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Tenure. Or what’s close to it.

I abandoned myself to certain realities when I was a lot younger. That first, in order to keep to a certain lifestyle, a job in education would definitely be noble, but not practical. I was young and restless. Second, I believed in the philosophy that you can’t teach what you don’t know and being a fresh grad with barely any experience in worldly things would pale me in comparison to Richard Dreyfuss (who bares a startling resemblance to Rico’s dad) in Mr. Holland’s Opus or Robin “O Captain! My Captain!” Williams in Dead Poet’s Society.

So after college, I had in my arsenal a whole bunch of theories on andragogy (adult learning), child psychology, “best practices” and teaching philosphy. I was envious of friends who worked for the big agencies like Ogilvy, the McCann group, BBDO, etc. It was then I began to doubt having taken the wrong course. Deep inside though, I thought I was doing the right thing. Maybe not entirely. But I guess being hard headed (dalawa ang puyo ko) I wanted to convince myself that I was right.

Steve Jobs, in his “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” 2005 commencement speech addressed how past decisions will only, but always, make perfect sense much later on, …you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future..

So I trusted. I gave up Integrated Marketing Communications for a Development Education course. I gave up working in PR or advertising so I could do some work in Batangas with farmers and in Negros Occidental Oriental for a family farm school, not to teach, but to develop curricula. (Hyuk) I guess the joke’s on me as I’ve wounded back working with agencies for PR and advertising.

And my units in Education? Well, this letter only proves one thing.

My acceptance into the Institute

That Steve Jobs was right. :)

Race the World Challenge: We are Team Philippines!

In my previous post I talked about how Manila isn’t an official physical race city. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t part of the competition. Apart from the 10k race, the Race the World Challenge serves as a warm up for the big event on the 31st.

An interesting social experiment!

As of today, the Philippines ranks 14th (we were 13th as of 8.17.08) in the global race for most kilometers uploaded using a Nike+ Sports Band.

The running chart results is actually very interesting on several levels (aside from the trash talking on the side as you can see in the 3rd screen cap). First off, we’re the highest ranking Asian developing country in the race. In terms of Asian countries, we are second to Japan but we are also way ahead of South Korea and Taiwan. In terms of distance uploaded we are head to head with Denmark, Sweden and Argentina. Not bad. Not bad at all. What this means is that we have a remarkable participation of running enthusiasts who can afford to shell out a luxurious $100.00 (rough price) just to run. Do you have other conclusions you want to share?

Note: This could also mean that we have Filipinos who are clocking in from different countries but setting Philippines as the host country team.

If you own a Nike+ Kit and haven’t logged your miles to this competition, please do so! You can do this by clicking here and choosing Philippines as your team on the lower right. The countries are not listed alphabetically, but by rank. As the saying goes, sayang ang miles!.

Nike+ 10K Human Race Updates: Running with Coach Rio!

Hey folks! So we have two weeks to go till the Nike Human Race. A few folks were asking if Manila, Philippines is part of the 25 cities that will be holding an official race. Manila is not an official city for a physical race, but the Philippines is still part of the Race the World Challenge and very much part of the 10k virtual race. I’m running with PhilMUG.

The friendly folks from Nike have partnered with Coach Rio, who will be, in turn, organizing a physical run on 8.31.08 at the Fort, Bonifacio High Street.

8.31.08 Race Details with Coach Rio

DATE: AUGUST 31, 2008


SPECIAL PRIZES: Finishers will receive Nike Drifit socks and a 4×6 photo

Prizes include P15,000 worth of Nike GC’s for the first place (male and female).

More details at Coach Rio’s blog.

Important details

Participants of the race must have a Nike+ Sports Kit (iPod) or Nike+ Sports Band to join. I am still giving away ten 20% discount coupons for the kits. I have already given away 5 Nike+ Sports Bands to a few bloggers who wish to clock in on this date. If you want to avail of the 20% discount coupon, leave a comment here. Details on how to participate is posted here.

If you already registered, you can drop by the Nike outlet store at the Bonifacio High Street to pick up your 10k race kit starting tomorrow, August 18 2008.

See you on the 31st!

A Bugged Life 2008 Live Test

So the philosophy behind the new design was that I wanted ABL 2008 to be more personality driven than content driven. That sort of required me to think about what I wanted to communicate to my readers. Eventually I had decided to stick to the vectors rather than have my face plastered all over my blog.

I really enjoyed the previous Copyblogger theme and asked Gisele to take on a similar primary palette of blacks, white and shades of reds (A Bugged Life really used whites and reds since 2006 with the old layout). I purchased the vectors of the bugs from iStockPhoto because I also plan to use them within some of my posts as lasting “characters” in this website for purposes of illustration, fun and highlight.

We added a page list on a secondary headline for more information about the author (me!). That too, is unfinished as I’m drafting a few more references and a short tutorial on “how to use this blog.”

