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Nokia Go Play and Good Night, Singapore!


Taken from Equinox at the 70th floor of Swissotel. After an eye opening press conference and performances from the local talent, a few of us went out for some drinks before calling it a night. Media workshops tomorrow!

I wrote a few things about this afternoon’s Nokia Go Play event at Cellphone9:


During the media party, I was stunned by one particular performance by Corrinne May. Her music is eloquent, flowing, evangelical, and passionate. Her latest album is titled Beautiful Seed.


P.S. The Hainanese Chicken is to die for.

The Lighter Side of … 8/29/2007

Ria Jose is looking for a date with a potential for a long lasting serious relationship. You can apply for this position here. Serious applicants only :)

Gail’s dog now has a blog. Read about Sheero’s adventures in the real world :)

Amidst all the controversies of late taking podium on the Internet, our favorite MIke Abundo gets inducted into his new term with the Philippine Internet Commerce Society by Senator Loren Legarda. I dropped by with some friends to show support as his channel editor for b5media. Congratulations Mike – hath hell really frozen over?. Kidding! :)

On Vacation (but still blogging?!)


A really good friend doodles a lot during her spare time. This afternoon, she showed me a few of her doodles of how she perceives her friends. She made this one for me. Thanks, Riane. :)

I’m off to Singapore in a few hours. I’ll be blogging the Nokia Go Play event from there. Afterwards, I am off to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to meet up with college friends and Colbert Low who runs The Gadget Blog.

Free barcodes for your blogs


Months ago, I wrote about how TMS or Tag Mobile Service tags would provide real world links to content over the Internet. When Gail and Marc did my template back in February, I gave them instructions to place a TMS tag on the upper right sidebar which is still very visible now. I did this as an experiment to see whether it would click. As of late, I do not have an educated answer to this. I observed though that the TMS methodology would work IF the technology was made available to the public, just like how anything viral would almost always work nowadays. That way, it would not remain exclusive to companies trying to do online promotions and marketing campaigns.

The old TMS barcode tag creator involved having to give your URL and waiting a few days before the developer could email you a ready made barcode. Now, all you need to do is enter your blog URL and a barcode will be generated for you in seconds. You can create your own TMS barcodes here and post them on your blog. It will allow your blog to be accessed easily via cellphone, converted automatically for mobile viewing.

Since the service is free, I would like to believe that you can create a lot of tags for your different permalinks. You can print out the tags for your podcasts, photo albums and blog and put them on your corporate header, t shirt, or business card.

Note that the service is currently on beta. You can report bugs in this post.

[image courtesy of the S60 blog]

Why did cartoons go downhill after the 80’s?

In the 80’s, the animation industry was at a boom.
Western artists and storytellers collaborated with influences from Japan
To create the most memorable stories in western animation.
The recurring themes were
The exploration of the unknown frontier,
The synergy between man and machine,
And the study of the Institution.
This was the golden age of cartoons.

As most of the readers of this blog are children of the 80’s, I’d like to present an observation about how cartoons in the late 90’s till the present have degraded into a combination of the following formula:

1. slapstick humor
2. toilet humor
3. pop culture references to the 80’s (we’ve grown up, so we’re still the target market)

Here are my thoughts on why this has happened:

The dawn of CG in the mid 90’s put a refocus of the market to special effects rather than content. The toy industry, which kept the cartoons alive, dwindled as video games replaced die cast metal and plastic paraphernalia as the medium for entertainment. Great story still exists today, mostly in the form of Japanese animation that took over where Western cartoons died (Giant Robo, Ranma 1/2, Captain Harlock, Evangelion, and the like).

Let me take you on a trip back with the following intro links. I suggest you watch them in succession for maximum effect.

