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Mega Man 9 RETROfitted into 8-Bit Epicness!

Mega Man 9 in 8 bit!

First off, this is an ACTUAL IN-GAME SCREENSHOT, and not a retro reference to an old Mega Man game.

This is pure epic! While everyone else is pushing the limits in turning games into cinematic-quality feature films (read: Metal Gear Solid 4), Capcom is going the other direction with Mega Man 9. The Blue Bomber is back to his 8-bit roots, a move that will either make you puke out your lunch or warm your heart. The game will be released through the online distribution networks of Wiiware, XBOX Live and PSN. In this installment, our beloved Blue Bomber will be up against the following Robot Masters:

Galaxy Man
Jewel Man
Magma Man
Hornet Man
Concrete Man
Plug Man
Tornado Man
Splash WOMAN

Yes, there’s a lady master!!

There’s a full length article with page scans to Nintendo Power August 2008 for more details on the Blue Bomber’s 9th installment (technically, not the 9th as Mega Man has had so many series iterations with Mega Man X, Mega Man Battle Network, Mega Man Zero, Mega Man ZX, and Mega Man Star Force).

Thanks Bill, t’was a fun ride!

He may not have Steve Jobs’ reality distortion field, but without him we wouldn’t have the Gates and Windows to the digital age.

Masked Rider Blade DVD Set

Kamen Rider Blade

Ah, something I’ve been saving for the rainy day. If you were born in the 80’s there’s no need to cull the fandom that was brought about by the popular sentai series: Ultraman, Bioman, Shaider, Masked Rider Black … the list of stuntmen in spandex, plastic and prosthetics probably taught us more about the colors of the rainbow, numbers, (“Red 1!”) and the animal kingdom (usually a bi-ped version of a gorilla, rhino, bat, etc) than our grade school teachers.

So after months of searching, I finally found the Masked Rider series I’ve been looking for on original DVD, Kamen Rider Blade which aired between 2004 and 2005. The series aired in GMA last year as well.

Ten thousand years ago, a massive battle known as the Battle Royal was fought by fifty-two Undead, each representing a species fighting for dominance over all others. The winner was the Human Undead, known as Category Two of Hearts, giving dominion of the Earth to humanity. In the present day, archaeologists discover the sealed Undead, and accidentally set them free. Thus, a new Battle Royal begins.

Having developed the Rider System, based on the Joker’s ability to copy sealed Undead, the organization BOARD equips two young men, who become Kamen Riders: Kazuma Kenzaki and Sakuya Tachibana fight together as Blade and Garren to protect humans from Undead and seal them. Also fighting Undead is the mysterious Chalice, a Kamen Rider whose purpose is unknown. In addition, a young man struggles to free himself from the control of the sealed Undead powering his own Undead-made Rider System, fighting as Kamen Rider Leangle.

The story is, interestingly enough, really funky and overflowing with drama on downtimes with references made towards card games and gambling (i.e. 52 Undead = 52 cards in a deck, 4 Riders to represent Spade, Clubs, Hearts and Diamonds).

So this is how I’m spending my indoors with signal number 3.

Vitwater: Magic potions for our daily lives! (LOL)

“Dude! Look what I have for you,” said Rey. “You’re the first to see this!”

I was with Rey and Ria yesterday afternoon ironing out a few things for BlogBank when Rey left and came back with a cold, cold plastic bag from 7-11.

“This just came out today and it’s available exclusively in 7-11 for the first few weeks for P15.00.”

Wow, Vitwater (not to be confused with the US Vitawater). This is a non-carbonated water drink with vitamins inside. I guess it is similar to dropping an Enervon C tablet into a cold glass of water, heh!

Well I wasn’t really a fan of the flavored water craze but I admit, this one actually tastes okay. Sorta like Gatorade but loads cheaper at P15.00. Well it’s new and has been out since yesterday. Check out 7-11 and try some. Each color supposedly has a different “effect” on you. One has fiber (tropical citrus), another supposedly helps you trim (red kiwi), while the other fortifies you with vitamins (orange). I don’t know what the blue one does – maybe it restores your mana to full, while the red one gives you more health, but with a cooldown of 30 seconds.

