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Mac OS X Leopard in the Philippines


Today is October 26 2007 in Philippine soil. In about a day’s time, Apple will make its biggest operating system announcement in the form of Leopard. The countdown on the Apple website current reads 17 hours to go. By that time I’ll be in Davao for the Mindanao Bloggers Summit, which means that I won’t be able to watch the keynote. I mean really, its not Leopard that I’m waiting for – great as the software is, this isn’t a scoop. It’s the anticipation of the new line of MacBook hardware that Steve Jobs MIGHT announce. I can hear him say it now:

“Mac OS X Leopard is available now for a retail price of $149.00. Oh and just one more thing … the new line of MacBooks will ship with Leopard starting today.”

But what about the local launch of Leopard? Well, I have the official date from the email invitation. Mac OS X Leopard will be launched on November 8 2007 in the Philippines.

November 8 2007.

November 8 2007.

November eight two thousand and seven. Venue and time to be announced.

See you MacHeads there! :)

Thesis: Blog Networks should NOT rely on Text Link Ads or Google AdSense

Aaron Brazell, our technology manager at b5media confirmed a suspicion I’ve kept to myself. A few weeks ago, dropped from a solid Google PageRank 6 to a 5 and then today, a 4. Darren Rowse’s ProBlogger also dropped from a towering 7 to a measly 4. Same goes for Brian Clark’s Copyblogger. Must be disappointing to admit it, but A Bugged Life, though not linked to the network dropped in PR from a 5 to a 4 a few weeks before Google declared jihad on blog networks. Funny though, because as soon as my personal blog’s PR dropped, it made Technorati front page.

At b5media, we are weighing how we want to respond to this. Either we give in to Google and let them dictate what we do and have the unenviable position of losing pagerank and possibly advertising dollars, or we take the stand that quality content is quality content regardless of Google and that our content will speak for itself. We still produce millions of pages of content per month. We still have respect in the community. We still have advertisers recognizing that these sites are valuable assets to leverage to get their campaigns out on. [Technosailor]


“The Tetris Effect” – Mobius Games has a blog

Not to be confused with their portal, Mobius is currently working on their hosted blog titled The Tetris Effect. I’ve browsed through their entries and it seems to also be a place where you can stream Youtube videos of all their games, avail of promotions, submit fan art, and download their Mobius “blidget” which you can attach to your own blog.


Here’s a thought – when companies host their blogs on, the personal impression is that they become less intimidating, as compared to self-hosted sites. Really, this is just my opinion. But that’s the general feeling I get when I see blogs that use third party blog hosting services.

Congratulations to Mobius for embracing new media and I do hope that they sustain the effort to blog regularly.

Safari, oh how I love thee? (let me count the ways)


As almost any Macintosh user would hate to admit, I am torn between using Firefox and Safari as my default browser of choice. I love the versatility of Firefox, complete with the plugins and the sexy fact that it is developed as an open source project. But at the same time I’m also loving the way Safari renders my pages. I guess the debate is subjective for the most part – but what’s making me hesitant to make the complete switch is how Safari doesn’t support a lot of things on the web — like Facebook’s Warbook applet:


Frankly, I use both browsers. Firefox has a better download manager tool but Safari’s browsing experience is less laggy and cleaner. Safari does have a community dedicated to developing plugins, but it isn’t as tight as the Firefox community.

If you’re a Mac user, what is your default browser of choice and why? If you don’t use Safari, what would make you do a complete switch?

Nintendo Wii Nights Comics


Thanks Riane, you’re such a geek.

The Spin

I’ve always been fascinated at how the good public relations agencies master the art of The Spin. They are able to pitch, convince and communicate ideas and transmute them into a brand campaign, advocacy, or promotion. There is no moral judgement present in such cases as these awareness campaigns are to be taken as “amoral” at the very least. What’s important is the communication of the idea. The Spin.

The Spin can convince you to choose brand X over Y. It can coerce you to donate money for a certain cause. It can reorient your moral value to see something once evil as good.

To illustrate my point, here’s what happens when you recut The Shining and turn it into a family comedy:

It’s all in the spin. Nothing is real :)

Toblerone Thank You Day at the iMAX video!





Amidst the tragic series of events that occurred last Friday, the Philippines continues to celebrate her freedom. The Mall of Asia iMAX parking lot was well attended yesterday, as October 20 2007 was marked as THANK YOU DAY PHILIPPINES. In this video, Bianca Gonzalez starts the countdown to the lauching of “Toblerone triangles” as the crowd inverts their umbrellas to catch them. Wild!

Christmas Gadget Wishlist: EPSON 30s Home Theater Projector

I spent the long weekend with the EPSON Philippines team for a regional business conference. As an observer, I was witness to the launching of EPSON’s new solutions business unit that basically consisted of POS solutions, small to medium business projectors, and of course, their printers.


