Man in the Mirror recorded on a Samson C01U

The Samson CO1U Condenser microphone has received legendary reviews from tech community groups and audiophiles alike. I have been exposed to using the microphone ever since Vic Icasas lent me one for recording the Mobile Philippines podcasts late last year with Art Ilano and Adel Gabot.


After months of mental debate on whether I should be getting one, I finally decided to bite the hook, as I also found it useful for singing duets with Boogie and recording acoustic music – apart from its more suitable use as a podcast microphone. For current Samson owners, it would be wise to download the SoftPre application to configure the microphone to suit your needs. The microphone retails for P3,890.00 and is sold in all Audiophile stores. This is the recommended piece of equipment for those who wish to take their audio recording to the next level, without the burden of a hefty budget.

The complete recording set includes the microphone, the stand and the spider mount which retails for a little less than P5,500. You can actually forego the spider mount but I suggest getting the solid base because it only costs P420.00. You can also utilize your Make and Do skills to create your own pop filter using an old pair of stockings and a shirt hanger.


Without further ado, here is my rendition of Man in the Mirror, originally written by Michael Jackson. This version is arranged by Tuck Andress. Please pardon the mistakes, as I was having a hard time playing this piece on a classical guitar (it’s much easier to play this on a steel string folk guitar as the fret boards are smaller). Or maybe I’m just rusty.

15 responses to “Man in the Mirror recorded on a Samson C01U”

  1. hey jayvee i didn’t know you can play this good! been trying to recreate that tune but I have a different way of playing it haha. daya actually.

  2. Juned says:

    Do you need a manager? Acoustic Podcast with the Bugman 🙂

  3. Em Dy says:

    Sounds great. Sana you sang along. Will recommend this to my cousin who loves to sing.

  4. Jeric says:

    I thought you’ll sing 🙂 Great audio quality!

  5. Jayvee says:

    this is an instrumental piece lang 🙂 thanks for the comments. i am especially loving the sound quality 🙂

  6. Eugene says:

    Tuck Andress’ rendition of Man in the Mirror is one of the songs I like. I thought you were gonna sing with Tuck as the accompaniment. Hehehe.

  7. Jayvee says:

    the song is hard enough to play. it took me a total of about 3 to 4 months to learn the song 🙂

  8. markku says:

    Nice playing! =)

    Jayvs, tuloy na natin yung “band of bloggers!”

  9. Malou Escasa says:

    Pretty good!

    I also like the version the AUP Ambassadors sang.

    This is one of my all-time favorites!

  10. jenny says:

    nice one! i love this version of tuck andress 🙂

  11. Aiza says:

    Wicked guitar play, Jayvs!

    Although I was hoping there’s a video and some vocals. I know it’ll be hard with this arrangement. 😛 Bilis na, make one na!! Hehe.

  12. julie says:

    This is good! 🙂

  13. Ross says:


    I’m currently looking for Samson C01U but audiophile has raised their price to almost P9000 for the complete recording package. I have been using a cheap headset mic for my hobby recordings until now.

    Any idea where to buy a cheaper one?

  14. Jayvee says:

    #ross — when you say “complete recording package” what do you mean? thats a big price jump. the mic just used to cost about 3,500.

  15. […] Now, if you want to spend a bit more, there’s a slightly more expensive condenser mic, the CO1U which is about a thousand pesos more expensive. Yes I own it too. Got it back in […]

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