Which Really Pays More: Magazines or Blogs?

9 thoughts on “Which Really Pays More: Magazines or Blogs?”

  1. Hello Jayvee. Thanks for sharing your knowledge at the iBlog3 event and I agree with you that writing for magazines can even bring in more money. In my experience, the best of times were back in 1997 before the Asian Financial Crisis. I wrote for an international publication that pays me US$450 a month by just submitting two stories (500 words) a week. Another publication is paying US$1 per word for a featured article.

  2. I missed your talk last saturday for reasons I failed to control 🙁 anyway, i was wondering if you’ll be posting your entire speech here or at least the gist of your presentation. but then i read this entry, your turn in the podium must have been very insightful with a lot of applause, of course. too bad i wasn’t there.

  3. Also, with magazine articles you earn once per article.

    With blogging, you can earn many times from an blog post that you wrote only once.

  4. I have to pay hosting for my website. So blogging costs me money.
    And magazines… Too bad I don’t write or publish magazines. I just buy them now and then. So I lose money on those too 🙁

  5. Very insightful post JV. I also think it’s either way how someone works in this industries. Whether they write for a mag or a blog, the frequency and how much effort they do is what really counts. Although at times, for blogging, sometimes you get the pay as a bonus.

  6. i forgot to mention that with blogs, you are free to choose to write about what you enjoy doing. with magazines, sometimes you have to accept writing jobs that aren’t really your cup of tea.

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