We’re still friends!

The online gossip is just too hot to handle. I deal with the people from Inq7 fairly often due to the online media group I’m building for Hinge-Inquirer Publications. Well, the rumors are NOT true. I repeat, NOT true.

I had a pitcher of mojitos with a good friend from the staff (partly to celebrate the $2M funding of b5media) just now and she told me that “we’re still friends! hindi pa kami nag-break!” (we’re still friends, we haven’t broken up!). This was in reference to the rumors that the breaking news media giant is breaking up the partnership – GMA7 and the Inquirer are no longer “sila.”

I asked if its OK to post this piece of PR and they said go ahead! Well, that’s that. The intrigues of the technology industry…

5 responses to “ We’re still friends!”

  1. yuga says:

    Actually, you’re right. They have NOT broken up, YET. hehehe

  2. Jayvee says:

    love team pa rin sila :)

  3. bettytlopez says:

    Hi Jayvee, I think you are cool man. I dont think you blog just for the profit, I think you are hooked to blogging but keep it up!
    My other blog is

  4. Mike Abundo says:

    It wouldn’t matter either way. They don’t need GMA.

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