Bought a new Mac at the Singapore Sale!

Dear Phoebe, I bought Mac.

Well, not that Mac. But MAC. Managed to find almost everything you ordered at Robinson’s at Raffles. Pretty interesting too – the collection is called Neo Sci-Fi. I didn’t know how to go about buying makeup so I just handed the lady the entire list and the lady gave me a huge LOL while she went through the list.

For the most part of the Singapore sale, almost all participating outlets let go of the GST and luckily for me, the MAC sale was only during the weekend when I landed!

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  • Phoebe

    Come to mama!! :mrgreen:

  • Didi

    I just have to say.. YOU make us proud!! :)

  • noemi

    Phoebe is happy now. Good work, Jayvee.

  • Sophie

    Because MAC is the best! May it be the girly kind or the techy kind! :)

  • Sexy Mom

    same here, same here, each time i go to singapore, i just cannot resist the MACs, more so, they are always in my daughters’ lists. big savings, indeed when you compare how much they cost here

  • Roanne

    OMG, MACCCC. I thought you start collecting MAC (cosmetics) too, aside from the other MAC (Apple). I kid!

  • markku

    Bait naman! Hehehe.

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