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October 26 2007: The Countdown Begins to Leopard


In theater, there is a term known as “playing to the crowd” that describes an actor that divulges into pleasing the crowd at the expense of risk. But that’s theater. This is Apple. The countdown begins to October 26 as Apple releases the much awaited OS X 10.5 Leopard.

On the other side of the OS war, CNET columnist Don Reisinger talks about why Microsoft should just abandon Vista (and concentrate on Halo 3).

I’m not entirely sure how the others feel. But I definitely do feel loved by Apple. It’s almost bipolar – on one hand you have Apple struggling to make it through the iPhone PR nightmare in their first take towards consumer cellphones, and the other hand has me praising the same company for the new mac OS X release. Bipolar. Crazy. I don’t care. I’m a blatant, self-confessed Apple fanboy.

Hey PR Agencies! This is how to do a social media PR campaign!


This is a template I took from the news blog of CNET. The post caught my eye because it talked about an actual TEMPLATE to doing social media campaigns. I’m not sure if Mike Abundo (head curmudgeon) or Steve Rubel (PR guru) would agree with this chart — but hear me out for a bit. The image above is basically a means to illustrate the different channels of our innovative Internet space, with a zero in on social interactions online. You can download the PDF template by clicking on this link.

Click HERE to see how Ford made use of this template to come up with their own social media friendly site.

Enter the social media news release (SMNR), originally conceived by SHIFT Communications, a viable new format to spark and cultivate online conversations about a product. Todd Defren, Shel Holtz, Chris Heuer, and other bloggers have been on the soapbox preaching about SMNRs for almost a year now. The list of companies that have used the SMNR includes Coca-Cola, BEA, SAP, Novell, and Belkin, among many other smaller companies.[Read]

The chart doesn’t tell you HOW to do things. It tells you WHAT is available in the Internet community – blogs, social networking, social bookmarking, viral videos, and the like.

Stephen Colbert: I am America (And So Can You!)


I’m a faithful listener of Leo Laporte’s TWiT podcasts. For the past few weeks they took in as a sponsor partner offering a free audio book (1 credit) and a 14 day free trial. To many peoples’ disappointment though – most especially to the international crowd, the free audio books were not made available outside the USA.

It was not until a few weeks later (that’s today) that I decided to visit the site once more to see if the free audio book promotion still applied outside the USA. Well paint me green and call me Gumby. It works!

Searching through the list of books, I decided to make use of the free credit to download Stephen Colbert’s latest, I Am America (And So Can You!), read by Stephen Colbert himself. As I’m finding myself on the go more often, I really cannot find logistics to bring around a heavy book. Definitely a godsend for moi iPod.

Try it out at :)

Nintendo Wii Firmware Update 3.1 supports USB keyboard

As the Wii at home is connected to the Internet, I received a firmware update request just moments ago. The 3.0E update allows for the use of a USB keyboard attachment to the back ports. The Wii has two USB ports which, by far are useful for charging your Lithium Ion Wiimote batteries and attaching a USB cooling fan. Any other Wii owners try attaching other USB peripherals onto the console?

The keyboard support is extended towards the Internet channel as well as the Everybody Votes channel. Apparently, keyboard support is modular for the console – meaning it doesn’t apply to ALL the channels. What’s cool though is that the new firmware update also supports Bluetooth enabled wireless keyboards. All you need to do is attach the dongle to the USB port at the back of the console and you’re ready to go!

Will we be seeing Wiimote + keyboard combo games soon?

On another note, NIntendo is also shipping free Wiimote jackets in the USA and Canada. While it may not be enough to replace those plasma screens that succumb to Wii Sports casualties, at the very least the jackets will protect your $50.00 investment. :)

SEMCON 2007 follow up and presentation slides

Talk about following up your SEM strategy – it’s been almost a week since I updated. Right after the two day conference, I headed out to Fort Ilocandia for a business conference with EPSON. Though wireless connection was available during the two day show, SmartBRO prohibited me from accessing the Philippine blogoshpere.