Well, whatever those effects are, it’s secondary to me. I think people go for the color and the taste first before the effects. Anyhoo, go check out 7-11. Vitwater is manufactured by RFM.

4 tips to survive the Microwarehouse Mid-Year Sale

Microwarehouse Mid Year Sale

I’ve been a yearly regular to the insane Mid-Year Microwarehouse Sale. Here are some tips I’d like to share with my readers to help manage expectations when it comes to buying that gadget you always wanted.

When: June 20-21, 2008 // Friday 12nn to 12mn // Saturday 12nn to 8pm
Where: Eastwood City (behind 7-11, beside CyberMall)

The price list is not always accurate
It has nothing to do with the prices – but with the availability of the items. In previous years, there have been complaints from people who have been waiting in line for hours and didn’t get what they want. I guess buyers should really manage their expectations with what’s out there.

It is hard to predict the movement of items. Last year, I was amazed to find a lot of leftover iPods from the sale as well as bunch of Macs. Almost all of the Apple Care plans were wiped clean as the discounts for these warranties go for about 50%. By the end of the sale, a lot of the external speaker solutions for iPods were overstocked and were selling for about P2,300.00. So yeah, you can’t really predict how things will move.

The price list for the 2008 sale is here.

Early geek catches the gadgets!
If you want the bet guarantee that you’ll get what you’re hoping for, be prepared to line up. Microwarehouse has made it more convenient each year by making the venue more comfortable and spacious even for those who are waiting in line. Last year, only a limited number of people were allowed inside the sale area at any given time so those in line could wait outside the booths. It was still very convenient as they provided chairs and the entire hall was airconditioned.

Bring cash!
Credit cards were accepted last year but it’s a no brainer that cash on hand is still best for transactions especially if you don’t want to wait in line. Withdraw cash early on and never on the venue area because by the evening, you’ll be out of items.

Pool resources
If you have friends who are going earlier than you, give them your shopping list and ask them to check on availability. I’m not sure if Microwarehouse can afford to hold items for you so it would be best to give the early bird friends your cash and have them buy for you than to wait for your turn when you do get free time. If you’re working with a 9-5 job, best to have your freelance or management level friends (they are on flexi-time!) to drop by first thing on Friday, which is 12 noon, so still – expect a lot of competition from the offices nearby. Your friends can line up early. You will expect heavy traffic by Friday lunch which will peak in the evening and on the weekend.

I hope these tips help! Most importantly, don’t forget to have lots of fun with your friends on the great deals!

Conan goes to Singapore

So I was watching Conan the Barbarian (1982 starring Arnold Schwarzenegger) and it prompted me to head over to Funan Digital Life Mall to pick up a a prepaid pass, since I don’t want to use my credit card to pay for a subscription.

it also hit me (doh!) that I should have bought AoC in Singapore as it would be cheaper by roughly PHP 500.00. I guess warranty doesn’t matter as what you’re really buying is the MMO’s serial number. Oh well. The collector’s edition is hot though – SG $199.00 for a huge tome that comes with behind the scenes stuff and the lore of Conan.

Crumpler Industry Disgrace Camera Strap, Finally!

It’s almost like an obsession as I hauled myself at every chance I land on Bonifacio High Street as I’ve been pre-listed for an Industry Disgrace for several weeks now. Yup, the Industry Disgrace is Crumpler’s new line of camera neck straps. I had a feeling they would be here in Singapore and my guesses were right. I was able to get two :)

In SG these things cost betwen P660.00 to P950.00 depending on what “edition” you got. The camouflaged design you see here is the limited edition while the brown and black (I didn’t get the black) were more affordable.

Bought a new Mac at the Singapore Sale!

Dear Phoebe, I bought Mac.