Four Sidebars

A Bugged Life 2008 has four sets of sidebar widgets to play with. I was a believer in the two column layout but then decided to go three not because I had a lot to place in my sidebars, but because I wanted to push most of my site information up and be seen in the first 2 or 3 scrolls of the mouse. The 300×250 AdSense widget is really a placeholder. I’m planning to add a few more things for branding purposes.

The other two sidebars are, you guessed it, the two wide sidebars on top and below the columns.

Gisele Jaquenod

Gisele is a fantastic designer. For those unfamiliar, she’s famous for her Birdie themes and merchandise. She was the one responsible for Phoebe’s Pass the Sauce, and that’s how I discovered her. Gisele is friendly, young and talented, and she’s much fun to chat with while she applies your site’s finishing touches.

The new theme has been up for about less than 10 hours. We’ve been testing this offline for the past 24 and there seems to be very little errors showing up, especially on Internet Explorer. The true beauty of the color scheme actually hits you when you’re viewing this blog on Safari.

Comments? Leave one here or in Plurk. For those who’ve left comments already, thank you very much! Thank you also to Gisele for this fabulous WordPress theme!


Art In Site Magazine to print 3,000 different covers made by YOU.

Truly hot. Art In Site is an upcoming magazine for Filipino artists, made by artists. And they’re doing something really bold. For their first issue, they’re calling for 3,000 artists to submit artwork to be used as the cover of their 1st issues (they’re printing 3,000 individualized covers!).

Need I say more? Here are the guidelines of the project. There are currently 2,054 slots left and 34 days (as of 12.08.08 2:56 PM) till the submission of your work. The magazine will come out in January 2009 – a bold, bold project! Reserve your slot now!

Winston Damarillo does it again with Tech Bars

Last year, I partied at two of Winston Damarillo’s events. The first was a geek cocktail night at M Cafe and the second was the grand launch of Mor.PH, his umpteenth project. I honestly stopped counting – in the same way that I stopped counting the shots served during his latest 08.08.08 (at 8:08 PM) launch.

Winston needs no introduction to the local developer community. His works with SaaS and outsourcing are pretty much in the search engines. Search for his name on Google or check out Mor.PH and Exist and the papers.

Winston says that engineering is a creative process. I wholeheartedly agree. I enjoy listening to Winston demystify the stereotype engineer as Jonathan Coulton’s Code Monkey.

Simply put, after you work here:

You can hang out here:

The geek bar or tech bar concept is a social project – a functioning bar with Nintendo Wii’s (I also peeked at a few devs playing Rock Band), projectors, dedicated 10MB connection, drinks and seats. It ultimately serves the purpose for engineering downtime to reinvigorate the creative process as well as a full functioning venue for geeky events – they can stream live to Cebu, and can ultimately be the new cool place for satellite product launches. They are opening it up for events.

This is the second tech bar in operation. The first is located in Cebu.

The Tech Bar venue is located at:
5th Floor Orient Square Building,
Emerald Avenue

Congratulations to Newlyweds Paul and Sara 08.08.08!

Gratz to Paul and Sara Alvarez, who tied the knot yesterday! More photos of the wedding here.

Rockeoke, Disneyoke and now … ABBAOKE for August 2008

Gabe posted this on Facebook but it’s pretty priceless so I’m re-posting it here to help spread the word – as if Rockeoke nights still needs spreading. The point has tipped and mag:net’s ‘oke’ nights are now the talk of the town:

August 12 2008

August 12 features improv comedy act SPIT at 830pm and yet another edition of Disneyoke at 10pm. Disneyoke will have the theme “Songs by Animals and Other Inanimate But Otherwise Anthropomorphic Objects”.

As always costumes will be appreciated.

August 19 2008

August 19 features the much awaited ABBAOKE. Come dressed all in white. In groups of four. With dance steps. No prize, but we’re sure it will be priceless. Take a chance on us, starting at 10pm.

August 26 2008

And finally August 26 will again feature the marvelous comics of SPIT at 830pm to be followed by Mag:net’s very first TRIVIA NIGHT at 10pm.

And did we mention that all Tuesdays this month will be free of charge?

Toshiba FF1 Ultralight LED Projector

You know, I have a thing for underdog products. Have you ever seen this device in the market? The Toshiba FF1 projector has been doing its rounds for almost 2 years now and hasn’t really been promoted much in the Philippines. So it really caught my eye when I dropped by Tricom Dynamics along Gil Puyat about 3 months ago and asked their marketing manager if I could take a look at this product.

