AudioBook Picks of the Month

and … Been saving my Audible credits — finally let go of two to download these two hits: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Nurtureshock. If you’re after a gripping murder mystery, grab this book. If you’re looking for a new “controversial” book on parenting, Nurtureshock is the “Freakonomics” of raising kids.

I am Nitrox Certified!

I finished — and passed — 23/25 correct answers! I’m now certified for Enriched Air diving, which means longer bottom time before decompression kicks in. Great for wreck diving and long live aboard dive trips!

A Piece of Childhood

A couple of years ago I downloaded The Ur-Quan masters, a rerelease of a game I used to play heavily in my grade school years on the PC. It had a checklist that fulfilled a sci-fi geek’s wish: lots of ships, lots of aliens, a commentary on man’s struggle against insurmountable odds, explosions, and yes … Continue reading A Piece of Childhood


The machinations of Philippine commerce is rooted in sponsorships. A sponsorship is not a gift. It comes attached with a string, more often than not a tight one. It tugs. It demands. It does so in exchange for something of greater or equal value. But it does so with a smile. On the other hand, … Continue reading Overflow


It came to the point where I had to move a little bit of rock to get the sorry little buggers out of the crevices. Floating from an angle, I motioned to Denise that I wanted to give it a shot and grabbed the BBQ tongs to pry the crown out of its strong velcro-like … Continue reading Harvest

I’m on a boat

Crap. I thought I had my camera inside the car’s glove compartment. The joke’s on me. So it was just me and the Nokia N900’s camera. I took a hundred or so photos inside the Costa Romantica. After all, I’m on a boat. Click for more photos.

A convenient way to win 2 highly coveted tickets to Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”

I was floored when I got a call from C&G asking if I would like to take part in promoting this event. I’ve seen him work his magic on the Internet but it will be quite different when you see it in person. So here’s the deal. I have two extra tickets to Al Gore’s … Continue reading A convenient way to win 2 highly coveted tickets to Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”


“Jayvee Fernandez? Who are you?” The girl at the registration table didn’t see my name on the list. I double checked — I knew I had confirmed with the PR agency a couple of days ago. But this was getting embarrassing as I was holding up the line. I must say that It is awkward … Continue reading Instructions