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Gerphil Flores sings the National Anthem (Lupang Hinirang)

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An Open Letter to Apple

A little bird told me that Apple SG reads my blog. I’m writing this letter to document some of my mental diarrhea in time for the release of the iLife ’09 suite late next year. The letter verbalizes some ideas of combining the UI of GarageBand with some of the features of iMovie ’08, especially fixing the UI for the “paste over playhead” option which is found in iMovie HD.

“The New Order” Ad Congress this November

I’m a little disappointed that this year’s advertising congress isn’t getting a lot of buzz in comparison to the past ones that were held in Baguio and Cebu. I’m not quite sure which agency is sponsoring this year’s ad congress PR — the radio and television, as well as the online beat campaigns don’t seem to be very visible, if at all they are being run.

I have a theory why they aren’t very visible. Just check out their website address:

Oh god. Who can possibly remember that insanely long URL? Ironic as it is, the “New Order” which will be held in Subic this coming November 21 to 24 2007 will touch on such things as new media, social media and emerging trends for advertising. As a guy who’s been in the blog industry for 2 1/2 years, I will be first to say that they should have chosen a friendlier URL.

From what I learned, the “New Order” pitch goes something like this: In the same way that soldiers were sent to Subic for training, so will advertisers and communicators be sent off for different kind of training. Wheee.

So, who’s going to ad congress? :) It would be cool to see new media practitioners and blogtrepreneurs there! If you’re a corporation, it would be a splendid idea to sponsor some interested bloggers and get to know them better.


The “return of the comeback” of Paypal, Darcie is now happy

The life of Darcie, our b5 HQ manager, has been made much easier with the release of full PayPal support in the Philippines. Ever since 2005, b5media has been using Xoom to pay Philippine-based bloggers their monthly income. The service was actually very reliable until two years later – today, where increased earnings and the addition of more bloggers from the Philippines caused the Xoom account to “overload” once in a while. This brought a slight panic to some local bloggers for the most obvious of reasons.

The Xoom payment ceiling was especially tiresome for me as I served as a payment hub for three bloggers. PayPal’s grand return will sure make a lot of people at b5media happy.

Mike Abundo was most poetic about it:

Let that sink in for a second. Rural Filipinos can now sell their towns’ products directly to the world over eBay. Talented Filipina babes can become the next Happy Slip by posting their videos on Revver. The Philippines — indeed, individual Filipinos — can finally earn money in the global Long Tail of ecommerce.

Nope, it’s not April 1. Thank god. This is the real deal.

Offer a novena for my talk today!


Hey, Globe really rebrands everything so quickly. Their new Globe Visibility dongles come armed with the new corporate logos. I had to borrow one for a presentation I’m giving today: well I’ve been fretting all week over this – for the sole reason that the topic is rather obscure. I’ll be talking about “Gadgets and Software for PR practitioners” at today’s Public Relations Society Summit.

It’s actually a breath of fresh air, talking about something that doesn’t have anything to do with blogging. I used to give these talks with the boys at schools and exhibits, and its been months, heck, years, since I’ve been paired with them again – well not all of them, just Adel who’s talking about podcasting and then there’s Mike who’s doing DIY video editing. Annalyn Jusay is talking about blogging today.

Wish me luck. This is one of the more challenging presentations I’ve been assigned to give this year because I want to be more interesting than saying “hey this is a Treo 750, you use it to make phone calls.” Or “This is a laptop, it’s sorta like a PC, but you can put it on your lap.”

I cooked up something fairly interesting. I’ve been pulling out gadgets here and there. Makes me realize that apart from the stuff I already borrowed from tech distributors, I’ve been diagnosed with GAS.

GAS = Gear Acquisition Syndrome.

Wish me luck!


The Transportmers


Now this is just too hilarious (and too amazing) to pass on to anyone who understands the Filipino public commute culture. More photos of the Auto-Toda and Decepti-Toda Transportmers from Kulot.

Thanks, Lauren for the tip.

