Suggestions for Tonyo and Janette

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  1. One weekend I am less online and look what happens. While a professional association might be an option, especially to protect those who make a real living of it, it is a far stretch in a profession mainly existing of freelancers and those working for their own profit (via own sites).

    In all honesty the thought is so anti blogging, and against the ‘everyone can publish’ idea that I’m afraid the people who advocate this manifesto don’t really understand blogging.

    If ever I were faced with a blogger who claimed to be a member of NBA and thus claimed higher fees, I would require an official BIR receipt as well.

    Rather than trying to organise a profession, based on the freedom of all and the right of all to contribute and have a published opinion, the fight to have bloggers recognised, recognised by journalistic organisations must continue. Let’s not get diverted, all around the world there are journalistic organisations which will allow bloggers, once they have published x-thousand words on registered ‘blogs’ (read: media properties) and this has to become more widespread.

    Can the NBA aid with this? Maybe, but it seems more likely that the NBA might again exclude those who enjoy it but can’t do it professionally, and thus obtains the exact opposite. “You’re not a pro, go back to your corner and be quiet”

    Blogger is not a profession!.We all are publishers and ‘blogs’ with a journalistic/commentary value are online publications. We are (professional) writers, trained, qualified or not. We are journalists, editors or columnists. We are media.

    My cat and her grandmother, or was it the other way round, have a blog.

  2. Hi Jayvee. I updated my FAQ to include your concerns.

    ON Effective Measure, not sure where folks got the idea but I am not connected with them. I just covered that event. Knowing that traditional media publishers are now having a common online audience measurement system, I think professional bloggers will eventually have a need to come up with its own sooner too and that can even be utilizing common tools available today.

  3. The NBA issue is very alarming it’s flooding on Plurk and other social network sites. I hope this will be resolved as early as possible. Good luck to us, bloggers.

  4. As long as it does not exert strong regulation of my content and my freedom to write , I’m all for it.
    I had been a victim of libel and when I needed support, I couldn’t find any because there is none. I hope that there is a group who can protect the rights of bloggers.

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