Amidst the array of hardware solutions, one particular product caught my eye – the EPSON 30s Home Theater Projector, which is targeted towards consumers who want to set up an affordable home theater system in their living room. The 30s is very affordable for what it is, at a mere P36,000 to P40,000.00. Standard projectors usually set you back by around P60,000.00 and above. As a plus – this model comes with a built in DVD/CD player!

Update 3: Glorietta ‘Bombing’ photos taken by from bloggers

More than the INQUIRER breaking news page, “Disney” has been getting a lot of traffic over at his Multiply site for the photos he took of the bombing this morning at the Ayala Glorietta malls. I was actually nearby when this happened, attending a press conference for the new line of SHARP TV’s with Yuga. After leaving the Shangri-la, I saw crowds of people making an exodus towards the bus stops.

I decided to walk and wait the traffic out. I was also carrying this with me and silly, should have taken pictures too.

According to “Disney”,

Yup nasa parking ako nito pero when it happened I was like 40m away lang inside the mall….I have to walk around outside glorietta just to go back to park square 2. Yung walkway from G2 to Park Square 2 dapat yung daan ko (Yes I was at the parking lot, but about 40 meters away when it happened inside the mall. I had to walk outside Glorietta to get back to Park Square 2. I was supposed to take the walkway from the G2 to PS2.)

Tragic day for the country today. I hope this doesn’t scare investors off. Truth is, stuff like this DOESN’T HAPPEN ANYMORE.

Unpacking the Kodak Easyshare V1253 HD camera


Oh my, I’ve never been this excited to unpack a point and shoot camera. Kodak recently launched their new line of V-series cameras. A little bit of history: the V-series leads the point and shoot camera industry by introducing new features that you wouldn’t usually find in point and shoot cameras. The V570 for instance had a dual lens that supported wide angles. The V610 introduced Bluetooth connectivity to casual cameras. And now, the V1253 HD camera introduces HD-quality photos and video recording. Yup, HD video recording on a point and shoot camera.


b5media tech podcast – ‘Branches sold seperately’

It’s been a while since we recorded something. In this podcast for the b5media technology channel, Mike Abundo and I talk about evangelizing the farmers as well as many other things for the Emerging Earth.


Not that I’m preempting a regular b5media tech podcast – I don’t want to promise anything. But I do hope I can keep this up and open the invitation to the other b5media tech channel bloggers.

Dawn of the Blogging Relations Officer


I’ve dealt with with Web 2 companies on several occasions through their Blogging Relations Officer (I kid you not). Yes, there are such positions that exist in the new corporate set up. A BRO or Blogging Relations Officer is in charge of public relations for the blogosphere. Though it may still be far off to consider bloggers as members of mainstream media, their influence and presence in the online web space cannot be underestimated. Take for instance Fring, a VoIP service that has a dedicated page for blogger testimonials for their service (Cellphone9, my mobile phone blog is mentioned).

Does your company have a blogging relations officer?

Xoom partners with Happyslip: Send money to Lola

Lola (Filipino for grandma) needs money to buy more jewelry. What’s the fastest way to remit money to the Philippines but through Xoom?

It’s been days since I applied for my Union Bank EON card (so that I can link it to my PayPal account) but still no word. When PayPal fails, there is still always Xoom :)

Two Blog Openings

Takashi of Yanko Design is looking for contributing authors for his blog. Yanko Design is perhaps one of the more famous, if not the most prominent blog on anything to do with design and innovation. I’ve been in touch with the guy for the past few months and he’s pretty cool to deal with. If you’re interested in applying please leave a comment and I’ll hook you up with him. Takashi is looking for authors who are passionate in the field of concept and design. The site speaks for itself. Check it out!

In a similar light, I am also looking for someone to take over an iPhone blog that was recently acquired by b5media. For interested applicants, please head over to and send in your application form. This is the regular process of application as applicants need to be entered into the b5media database.

October 26 2007: The Countdown Begins to Leopard


In theater, there is a term known as “playing to the crowd” that describes an actor that divulges into pleasing the crowd at the expense of risk. But that’s theater. This is Apple. The countdown begins to October 26 as Apple releases the much awaited OS X 10.5 Leopard.

On the other side of the OS war, CNET columnist Don Reisinger talks about why Microsoft should just abandon Vista (and concentrate on Halo 3).

I’m not entirely sure how the others feel. But I definitely do feel loved by Apple. It’s almost bipolar – on one hand you have Apple struggling to make it through the iPhone PR nightmare in their first take towards consumer cellphones, and the other hand has me praising the same company for the new mac OS X release. Bipolar. Crazy. I don’t care. I’m a blatant, self-confessed Apple fanboy.

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