Well, not that Mac. But MAC. Managed to find almost everything you ordered at Robinson’s at Raffles. Pretty interesting too – the collection is called Neo Sci-Fi. I didn’t know how to go about buying makeup so I just handed the lady the entire list and the lady gave me a huge LOL while she went through the list.

For the most part of the Singapore sale, almost all participating outlets let go of the GST and luckily for me, the MAC sale was only during the weekend when I landed!

Willing to Get Lost in the Great Singapore Sale 2008!!!

Equinox Singapore

Wow, Equinox Club (photo). That’s as far as I went to seeing the night life of Singapore last year. This year it’s going to be different! Realized that I’ve been so burned out from a lot of things going on with work, so I asked a favor if I could extend a business trip on my expense. Nokia Connect 2008 is happening on the 16th and 17th in Singapore and knowing how that goes, the party is going to be a blast. The funny thing was that I almost got double booked — LG scheduled me to go for Communicasia but I had said yes to Nokia already. With that, the famous and ever reliable proprietor of TechnograPH is going to Communicasia 2008 to cover the latest phones and services! :)

But June 2008 is also the month of the Great Singapore Sale and yes, I’m going to get lost in this great sale, as well as get lost in the huge shopping list of my beauty blogger partner as well as her friends. :)

Pacific Plaza SG

In terms of what I’m looking to get, well nothing fancy. I’m on the lookout for camera accessories such as a semi-ball tripod which allegedly sells for only P2,500.00 and a Nikkor remote for only P600.00. In terms of brands I’m curious to check out the Giordano store as I’ve noticed that Giordano Singapore has one of the best – if not the best selection in Asia, in the same way that Zara’s selection in the Philippines is a hundred times better than Malaysia, Indonesia or Singapore.

I supposedly booked myself at a little place in Little India but Mia came to my rescue and offered my nephew’s bed as the kids are back to school in Manila. Mia, you’re a lifesaver, and you can have all the Pure Foods hotdogs and corned beef I can carry!

So Calvin wrote about the sale, a head on collision with the first few days. Well, I’m going to be there right smack ready for the PC Show (I missed Toy Universe! and seeing Kung Fu Panda in person) and Calvin’s post was very helpful. Between shopping at Orchard Road to Sim Lin Square, I’m also trying to make time to meet up with some of my dad’s former classmates from AIM, and do a whole day Zoo and Night Safari tour…

… But the most important itinerary is to EAT AT PEPPER LUNCH SINGAPORE. :D

Apple WWDC Keynote in 60 Seconds

This is a 60 second recap of the entire WWDC – iPhone 2.0 Software, SDK, MobileMe, iPhone 3G. A great watch, courtesy of Mahalo.

My comments and suggestions for Globe’s Alleged iPhone 3G Price Scheme

Corporate Hero? Maybe so. But in the Philippines, it could be a Corporate Zero.

There’s a tipper with an email going around the Philippine Internet – outlining a possible initial fee of PHP 9,995.00 for the iPhone, but of course killing you with a monthly fee of P3,500.00. There’s a higher plan where you get the phone free but have to pay the rate of a Globe Platinum subscriber at P5,000.00. The latter plan is nothing new – it’s what Platinum and SMART Infinity subscribers pay for this type of service plus they get any phone they want so I will leave that be. Let’s not even talk about the prepaid plans. I have a completely different take on this. Enjoy:

I wrote about this before — forgot though if it was for print or the blogs — how the iPhone should PUSH telcos to come up with better products, rather than push the iPhone itself. After watching the keynote, it made me realize more and more why Apple works closely with a telco (AT&T) as a lot of the iPhone’s services rely on a more robust data plan, a data plan that is light years ahead of our own 3G infrastructure.

