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Remember, remember the 5th of September

iPod stocks have not been replenished in two weeks. Rumors point to a big Apple announcement on the 5th of September. All signs point to the new generation of iPods that would seem to carry 16GB of NAND flash memory running on a heavily rewritten OS X platform. Truth be told, the new iPods that allegedly would be launched on the 5th are, to my best guess, what the Asian iPhone owners already have – an iPhone sans the phone capabilities.

Here are the possible iterations of the form the new iPod will take:

The rumor of the iPhone nano will be confirmed? This is highly unlikely, as the iPhone has not even been officially released in Asia. A move like this would definitely undercut sales of the current iPhone that’s not even available in the Eastern part of the globe.

The widescreen iPod nano? With iLife ’08 and the iPhone demonstrating the vast implementation of Coverflow, what is to stop the iPod from implementing this? The new iPod will run on a heavily rewritten Mac OS X and will feature video playback and 16GB of NAND flash memory.


3G iPod nano
Apple to hold event on September 5th
Current iPod supply dwindles

Do yourself a favor — if you’re itching to buy an iPod in the next 11 days, don’t. You will be extremely disappointed.

My closet dancing frustrations are now satisfied by BOOGIE for the Wii!

I have always been a frustrated dancer. When Yapi and I went to look for new games for the Wii before she moves to China, we were adamant enough to scour Greenhills for a copy of Boogie, the new dancing / rhythm game published by Electronic Arts. Boogie, despite the low reviews from GameSpot, is one of the most fun workout games that utilizes the Wiimote and a USB microphone (yes you can sing too!). Though the game has its limitations, EA is definitely on the right direction to coming up with a great rhythm and motion game.


The speaker on the Wii Remote acts as a metronome, and there’s also a visual indicator on the screen to help you stay in time to the music. The more moves you time properly in a row, the higher your score. As your score increases, so does your boost meter. Once you’ve obtained a bit of boost, you can hold down the B button to trigger a series of arrows at the bottom of the screen. If you follow the pattern correctly, your character will perform a special dance move that will net you big points. [read]

Sharm told me I lost weight during the Taste Asia II party. Blame it on the Boogie :)

Boogie is available at Datablitz for P2,300.00 (the cheapest one I’ve seen at Park Square, Makati). It comes with a Wii USB microphone but any USB microphone can be used for the Karaoke mode.

The Secret of the Curmudgeon


My travels around the blogosphere have taken me to the most exotic places – which is where this particular blog comes to light: the past several months has kept me busy with several things b5media. But one such gem is the acquisition of a popular blog known to most writers as the Craigslist Curmudgeon.

There are social phenomena present today that span time and space, and the Internet. One such example is the entity known as the Curmudgeon. The Craigslist Curmudgeon. Having been featured on Yahoo’s picks as well as Miss Snark in the past, the Craigslist Curmudgeon has decided to join b5media to continue the quest of sifting through the lamery around Craigslist, so that your eyes don’t get burned.

The Craigslist Curmudgeon is on a mission to expose the assery, lamery, and confoundery that is often found in Craigslist ads.

The identity of the Curmudgeon is passed on throughout generations of blog managers through a carefully kept code of secrecy.

Fill in the blanks :)


Marcelle and Shari discuss important matters over cookies and a rubix cube. Thank you all for coming!

So yeah, the iPhone works with the Globe, SUN and SMART


Image taken from PhilMUG forums as posted by member dubeditions

Huge ruckus over at PhilMUG lately. And for good reason too. The iPhone has been officially hacked. It can work with Globe Telecom, SUN Cellular and SMART. Read the PhilMUG forums for details on how this was done using a supersim / turbosim. Why not give it a try? You have nothing to lose. Either that, or wait a few months for its official debut in the Philippines.

danieldy: If you read closely, the original poster mentioned supersim. This means he is claiming to use methods (recently posted around the internet) which involve writing data onto a blank “supersim” sim card to unlock the iPhone’s full network capabilities.

Another word of warning: the procedure is not as simple as it sounds. You will need to secure a Comp128 v1 card which is very rare and not openly available in the Philippines.

More quotes:

This whole thing is not as simple as it sounds. The guy hasn’t slept a wink for a couple of days now. I commend him for this feat, but just to make things clear, the solution is not ready for prime time yet.

For me to be able to make local, non-roaming phone calls on my iPhone, I’ll need to find a v.1 SIM that is still active (i.e. registered and functioning with the carrier). v.1 SIMs are the old generation cards, the kind that can hold up to 100 contacts only. That kind of SIM is not as secure as the newer ones, hence the ability to be hacked. dubeditions has tried on almost every kind of SIM card, and is still trying others.

Motorola RAZR 2 V8 Retails for P19,990.00


Are you planning on buying a RAZR next month? I suggest you hold on to your money and wait. The Motorola “RAZR squared” is the second coming of Motorola’s most iconic cellphone. Dubbed as the RAZR V8, this phone is faster, thinner and houses more memory and a higher megapixel count camera. No 3G for this unit though. Boo.

The unit will retail at a suggested price of P19,990.00, a tad shy of twenty thousand pesos. It will be available this September.

