thing is what makes it interesting 🙂 the opportunity to meet other people and share a meal makes for a potent formula for growth not only in terms of cerebral development but honing ones social skills as well 😀

  6. @noemi: phoebe and myself have this goal to domesticate my cooking skills as well. we’re going for the four course meal which i should be able to prepare in about a month or two 🙂

  7. Hi Jayvee! Regarding Leo Castillo’s photog classes, does he has a website wherein I could check out the rates and the location?

    Thanks 🙂

  8. hi dyanie, i dont think leo has a website for this. his classes are all found out via word of mouth marketing. the attendees in his class are all friends of friends.

    you can always email him at photoworks at gmail dot come and he will always reply 🙂

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