So better late than never: I’d like to thank everyone who attended SEMCON 2007. The event was a huge success, as the number of participants apparently exceeded expectations. Thank you to everyone for staying awake at the “unholy hour” after lunch to listen to my non-conventional approach to web copywriting. As I mentioned during the talk, there are so many tips on the Internet describing how exactly you should go about churning your 2,000 words per day.

After my talk, Anton Diaz reaffirmed my stand on developing a sense of rhythm for your copy. He says that rhythm is, more than artistic – a cultural trait. Filipinos are considered to be good writers because of our colorful musical culture, which according to Inigo and Inaki, is attributed to our Iberian Heritage.

Thank you to those who gave me your business cards. Silly me, I forgot to bring my own. But I have emailed everyone who sent me their contact information. Thank you.

It was a pleasure to meet Aaron Wall and his lovely wife. It was a pleasure to mingle with the other speakers as well. I also had the chance to join Marc, his lovely fiancee and the delegates from Malaysia for some clubbing before my flight. Thank you also to Lourd de Veyra for helping me out with his short audio clip. Of course, many thanks to Anton Sheker, Marc Macalua and the other organizers for SEMCON 2007. This conference can very well turn into what Chris Pirillo’s Gnomedex brings over in the Western side of the globe.

Nintendo DS Nights Part Deux!


The guys from GEEK CHORUS are proud to bring you another Nintendo DS Night gathering!

When: October 16 2007
Where: mag:net cafe Bonifacio High Street

We’ll be there as early as 6 PM till the night fades into morning. SPIT will be performing on that evening too at 10:00 PM so it’s going to be one big party! Apart from the usual retinue of games including Mario Kart, Brain Age and Elite Beat Agents, we will be showing off our AIR GUITAR SKILLZ with Jam Sessions for the Nintendo DS!

Curious? Watch this video:

What is web copywriting?


This is.

See you tomorrow :)

How do you write effective web site copy that engages the reader and also helps your search engine rankings? We’ll walk you through best practices for writing for your customers (conversions) and for search engines (traffic). [Read]

I’ll be doing something rather different tomorrow as there are just too many topics on effective web copy on the web. This is the web copywriting on drugs.

For P20,000 you can get yourself a good phone and laptop

It’s official. The Palm Centro will be retailing for $99.00. Couple this with the ASUS eee ultra mobile PC for a rumored price of $250.00 and you have yourself a fine pair of gadgets to last you a while.


I wrote about the Palm Centro earlier as a in your face approach of Palm to show Apple’s iPhone that affordability is still tantamount in consumers minds. The Centro is targeted towards fresh grads entering their first jobs. The ASUS eee is a “one laptop per child” competitor device that boasts a more impressive line of technical specs. It isn’t meant to be a full laptop but with specs such as WiFi and a webcam, it allows you to be comfortably mobile and still get the job done!

: The ASUS eee has been launched!

Take a look at these detailed specs of both devices:

A guide to maximizing your Nintendo Wii experience


The Nintendo Wii revolutionizes console gaming (hence the original name “Nintendo Revolution”) by opening up value added options. Here is a short guide to maximizing the Wii gaming experience. The stuff that follows is really public knowledge but with the stigma that Nintendo was not the popular console of choice in the Philippines for the past 10 years, I felt that it may be necessary to talk more about it. There is no official office for Nintendo in the Philippines so the stuff we have here is sourced by a whole plethora of distributors.

The Wii provides value to any household by introducing gaming to a wider demographic. Which is why the Wii is a good choice for house parties. There are two types of games to enjoy on this console and I shall divide them into two such categories:

Kodak to launch HD point and shoot cameras


This is the beginning of mainstream mobile high definition. Imagine your point and shoot digital camera being able to display images in high definition. It’s here:

Kodak today announced three new EASYSHARE digital cameras along with an HDTV-capable EASYSHARE Dock. The V1253 and V1233 share 12 megapixel sensors and 3x SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH lenses with the V1253 getting a larger 3.1″ screen versus the V1233’s 2.5″. Both shoot 720p video and 16:9 stills and feature face-detection and digital image-stabilization. The Z812 IS meanwhile has optical image-stabilization to go with its 8 megapixels and 12x zoom range. Kodaks new HDTV Dock explains itself really. The cameras will be available from September 2007 with the dock following a month later in October.[Press Release]

UPDATED: I have one for evaluation purposes. Proceed here for a first look at the V1253 HD camera.