Full review of the Motorola 2 V8 at Cellphone9.

5,000 games being developed for the Wii!!!

Bonus Video: Tomb Raider Wii Edition

A new service called Knibble is currently on beta test stage. This company founded by CEO Sashi Chimala offers 5,000++ games ready to play off the Internet Channel of your Nintendo Wii. Purchasing the Wii Internet Channel from the Wii Shop will set you back 500 points which is roughly equivalent to $10.00.

Sashi Chimala is the chief executive officer and Knibble Wii Founder. He remarked, “We are very excited to offer Wii users with an entirely new and broad set of games, all easily reached from their Wii console. The success of the Wii has completely opened up the casual gaming market. We are very happy to be a part of it and look forward to the future of online casual games.” [source]

This statement is actually loaded. Chimala is saying that the casual game market can extend to the console industry, allowing developers to create games that can retail for free or for a mere price of $5.00 to $10.00 per game in the future. This market was once a PC-only model but now the Wii has opened the doors to developers eyeing console games (still the casual players at that) for their products.

If you don’t own a Wii, you can point your browser to the same website, www.wii.knibble.com and play some of the casual games in company’s beta stage.

Does this give people more reason to buy a Wii? You can basically play over 5,000 new games apart from Wii Sports after the Internet Channel is downloaded — and surf the Internet as well.

Buy a car, hug a tree!

The b5media Technology Channel launched Eco Friendly Driver just moments ago. As b5media is a global new media network, we’re keen on launching a series of “green” blogs to spread the awareness and give some lovin’ back to mama Earth. Eco Friendly Driver is written by Hilary Evans.

In our effort to promote the clean and green lovin’ worldwide, the Technology Channel is proud to launch Eco Friendly Driver, our first “green blog” written by Hilary Evans. Hilary’s interests cover a wide spectrum but she is particularly keen on an advocacy of informing people about the benefits of electric cars, plug-ins and hybrids, and other autos that don’t eat up gasoline.

Buy a car, hug a tree today! Check out Eco Friendly Driver!

Also, we’ve had some reorganization in the Technology Channel. I am lucky to have Clair Ching aboard New Linux User and Jerome Locson over at Office Tweaks.

Why is Alex Vergara being crucified? And why aren’t lifestyle journalists taken seriously?

It appears that Inquirer lifestyle reporter Alex Vergara is under a lot of heat from several architects in the Philippines. After he released an article titled Architectonic debate on the 5th of August, he is now being sued by a joint collaboration of architects for this expose.

Although most people, including a number of lifestyle journalists familiar with their works, assume that Calma and Mendoza are licensed and registered architects in the Philippines, it turns out they are not.

As such, says Alli, they have no right to be called architects. Nor can they pass themselves off as architects under such a benign job description as “designer.”

“It’s called solicitation-once you project yourself as an architect or offer yourself as capable of performing the work of an architect,” Alli explains. “Such a practice is prohibited under the law.” [source]

If you read the article, I honestly don’t see any hint of libel. I see it more as journalism at work and Vergara, as a journalist, was the messenger – he got shot down as is the case in these dramatic times. Lest this blog starts to delve into the niche of law and politics, I just have one question: If all that is in question is a license exam, why haven’t these architects in question taken the test? It should be easy for them to pass a license exam given their vast experience already.

On another note, lifestyle writer Bianca has an added view to the matter – why aren’t lifestyle writers taken seriously?

The problem is, despite exposing issues such as that, lifestyle journalists still aren’t taken seriously. When I was in Hong Kong over a month ago, someone told our dinner group, “You guys have it easy in lifestyle. All you have to do is write about yourselves!”

Not all lifestyle journalists should be likened to the Malu Fernandez type. In fact, a lot of them have the caliber of a PCIJ reporter.

Disclaimer: Everything written above are my own opinion and do not reflect that of INQUIRER.net in any way.

Talk WITH the hand!

For the longest time I’ve held on to the premise that video podcasts should only be done when you have something value-added to show off that can’t be conveyed through a regular audio podcast. On a more practical note, audio podcasts are also much easier to download and can be utilized for a more flexible listening experience while in transit. If your video show is composed of talking head(s), why not just extract the audio and you’ll most likely get the same result?

Lately though, I feel like taking that statement back. I’ve started to become more interested in these “talking heads” shows where you see one, two or more people propped on chairs deep in an avid discussion. Notice the facial expressions of people on video who are very passionate and enthusiastic. Look at the hand gestures and movements they make to and from their seats. Notice the rapport that develops as they face one another.

These small changes in body language contribute to an inflection you do not notice on audio. Which is why I feel it would always be good to do video podcasts with people who are very expressive and restless. Body language can convey other feelings such as sincerity, concern and sadness. Have you been watching Darren Rowse’s weekly Problogger videos? He’s always pleasant – which is on tangent to his online writing personality.


The Mystery of the Giant Lego Man


Zoiks! This is a perfect mystery candidate for Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby Doo. All roads seem to point to a Reuters article that says that a giant lego man was found floating in the Netherlands and now stands at the Zandvoort beach.