A Toblerone Thank You via Free Music


Yet another traditional industry – the chocolate industry, to be more specific – has jumped into the online viral marketing bandwagon. Toblerone has collaborated with a selection of local artists to release a torrent friendly album.

This effort is actually part of a campaign to establish Manila as a ‘Thank You’ Capital:


Bloggers on air this Sunday at RockEd Radio


Aren’t we the most self-centered generation ever? We are. We are the most image-conscious, self-important batch of kids ever to walk the planet. Despite world-wide turmoil, we spend hours updating our Facebook profiles; hours putting our opinions and feelings into a blog– as if others care. We spend extra time on what we wear, trying to identify ourselves with brands, bands, movies, even causes. It’s a whole operation, for this generation, this construction of “me”. And, it’s a billion-dollar operation, with the lowly baller ID at its foundation. Jocks, emo kids, valley girls, Northies, Southies, activists, vegans– are all wrapped up in the construction of themselves. Admit it. [Read]”

For those familiar, Gang Badoy and Lourd de Veyra are sitting this one out as Pepe Diokno will be hosting the show. The “oldies” will still be there though. Some bloggers will be joining this podcast including, but not limited to Joey Climaco, Markku Seguerra, Juned Sonido, and Lauren Dado. If you have the ears to spare on a Sunday night, do tune in to NU 107 at 8:00PM. Or better yet, drop by the studio across Robinson’s Galleria (the building with Chef and Brewer) for post event camaraderie 😉

Thanks to Joey for helping organize this.

Undressing the Inspiration of Souls, Descendant of Seneca, That Which is Named Omnipotens, Son and Daughter of Leviathan


My usual “unpacking” routines cannot be used for this particular product. I had to burn a few sticks of incense while the unpacking procedure began.

Ateneo – La Salle Basketball Rivalry on the New York Times

Raphael Bartholomew writes a piece on Philippine basketball culture for the New York Times. He talks about the rivalry between Ateneo and La Salle, the culture of college basketball, game fixing, and the obtuse difference between the players of each school:

Although Ateneo and La Salle have similar upper-class student bodies, their respective basketball teams are very different.

The Ateneo players have a squeaky-clean image. The team’s prize freshman, Kirk Long, came from Faith Academy, a high school in suburban Manila for the children of foreign missionaries. Guard Eric Salamat’s surname means thank you in Tagalog.

La Salle’s players have a menacing swagger, with tattoos, headbands, shaved heads and chin-strap beards. In 2005, La Salle revealed that two of its players had used phony high school equivalency results in their applications, and the team was suspended for the 2006 season. [Read]

So what do you think? Is this article accurate? I’m from neither school so I can’t really say anything. :) The part about the tattoos and squeaky clean image are a bit blunt though.

Bartholomew is a lecturer at the Ateneo.

The Jayvee and Katie Show – “What’s your angle?”

In this episode, Kate and I talk about the Friendster profile angles phenomenon, put on a small demo, and give some tips on how to take better profile shots. For a higher quality download of the show, proceed here.

We’re giving out prizes too! There are two contests with prizes up for grabs. Kate is giving away lady stuff and I’m giving away two Timbuk2 rugged iPod cases. Though the contest is open to everyone, we can only ship prizes within Metro Manila. You can send your photo entries to me at jayveefernandez dot com or leave comments for the “camera-happy” terminology.

I apologize in advance for some editing issues. This is my first attempt to do editing using an extract audio feature to display photos over running sound.

UPDATE: Olive Castillo of RockEd has discussed a similar topic, identifying the guidelines to taking “friendster shots.”

Are Mac users really smug and arrogant?

We love our machines. I’ve found that Mac users can’t wait to use their machines (when they get home from work for example) whereas Windows users can’t wait to get away from their computers because they associate them with work. Obvious generalities here I know, but I think that many would agree that it’s true. [Read]


I mean, who can blame us? :) With icons like these in Apple’s ‘Think Different’ campaign …

Seriously now, though Mac users insist on having their Kool Aid and drinking it, the smug mentality of these users are slowly becoming saturated by the way Apple had introduced Windows compatibility and made Macs cheaper.