Hi Jones (no, really Hi! I didn’t see you at the last PRSP seminar I gave last week), if you’re reading this I really hope you guys can figure out how to revamp this plan to be more subscriber friendly. The reason why Steve Jobs slashed the iPhone price was to make it more appealing to the masses. As he said, everyone should own an iPhone. If I had a say in the marketing roadmap for the iPhone, I’d take this as an opportunity to do some wow-ing myself, introducing a really kick ass data plan EXCLUSIVE to iPhone buyers from Globe initially, rather than put together a hodge-podge excuse that smells of corporate spare parts, which is what the telco experience is starting to feel like. In short, the product isn’t the iPhone 3G – it’s a revamped 3G roadmap that’s too remarkable to pass up. The iPhone 3G would be, well, a springboard.

This may be an edge over competition that just wants to unlock an iPhone and use it with SMART. Truth is, the iPhone can-afford crowd is a year ahead of the average guy who hasn’t even heard of the launch date here in the Philippines (because they don’t read up on the Internet). They’re going to have an easier time sourcing the iPhone from abroad. Or Greenhills. Wherever. Just not with Globe.

As for me, I’m definitely getting one from relatives from the US who are coming home in a few weeksmaybe a second hand 1st Gen iPhone wil work? I can’t wait. It is for me, the perfect time to get an iPhone because of the SDK release and although you still can’t do MMS, video recording, Business Card forwarding, and Bluetooth file exchange, I’m still hooked, it’s insane. That really floored me. Or … maybe I’ll get one from SMART, who knows? ;) (Oops. A slip? I’m such a tease.)

Speaking on the side, I highly doubt uMobile will carry the iPhone unless they develop a native MMS application as this is one of the primary methods for sending ads. iPhone doesn’t have MMS.

So there it is Globe. It isn’t about the iPhone. Although it definitely is a news maker, it won’t follow through with the geek community here. Hey, we’re better than that. I hope the pricing isn’t final.

Microwarehouse Mid Year Sale June 20 – 21 2008!

Is this madness? No, it’s just Microwarehouse! So it’s that time of the year again! Last year, I lost my chance at a 50% off AppleCare for the MacBook as these – alongside the P30,000.00 Mac minis went by really fast.

June 20-21, 2008
Friday 12nn to 12mn
Saturday 12nn to 8pm
Eastwood City
(behind 7-11, beside CyberMall)

Cash and credit cards accepted.
NO reservations. First come, first served.

One of those realities …

So hit me in the head. Here’s the listing of countries for the iPhone launch. The top screen actually says June 11 2008. This is the list for “coming soon.” See anything we like?

An iPhone coming to town

iPhone 3G: $199.00 for 8GB

The second coming of the Jesus Phone is nigh. Just moments ago, Steve unveiled the iPhone 3G at the WWDC 2008 conference. I managed to do a Live Plurk of the event. You can click the link to see my comments and some responses. I also have an initial post up at Cellphone9 for the coverage. Nothing fancy. More of a first impressions look. As a follow up I also wrote a piece on what a $199.00 iPhone does to the cellphone industry.

With Windows Mobile devices costing in the close $600.00 and above, what happens when the world’s most talked about phone get a huge price cut by half? What happens when the world’s most talked about phone acquires Microsoft ActiveSync and Exchange and push email? What happens when it acquires GPS and maps as well? All for the price of an entry-level phone from Nokia or Samsung.

Regarding the latter, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

Overall, a lot of the new services announced won’t make huge waves in the Philippines. But the price point of the new and improved iPhone will. At less than P10,000.00 the 8GB iPhone will probably kill most of the competition. That is, if people don’t start charging more for unlocking it :)

Hey, ever thought about it? What was your most memorable blogger event?

Amidst the controversies on blogger related events, we can’t deny that blog events are some of the most fun extra-curricular activities that can make or break our day. Have you ever thought about it? What was the most memorable blog event you’ve been to? I’m not looking for the best – because that’s relative. I’m looking for something memorable – and maybe in the comments section, you can say why.

So let’s vote! I started a list here but anyone can add events as they deem fit. It could be a media event they attended as a blogger, an all-blogger event … whatever. Just vote! I’ll have this poll open for the next two weeks, which will close on the 20th of June.


What was mine? Well, easily the b5media blogger mixer gathering at Kape Isla late last year. ;)

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