The Toshiba FF1 ultralight projector does not use a regular replaceable bulb. Instead, it uses LED light projection technology. Several implications to this – the bulb can’t be replaced and it doesn’t fully light up a room for presentations. But these two things it sacrifices for ultra portability as you can see from the image (it is lighter than my laptop) and it also comes with a 2 hour battery pack. Yeah, you can use these things without a plug. I was able to attach this to the Nintendo Wii, to my laptop (to watch Gossip Girl, hee!) and project to the portable screen that it comes with. The screen (photo above) is a neat addition in cases where you really can’t find a wall to project to.

Because it doesn’t release a lot of heat, the FF1 is relatively silent as well and turns on almost instantly. Not bad for 2006 technology.

Interested in ordering one? Well you won’t find them in stores anymore so you will have to go through the warehouse. The address of the warehouse and pricing is as follows:

Kopi Roti BF Homes Pergola is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

Yay! They’re finally open! Sonny Young, Mike and Ven opened Kopi Roti this 08.08.08. I was not able to attend the store opening and blessing but I was able to grab a freebie yesterday (I was the hamster guinea pig for their very first batch of buns during their dry run). I dropped by today and the place was packed at around 10 AM. I ordered take out for myself and buns for Phoebe as well. Also got to see Nicky Mapa from my Southridge ’98 batch.

I love Kopi Roti. Not only is the coffee, iced tea and food really good, they are also very affordable.

As of today, the store is still running on generator but the official opening hours will be from 7 AM to 1 AM and they will try to be open till 2 AM on weekends.

This is Sonny’s invitation letter:

Dear Family & Friends,

Finally, our Kopiroti branch in BF Homes, Sucat is opening! Months of planning and preparation have been poured into this project – and we really hope that you would drop by and patronize our store (and help spread the word!) in the coming days. We are soft-opening on 08.08.08 (for good fortune), and will be open daily from 9am to 9pm. We are still running on generator power for the next 3 weeks and aircon will not yet be available – but we promise on the great food/drinks!!!

We will hold a simple blessing on 08.08.08 at 9am. Please drop by and tell your friends!

Kopi Roti Pergola
Unit 104 A Ground Floor, The Pergola Lifestyle Mall Aguirre Ave,
BF Homes, Paranaque City
Store Hours 7AM to 1AM

RUN the DAY the ENTIRE WORLD RUNS. 8.31.08

The Nike+ Virtual Human Race. Clock 10K on 8.31.08.

Slowly, I’ve been trying to get back into the groove of running after my food poisoning bout last month. So I’m well again and fast gaining weight from the carbs I’ve been eating to keep my stomach in check for the last 3 weeks. So now it’s time to burn these carbs again!

August 31 2008 is the date of the Nike+ Human Race, where the entire world will be clocking in a 10k race in 24 hours. And now I’m inviting you all to join me run. The beauty of the Nike+ kit is that you don’t need to be physically present in the 25 cities that will be doing a physical run. All you need to do is run a total of 10 kilometers between 12 midnight to 11:59 PM on August 31 2008 clocked using the Nike+ Sports Kit attached to your iPod or the Nike+ Sports Band.

THE PRIZE: A Nike+ Finisher Bracelet for the first 250 Filipino participants to log their 10km on to the Nike+ website by 11:59pm at August 31, 2008.

There are rumors of a physical race in Manila on 8.31.08 but I have yet to receive information on the details. This is to be confirmed.

How can I sign up for the virtual race?
Participants merely have to register to join the virtual race with Nike+

Step 1: Ensure that you have a Nike+ SportKit or Nike+ SportBand to track your miles. Both can be purchased from any Nike retail outlets.
Step 2: Select to join the race with Nike+
Step 3: Train for race day with Nike+
Step 4: Race and sync your 10k run on 31.8.2008

Run for charity!
Vote With Your Feet (VWYF) allows all virtual runners to log their miles from the day they register themselves on the website. Once the participant signs up for the virtual race, he can choose one of the three global charities to donate to. The cumulative miles run for the individual charities will result in what the allocation of Nike’s contribution will be among the three charities September 1, 2008. [Release]

And yes, a raffle!
To celebrate the start of training for the 10K race (LOL we should have been running long before, but oh well!), I’m going to be giving away three 15% discount coupons for the Nike+ Sports Kit or the Nike+ Sports Band. To join this raffle, all you need to do is leave a comment answering “Why Do I Run?” and I’ll raffle off the 3 discount coupons through a random draw. This contest is open to residents of the Philippines only. NOTE that the raffle winners MUST JOIN the virtual race on 8.31.08.


Rick Astley meets Roderick Paulate in Manila

So much for me asking Roderick Paulate to move over — Rick Astley finally meets Roderick Paulate, the “Rick Astley” of the Philippines! There’s a very interesting back story to this involving Gabe Mercado, Tals and JC Medina putting up a Facebook group asking Kuya Dick to become the front act. The rest is history:

At 4:02 in the afternoon, I received a call from a my good friend Ken. Rick had somehow heard of Kuya Dick and was game to do a number with him. The producers had gotten in touch with Kuya Dick and while flattered, he felt quite reluctant to do it.