Spiral Zone
Tiger Sharks (showed on Mondays as part of Comic Strip)
Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors
Mighty Orbots (only ran for one season)
Sky Commanders
Bionic Six
Galaxy Rangers (this show had my ultimate favorite theme song)

So, can you name more? Which were your favorite 80’s cartoons? This fun 80’s flashback post is an example of how content will always be king. No amount of technology can compete with well-weaved stories. Either I have a point, or I’m just getting old. :)

P.S. Of course there were some really campy but otherwise entertaining shows like Captain N: Game Master (Nintendo’s marketing campaign) and … *snicker* Chuck Norris and the Karate Commandos. As for the latter, can you count the number of times the narrator says Chuck Norris’ name?

b5media Jobs: Sports Freak Wanted

b5media is looking for a sports freak to head the growing sports channel team. If you are interested in applying, please send a short introduction and blog URL to Christina Jones at christina at b5media dot com.

This Channel Editor’s core role will be to develop our Sports Channel into a dynamic group of blogs. The job includes:

  • recruiting bloggers and supporting them through the launch process of their new blogs
  • motivating and supporting
  • guiding and encouraging our existing team of bloggers
  • liasing between bloggers and management
  • developing the channel as a whole
  • general tech support for bloggers

In short – you’ll be responsible for making our Sports Channel the best it can be!

For the full list of requirements and details, please proceed here.

Is Wowowee’s Wilyonaryo really rigged?

Videos have been circulating around the Internet on the live rigging mistake from the Wilyonaryo segment of Wowowee. You can view the longer version of the video and voice out your comments.

Honest mistake? Production error? Or really a rig?


Four offline marketing tips to promote your blog

If you’ve read the papers today, the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Super section has launched Blog Patrol, which is a weekly feature of well-written blog entries that is republished on the dailies by the Super editors. Today’s feature article was from a really long blog entry of www.redjeulle.blogspot.com.

We at Super love how blogs have exploded. We love it even more when blogs are well written. To encourage better blog writing, we will spend time online looking for the best blog entries that we can lift and publish in our own pages. If you think your entries are print-worthy and we’re taking too long in making our way to your blog, send smoke signals to super@inquirer.com.ph.

Here are four simple offline marketing methods to get new readers:

Remember, remember the 5th of September

iPod stocks have not been replenished in two weeks. Rumors point to a big Apple announcement on the 5th of September. All signs point to the new generation of iPods that would seem to carry 16GB of NAND flash memory running on a heavily rewritten OS X platform. Truth be told, the new iPods that allegedly would be launched on the 5th are, to my best guess, what the Asian iPhone owners already have – an iPhone sans the phone capabilities.

Here are the possible iterations of the form the new iPod will take:

The rumor of the iPhone nano will be confirmed? This is highly unlikely, as the iPhone has not even been officially released in Asia. A move like this would definitely undercut sales of the current iPhone that’s not even available in the Eastern part of the globe.

The widescreen iPod nano? With iLife ’08 and the iPhone demonstrating the vast implementation of Coverflow, what is to stop the iPod from implementing this? The new iPod will run on a heavily rewritten Mac OS X and will feature video playback and 16GB of NAND flash memory.


3G iPod nano
Apple to hold event on September 5th
Current iPod supply dwindles

Do yourself a favor — if you’re itching to buy an iPod in the next 11 days, don’t. You will be extremely disappointed.

My closet dancing frustrations are now satisfied by BOOGIE for the Wii!

I have always been a frustrated dancer. When Yapi and I went to look for new games for the Wii before she moves to China, we were adamant enough to scour Greenhills for a copy of Boogie, the new dancing / rhythm game published by Electronic Arts. Boogie, despite the low reviews from GameSpot, is one of the most fun workout games that utilizes the Wiimote and a USB microphone (yes you can sing too!). Though the game has its limitations, EA is definitely on the right direction to coming up with a great rhythm and motion game.


The speaker on the Wii Remote acts as a metronome, and there’s also a visual indicator on the screen to help you stay in time to the music. The more moves you time properly in a row, the higher your score. As your score increases, so does your boost meter. Once you’ve obtained a bit of boost, you can hold down the B button to trigger a series of arrows at the bottom of the screen. If you follow the pattern correctly, your character will perform a special dance move that will net you big points. [read]

Sharm told me I lost weight during the Taste Asia II party. Blame it on the Boogie :)

Boogie is available at Datablitz for P2,300.00 (the cheapest one I’ve seen at Park Square, Makati). It comes with a Wii USB microphone but any USB microphone can be used for the Karaoke mode.