Hypothesis: Linux is the new Mac. :)

Lately though I’ve been playing a mental game whenever I watch an Apple keynote or attend an Apple press release. The game is really simple. I try to keep level headed through the presentation and figure out what Apple isn’t telling us. Aaron Brazell writes about how the Apple store is the place where intelligent people die:

However, Apple products incite a certain stupidity in people that encourages them… no, forces them… no, not even that – compels them to go to the Apple Store and buy the newest product on the day of launch or soon thereafter. [Read]

Apple knows how to feed on the ego. And now their market share is inflating, who’s to stop their heads from doing the same?

An attempt to bring back Philippine Radio Drama

Last night, a few of us aspiring voice actors made an attempt to bring back the cheesy yet classic art of Philippine radio drama shows we often heard on AM radio into the Philippine Internet.

Without further ado, here is the episode entitled “Ang Buhay ni Boy” (The Life of Boy). Apologies to the foreign listeners as most of this drama is recorded in our vernacular. Nonetheless, as Inigo mentioned in the second episode of the Inigo and Inaki podcast, Filipinos have a sing-songy intonation when we speak because of our “Iberian heritage.” Enjoy the intonations :)


Alternatively, you can hop over to the BuggedCast to view a complete list of all the shows I helped guest, edit and host.

The podcast has been mentioned at the @Play column of Joey Alarilla. (Hey Joey, we were actually thinking of doing a ‘Gabi Ng Lagim Reloaded’ in our future episodes. :) )

iPod touch hands on impressions and prices


“Touch me not!”
said the iPod touch, as the mad crowd made their way to the front, manhandling Apple’s wafer thin iPod.

The official prices of the new Apple iPod line was announced today for the Philippine market. Though the iPod shuffle, iPod nano and iPod classic have been spotted in several Apple retailers, there is still no suggested retail price for consumers to use to compare across stores. The photo above illustrates the SRP for the new line of iPods:

Thought: The impact of Playboy Philippines to the publishing industry

EDIT: Review of first issue here.

EDIT: Read today in the Philippine Start that Playboy Philippines will be launched on April 2 2008 at the Sofitel. The editor in chief is Beting Laygo Dolor. There will be no nudity as being daring is not a mark of success. Playboy Philippines will contain articles in good taste written by at least 5 Palanca award winners and will be very tasteful.

Though I am not updated with the rumor mill on this development, it seems that Playboy Philippines will allegedly make its way to local shores as the buzz in the industry states late this year.

Rumor or not, the scenario puts forward a lot of questions that demands a lot of answers. First, will the overused argument of “free speech” rule over the CBCP? Second, what will happen to leading men’s titles such as FHM, Maxim and UNO? Will that “raise the bar” for explicit nudity in these magazines too? Third, what exactly will Playboy Philippines have to offer? If it is going to be a “toned down” version of what Playboy is everywhere else in the world, then what’s the point of bringing in the franchise?

Was Mark Verzo correct after all when he said that Filipino males are indeed sex addicts?

Food bloggers as the new food critics


I wrote a piece for the September issue of Rogue Magazine on “the new food critics,” revealing food and travel bloggers as authorities in the art and science of degustation.

In the 1950’s, the dawning of the food critic gave rise to a certain fear in the food and beverage industry. The New York Times, one of the pioneers in the food writing industry, released a weekly column that reviewed restaurants and hotspots. By the decade, the food critic wielded a powerful pen as reviews could literally make or break a restaurant. [buy the latest September 2007 issue with Cristina Garcia for the rest of the article]

Rogue sells for P180.00 and boasts an impressive lineup of contributors including Andy Maluche, Lourd de Veyra, Yvette Tan, Eggy Tioseco, Arnold Arre, and Quark Henares.

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