Espele Sales: “Books are non educational” (Updated)

26 thoughts on “Espele Sales: “Books are non educational” (Updated)”

  1. I drool at your sequential art stuff.

    How dare she say the X-Men are not educational! I learned a few Russian and German words from the X-Men! Also, the word “megalomaniac”.

  2. When I get back into the gym tomorrow, I’ll remember that name when I hit the heavy bags 🙂

    I’m sorry – her comment fills me with so much rage.


  3. stupid! plainly moronic view. i bet, this guy was educated on error-filled books fed to him by the department of education.

  4. well, just like a non-blogger despising a blogger, he’s obviously not a book worm or might as well haven’t read any books himself. education can be achieved in many fronts, even outside the confines of school.

  5. Her name should have been suspicious enough as it sounds like sales, meaning things sold. meaning money that can be had. 😀

    And people here lament the declining lack of English proficiency skills…! No wonder, if good books are not being allowed in! >.<

  6. Either that Espele Sales is the most stupidest person on the planet OR the greediest.

    It’s already certain that she is a classic, philistine.

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