Could this have come from Lego? Because it could seem very likely too. Brings back the whole sense of wonder and mystery with marketing. I wonder if it would have worked with McDonald’s … a washed up guy in a McDonald’s clown suit is rather disturbing.

Moo has new products by the way


Have you checked out the new offering from Moo lately? I posted about Moo’s awesome printing service several months ago. They now let you print stickers which you can slap onto journals and other things you want to personalize. A set of 90 stickers costs about $10.00.

Moo Minicards

I tried ordering a new set of Moo Cards yesterday and I got a transaction error after ordering two boxes of cards. Apart from this anomaly, I’ve found Moo cards to make good alternatives to printing biz cards yourself. You avoid all the hassles of buying materials and finding a printer. But best of all, Moo cards gives you an edge to start a conversation with the person you’re giving it too. Here’s a tip: choose a background photo that makes for a good conversation piece.

The only downside to these Moo cards is that your chances of getting picked in a goldfish bowl raffle is reduced to half :)

An Open Apology to Janette Toral and Moving On

I learned from a seminar I attended a long time ago that if parents fight in front of their kids, they should also make up in front of them. In this light, since I opened a can of worms in public, I’ll throw the can away in public too. I would like to apologize for the first post I made about Janette (I did not mention her name at the time). For the record, Janette and I had a short exchange of SMS messages. I apologized for the harshness of the accusation, but I told her that I wanted to talk because of several unanswered questions that I had. While all this was happening, my post didn’t just steer a public outburst – both pro and against the entry – it also spurred emails and GTalk chats from members of tech communities as well. What these emails contain – I would rather discuss with Janette alone.

Janette is out on vacation now, which is why we have not met. As far as we are both concerned, the issue is over and it is time to move on. Awkward, but honest.

I also apologize to the people who felt that I was being jealous of Janette’s efforts. I can see why they feel this way, because I have also spoken in public about new media because that is the industry I belong in – 4 years and counting with print, and 2 1/2 years with new media. I don’t feel jealous. I feel more like I’ve hurt a friend which is true, as Janette and I have spent time together because of blogging events. She has even given me advice on my love life :P

I’m sorry, Janette. Thank you for accepting my apology and see you soon.

Between the Writer and the Editor …

Kate Alvarez was with me last week and we talked about how she was hanging upon the lips of Doreen Fernandez (may she rest in peace) back when she used to teach creative writing at the Ateneo. According to Kate, the most famous and well loved food writer in the Philippines helped her find her voice as a writer.

It is the duty of the editor to make sure that the five C’s in the publication are met: to make the article clear, correct, concise, comprehensible, and consistent. It is also the job of the editor to ensure that the in-house style sheet elements are present in the final copy. Apart from these, the editor should be able to maintain the 5 C’s without removing the voice of the writer.

Now I hope you agree with my statement that the editor is ALSO the personification of the publication he or she works for. This means that is is part of the job description to make sure that the articles published are in keeping with the vision, niche and segment

Here’s my question: What happens then when an editor encounters an article that was submitted by a writer that clearly goes against the mission statement of the magazine? The recent hubbub of Malu Fernandez in a People Asia Magazine travel article is an example of this. I’m sure there are other Malu Fernandez wannabees out there but their frivolous comments have been prudently silenced edited out by their editors.

Malu Fernandez does have her .. unique quirks. But I feel more obliged to ask the staff of People Asia (or the Manila Standard) why they let an article like this pass through a magazine that has a clear vision of celebrating the beauty of Asia.

In this case, it is not about editing out a writer’s voice. This is about going off tangent with your magazine’s vision. The editorial staff is sure giving their sales team a hard time with this one.

P.S.Why did the editor allow a travel article on Greece when the magazine is clearly titled People ASIA? I don’t see the added value, really.

The family names of Malu Fernandez, Doreen Fernandez and …. err … Jayvee Fernandez all appear by coincidence. We are not related.

Speedlinking August 17 2007

It’s a mighty rainy day this Friday. I hope none of you push it and try to go out tonight. The floods and traffic are horrible according to unfortunate friends who’ve been texting for the past hour, warning everyone else. Get home quickly and watch DVDs instead :)

  • Darren Rowse goes in depth with the Feedburner guys. They explain why Feedburner stats fluctuate on the chiclet. A very eye-opening read.
  • A lot of things happening next week: Market Manila Fashion Bazaar on Monday, Mrs. Fields’ Second Coming Store Concept Launch on Tuesday, WikiPilipinas site launch on Wednesday and the SM Taste Asia Awards on Thursday.
  • Let’s talk a bit more about WikiPilipinas and help spread the Pinoy love:

    WikiPilipinas.org is the free and hip web-based encyclopedia of the Philippines. It hopes to bring in as many volunteers to take part in its “knowledge revolution,” a nationwide campaign that will foster nationalism and help the country make an international mark abroad and gain cultural recognition of the Philippines.

    Within the year, WikiPilipinas aims to reach its stated benchmark of 100,000 entries to propel it among the top 10 Wiki encyclopedias of the world.

  • De La Salle has launched a new website. I went to De La Salle Zobel from Junior Prep to Grade 2. Does that count me as an alumnus?
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