Sadly I wasn’t able to watch – so many others did – Gabe, Didi, and even Amor called me asking where in Araneta I was for the concert! Boohoo! Had I known this was his alleged last concert before his retirement I would have gone. Well, it’s okay at least I still got to meet him in person!

Thanks to Aileen, another closet fan of Rick Astley! Aha! There are so many of us who were in hiding apparently!

Meeting Rick Astley: Words can barely describe

I’d been ignoring my phone for the better part of the day as I was preoccupied over finalizing the venue for the blog awards and making my way through press conference after press conference. It was only a few seconds – but when Alora asked me if I had gotten her plurk, I had to reply saying no I haven’t, please text me instead since I’m out.

“You can go to Alchemy later at 10PM. Rick Astley launch party will be there.”

OHGOD. Couldn’t bring anyone. Guest list only. So I had to make some change of plans for the evening because, well, I learned in school that urgency takes precedence over importance (“in matters of prioritizing, what needs to be done immediately always supercedes what is seemingly important.”) Rick Astley was only here for 2 nights and this was probably the only night I would be able to meet him in the flesh.

The first thing I did upon arriving at Alchemy was to text Marcelle as I knew he really wanted to meet him and a few texts later, Marcelle popped into Alchemy (he’s famous – he got in despite the tight security … so girls ….. *ahem* …..). Turns out there were so many other closet Rick Astley fans – a friend from grade school and even Vespinoy was there with his wife.

A video of Rick Astley doing his 80’s magic

Rick Astley at Alchemy from jayvee Fernandez on Vimeo.

So not only was I able to shake Rick Astley’s hand once. I was able to shake his hand three times (!!!) and I remember clearly on the 3rd time I just had to scream “I’M A HUGE FAN!!!!!!” And there it goes. Manhood Fail.

OK now came the part where the host starts playing parlor games. Kel, myself and two other guys are pulled “on stage” for a Rick Astley lookalike contest. Yes dear friends, before you laugh, it apparently seems that aside from Mr. Bean, I also have a vague resemblance to Rick Astley – move over Roderick Paulate!!. So then comes the question and answer slash talent portion – Kel did some magic in front of the audience (it wow’ed as usual) and when the host asked me what my talent was, I just had to blurt out …

“I’m never gonna give you up.”

Philippine Blog Awards 2008 at 1 Esplanade September 21 2008

We have a venue!

This afternoon I accompanied Noemi (2008 Blog Awards head) and Juned (“Vice Head”) to finalize the venue for the blog awards this 2008. We signed the contract as sunset approached 1 Esplanade, laying fame to a glistening bay view.

To those who see us often at events we ran across several bumps along the way especially when it came to finalizing sponsorships, incorporation, and finding a decent venue. But yes, there is a God and we were fortunate enough – almost by accident really, which is usually the case when commitment is being tested – to find 1 Esplanade just waiting for us even though it has been booked to the max this September ’08. So we were able to book the better part of the sunset of Sept 21 (that’s a Sunday – a weekday would have been harder for volunteers and Friday / Saturday was wishful thinking as events have been lined up months in advance).

Stay tuned to the Philippine Blog Awards website for additional details on finalizing nominees, and call for volunteers.

I’d like to extend a special shout-out to the SM Group, especially to Mrs. Riqui, Mr. Noel Sanchez and the Sy family for helping us get this really beautiful venue. The SM business units have been very helpful with blogger efforts – case in point the famed Taste Asia parteh series. I mean, just take a look at these shots:

And when you look towards the horizon, you see this:


Thank you so much, especially to everyone who’s been patient with us in planning this event. We really cannot do this without you! We have roughly a month and a half to iron out a number of logistics for the event and we are asking the help of the community’s different expertise (lights, sounds, entertainment, making pa-cute, etc).

All details for this will be posted in the official PBA blog. :)

Paging, Super Joe!

I’m loving the fact that I grew up at a time where I got to experience the dawn of electronic gaming back in the Atari and 8 bit era. And I’m just as glad that in my “late twenties” I’m still able to become particularly excited when the oldies become new once more.

For instance, take this:

And 20 years later, turned to this:

I get to play all my favorite 8-bit Nintendo games (including Bionic Commando) on my Firefox browser with FireNES (it’s actually Virtual NES but compressed to a browser plugin) while enjoying the “new” stuff on the next generation consoles and the PC. I guess half the fun is seeing how the old school veterans like Capcom and Konami remake their most memorable titles for next gen console gaming.

What I do appreciate now is how relatively easier the next generation games are compared to their 8-bit counterparts. Weren’t the old games (have you played Silver Surfer, Ninja Gaiden I, Adventure Island or Ghostbusters for the NES??) just too insanely difficult to finish??

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