Man in the Mirror recorded on a Samson C01U

15 thoughts on “Man in the Mirror recorded on a Samson C01U”

  1. Tuck Andress’ rendition of Man in the Mirror is one of the songs I like. I thought you were gonna sing with Tuck as the accompaniment. Hehehe.

  2. Wicked guitar play, Jayvs!

    Although I was hoping there’s a video and some vocals. I know it’ll be hard with this arrangement. 😛 Bilis na, make one na!! Hehe.

  3. Bravo!!!

    I’m currently looking for Samson C01U but audiophile has raised their price to almost P9000 for the complete recording package. I have been using a cheap headset mic for my hobby recordings until now.

    Any idea where to buy a cheaper one?

  4. #ross — when you say “complete recording package” what do you mean? thats a big price jump. the mic just used to cost about 3,500.

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