Some notes on the new 8GB iPod nano


After careful consultation with fellow Macheads, I decided to forego my purchase of the iPod touch in favor of the 3rd generation 8GB iPod nano. The reason for the change of heart was mainly because first generation Apple products have let people down. Even if the iPod touch is a remarkable device, you still can’t beat the fact that the new nano is already in its third iteration. I honestly think that the iPod touch and the iPhone are proof of concept experiments that will lead to the resurrection of the Newton II. Hence, these two products have not yet reached maturity.

Free tickets and a ‘Thank You’ to my readers!

True Faith belting it out. A glimpse of what’s in store on October 20

Some bloggers are giving away tickets for the Toblerone Thank You Day concert at the Mall of Asia. I recently wrote about how October 20 has been declared National Thank You Day, with Manila being the Thank You capital in the Philippines.

I have 300 tickets to the concert this coming October 20 at the Mall of Asia. Bands include (but are not limited to) Cynthia Alexander, Reggae Mistress, Stone Free, Salindiwa, Mozzie and The Dawn!

To claim your free ticket, all you need to do is leave a comment expressing your desire to come. As an added bonus, Toblerone will be giving a special prize to the commenter who posts the most creative way of saying THANK YOU :)

After you have left a comment, you will be contacted by Alma. If you wish to reach her to claim your tickets ahead of time, you may do so by texting her at 09175344624 or emailing thankyoudayphilippines at gmail dot com. See you there!


My guesses on Apple’s UNUSUAL trackpad features!!

Rumor has it that Apple will be unveiling the new line of MacBooks this coming 4Q complete with biometric scanner built into the trackpad. But its not really the thumb signature that intrigues me, but the fine print of the “unusual features” that the new trackpad will contain. Here are some of my guesses:

  • pinching of the trackpad to zoom in and out of the cursor area (the old default command was to scroll with two fingers while holding CTRL)
  • iPod-like circle scrolling for certain applications
  • Flicking the trackpad to scroll quickly through lists
  • reconfiguration of the tapping motion on the track pad to do other things (like zoom a photo to fit to browser)

The new track pad should, by induction, sport some of the innovations of the Apple iPhone touch screen.

Andrian Lee’s “No Scratch” Gadget Solution

Met up with a few of the SEMCON speakers last week for a brief photo session. It was there that I got to see Andrian Lee (he’s going to talk about the Ultimate Checkout Solution on Oct 10) and his uncanny gear protection solution.


Hold your horses! New MacBooks on the horizon!

New MacBook to have two colors, and it's not white!

Just in time for the launch of the new Leopard OS this October, Apple is rumored to also be launching the new generation of MacBook and MacBook Pro portables. Perhaps one of the biggest leaps in MacBook design is the decision to forego the “Apple white” design in favor of black and aluminum. According to The AfterMac, the following changes are rumored to be implemented:


* Black & Silver aluminum
* Slimmer and lighter than current model
* Keyboard that resembles Apple’s new desktop keyboards
* New, larger trackpad with “unusual” features
* Prices will be reduced to compete with the PC laptop market
* Biometric fingerprint reader (May be part of the “unusual trackpad” or will be concealed in the aluminum chassis)
* SuperDrive

MacBook Pro

* New design, Black & Silver aluminum
* Lighter than current model
* New style backlit Apple keyboard
* Larger trackpad with “unusual” features
* Improved battery life
* Biometric fingerprint reader (May be part of the “unusual trackpad” or will be concealed in speakers)
* LED in 17 inch screens
* Core 2 Extreme Mobile (X7900) model with 2.8GHz
* NVIDIA GeForce 8600m GT (256mb on lower model 512mb option on higher)
* SuperDrive & Option for Blu-ray (Single layer)

I’m not too sure what Apple meant by the new keyboard design resembling the new Apple keyboard. Looking closer, it looks more like the new wafer thing keyboards took after the design of the portables. One thing’s for sure though – make your Mac buying decisions after the Leopard launch. :)

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