Are You A Pontius Pilate Blogger?

9 thoughts on “Are You A Pontius Pilate Blogger?”

  1. Editing posts has been crucial for me since I really want to improve my writing, unfortunately I always tend to forget to update the timestamp as well.

    *memo to self: don’t forget the timestamp

  2. Funny, I thought Pontius Pilate was better known for the washing of the hands episode rather than the “what I have written I have written” remark. And to me, a Pontius Pilate blogger is one who puts up linkbait posts and then washed his hands of the consequences by saying “oh, I never really meant to say that” or “hey, I never thought people would react that way” or “jeesh, you guys are reading too much between the lines.”

  3. I usually only edit my post when I see misspelled words. Other than that, I don’t. Even if it means my grammar is horrible. (As always the case, though.)

  4. So what do they call those who do edit posts? When I edit published posts, I only indicate that it was edited or updated only if a significant portion of the post was changed. If not then, I leave it as is. 🙂

  5. I’m guilty… welll sort of. I never thought to mark posts as such as sometimes the “updates”/”edits” are very, very minor–meaning no need for my readers to read it again (well, that’s how I feel) but will take your suggestion–update timestamp, indicate UPDATE/EDITED.


  6. I don’t usually edit posts, unless for grammar reasons. So I guess I am a Pontius Pilate blogger.

    But I do know of someone who’s been making noise lately and it’s obvious he’s just linkbaiting. Hehehehe.

  7. nice term “pontius pilate blogger” hehe…

    i don’t edit posts except to correct grammatical/typo errors…sometimes i look back at previous posts and cringe at how cheesy/stupid they are, but i just leave them alone since those posts represented my frame of mind at the time

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