The Secret of the Curmudgeon


My travels around the blogosphere have taken me to the most exotic places – which is where this particular blog comes to light: the past several months has kept me busy with several things b5media. But one such gem is the acquisition of a popular blog known to most writers as the Craigslist Curmudgeon.

There are social phenomena present today that span time and space, and the Internet. One such example is the entity known as the Curmudgeon. The Craigslist Curmudgeon. Having been featured on Yahoo’s picks as well as Miss Snark in the past, the Craigslist Curmudgeon has decided to join b5media to continue the quest of sifting through the lamery around Craigslist, so that your eyes don’t get burned.

The Craigslist Curmudgeon is on a mission to expose the assery, lamery, and confoundery that is often found in Craigslist ads.

The identity of the Curmudgeon is passed on throughout generations of blog managers through a carefully kept code of secrecy.

Fill in the blanks :)


Marcelle and Shari discuss important matters over cookies and a rubix cube. Thank you all for coming!

So yeah, the iPhone works with the Globe, SUN and SMART


Image taken from PhilMUG forums as posted by member dubeditions

Huge ruckus over at PhilMUG lately. And for good reason too. The iPhone has been officially hacked. It can work with Globe Telecom, SUN Cellular and SMART. Read the PhilMUG forums for details on how this was done using a supersim / turbosim. Why not give it a try? You have nothing to lose. Either that, or wait a few months for its official debut in the Philippines.

danieldy: If you read closely, the original poster mentioned supersim. This means he is claiming to use methods (recently posted around the internet) which involve writing data onto a blank “supersim” sim card to unlock the iPhone’s full network capabilities.

Another word of warning: the procedure is not as simple as it sounds. You will need to secure a Comp128 v1 card which is very rare and not openly available in the Philippines.

More quotes:

This whole thing is not as simple as it sounds. The guy hasn’t slept a wink for a couple of days now. I commend him for this feat, but just to make things clear, the solution is not ready for prime time yet.

For me to be able to make local, non-roaming phone calls on my iPhone, I’ll need to find a v.1 SIM that is still active (i.e. registered and functioning with the carrier). v.1 SIMs are the old generation cards, the kind that can hold up to 100 contacts only. That kind of SIM is not as secure as the newer ones, hence the ability to be hacked. dubeditions has tried on almost every kind of SIM card, and is still trying others.

Motorola RAZR 2 V8 Retails for P19,990.00


Are you planning on buying a RAZR next month? I suggest you hold on to your money and wait. The Motorola “RAZR squared” is the second coming of Motorola’s most iconic cellphone. Dubbed as the RAZR V8, this phone is faster, thinner and houses more memory and a higher megapixel count camera. No 3G for this unit though. Boo.

The unit will retail at a suggested price of P19,990.00, a tad shy of twenty thousand pesos. It will be available this September.

Full review of the Motorola 2 V8 at Cellphone9.

5,000 games being developed for the Wii!!!

Bonus Video: Tomb Raider Wii Edition

A new service called Knibble is currently on beta test stage. This company founded by CEO Sashi Chimala offers 5,000++ games ready to play off the Internet Channel of your Nintendo Wii. Purchasing the Wii Internet Channel from the Wii Shop will set you back 500 points which is roughly equivalent to $10.00.

Sashi Chimala is the chief executive officer and Knibble Wii Founder. He remarked, “We are very excited to offer Wii users with an entirely new and broad set of games, all easily reached from their Wii console. The success of the Wii has completely opened up the casual gaming market. We are very happy to be a part of it and look forward to the future of online casual games.” [source]

This statement is actually loaded. Chimala is saying that the casual game market can extend to the console industry, allowing developers to create games that can retail for free or for a mere price of $5.00 to $10.00 per game in the future. This market was once a PC-only model but now the Wii has opened the doors to developers eyeing console games (still the casual players at that) for their products.

If you don’t own a Wii, you can point your browser to the same website, www.wii.knibble.com and play some of the casual games in company’s beta stage.

Does this give people more reason to buy a Wii? You can basically play over 5,000 new games apart from Wii Sports after the Internet Channel is downloaded — and surf the Internet as well.

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