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Internal Online Meetings: What Goes in and How to Make the Most out of it!

Business meetings for any company are a time to discuss anything from new ideas, to new opportunities, or any number of things. There are also many different mediums to have business communications. One medium in particular that has been proven effective for progressive meetings is the face to face meeting. The reason is because having a face to face conversation not only allows you to hear what the other person is saying, but see how they are saying it; meaning non-verbal body language indicators. As a matter a fact, statistics show that only 7% of communication is spoken, the other 93% consists of the tone of voice and the body language. This makes it easier for there to be a mis-communication unless both parties are able to see each other. It’s important to understand this point because internal business meetings are a crucial time to make sure the company is on track. For example, meetings can be a time:

Thief: A reboot from out of the shadows

Mediocre reviews towards the reboot of the Thief franchise can be credited to how the stealth genre has changed in the past decade. In a sense, stealth has been “perfected” in may different ways: Mark of the Ninja on one end of the spectrum turning sneaking into an arcade platform jumper while Splinter Cell, Deus Ex: HR and Hitman have carved their own niches into to action-stealth genre. And then there’s Dishonored, which in my opinion is Thief’s spiritual successor.

Best Gaming Phones for 2014?

Of course there has been a massive surge in mobile technology and it has had lots of gaming fans rushing to play on some top mobile casino sites. It makes everything so simple, no longer do you need to be concerned about waiting for people or extended train journey’s – there will always be something to enjoy. Casino gaming has never been easier! Have a look at some of the top gaming phones for you to get the best experience possible.

Sony Cyber-shot RX-100 Mark II Review: Look no further. This is the best point and shoot camera.

This review has been sitting on draft for quite some time. For one, I’m reviewing a camera that was released during the latter part of 2013 so by all means it isn’t new. Secondly, it’s hard to write this review without removing my fanboy cap. This is seriously the best point and shoot camera available in Sony’s stable of imaging devices. I’d even go as far as to say that this is the best point and shoot camera in its class, especially when you’re looking at devices in the PHP 30,000 range. So yeah, let’s fanboy away.

Great Samsung Sale from February 14 to March 23!

This is it! All your favorite Samsung devices in one big sale! I’ve attached the PDF file which you can download to have handy for your buying guide. Simply click on the ‘DOWNLOAD’ button on the embed.

From Samsung PR:

From February 14 to March 23, catch your favorite Samsung smart phones, tablets, and gadgets on sale! Avail of big price discounts and exciting freebies on our hottest devices, including blockbuster hits like the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Note 3.

Want to surprise your special someone with a brand new Samsung gadget this Valentine’s day? Head to the Great Samsung Sale and get huge discounts of up to P3,500, and great freebies like stylish covers for smart phones and tablets, 9000mAh Powerbanks, or a Galaxy data SIM card. Get a new Samsung smart phone for as low as P10,490, or a Samsung tablet for P7,490. Or, get a free phone with every purchase of a Samsung Tab 3 7.0 Wi-Fi.

‘The Great Kingdom’ is an upcoming movie that tells the story of the origins of Dungeons and Dragons

“The adventure party is a family and Gary engendered family wherever he went.”

From their Facebook page:

A documentary that tells the story of the people that created Dungeons & Dragons and how its success affected their lives and families. The Great Kingdom is the story of families, blood and personal bond, affected by the success of the game, a game that brought joy to millions but heartbreak to its creators.

In 1969, Gary Gygax, a family man and game designer with an entrepreneurial mind meets Dave Arneson, another brilliant game designer from Minneapolis/St. Paul.

888poker Launches Snap, a fast fold game of poker

They say that advances and innovations on the web, especially with social media and always come from two sources: online gambling and yes, probably, pornography. The former is safer to talk about for all intents and purposes.

888poker, one of the leading online poker sites has just introduced a new feature on the virtual tables — Snap Poker. After going through its alpha and beta phases which were only open to a select few, the new table features a SNAP fold trigger that can be pressed to discard your current opponents and immediately insert you with new opponents done via the in-game algorithm ladder ranking.


This underwater video is really good. But there’s something this photographer isn’t telling you..

Like my click-bait title? I swear these types of headlines are annoying. So yeah the video is awesome. But what “I didn’t tell you” is that I didn’t use any artificial light for this. My only light source was the sun!

See what I did there? LOL.

Anyway, over the weekend, we got the Sony RX-100 Mark II wet! Yep, we bought a new camera system for underwater photography. Not that I’m totally ditching my old Canon 350D — but a circa 2006 camera w/ 5MP in it can be a bit frustrating to use. They say that the best camera is the camera you currently have, so I currently have a Sony DSC RX-100 Mark II, a follow up to 2012′s RX-100. I will do a full review of the camera out of water in a separate post.

Let’s watch!

UPDATE: Check out my RX-100 Mark II camera review


Just finished Act I of Broken Age. I want to hug you, Tim Schafer!

Finished Act 1 of Broken Age last night. It needs to be said that this is Tim Schafer’s first point and click adventure game in 15 years which means to say that my last encounter with him in this familiar space was during my teenage years when Grim Fandango, Day of the Tentacle and Full Throttle were kings of the adventure genre.

Dyson DC48 Compact Vacuum Cleaner sells for PHP 45,000

Someone from Dyson got in touch with me earlier last week peddling the new DC48 series. It seems that age does play a factor in overall perception and I’ve noticed as I grow older, I’m getting more and more pitches for things like these. The DC48 is a compact vacuum cleaner which is going to be made available in Rustan’s Makati and Century Mall for a price of Php 45,000. This vacuum is meant for smaller abodes like condos and apartments. Its design aims to minimize noise without compromising efficiency.

Kinda looks like Daft Punk.

I’ve attached the PR material and some specs after the jump.


ASUS announces Transformer Pad TF701 and Transformer Book Trio (Dual Boots to Android)

Two things from ASUS in Manila: the Tranformer Pad TF701 and the Transformer Book Trio. The former is your Windows 8 tablet / notebook with the removable keyboard while the latter is your dual-book Windows / Android device. It’s a notebook running Windows, a tablet running Windows and an Android device running v4.2. “Dual boot” doesn’t mean you have to restart your computer: the dedicated ‘Trio’ key allows you to switch between operating systems while sharing the same file system. Gadzooks! Now that’s a feature!

The ASUS TF701T is available at Php 27,995 and the ASUS Transformer Book Trio is available at Php 49,995 for the i5 configuration and at Php 54,995 for the i7 configuration.


ASUS unveils affordable MeMO Pad 8″ and 10″

ASUS Philippines has unveiled their first MeMO Pad line for 2014. If you’re unfamiliar with this device, the MeMO Pad caught our attention almost exactly a year ago when ASUS released the ultra-epic Nexus 7. For those that could not afford the Google-branded phablet (with ASUS as their OEM), the MeMO Pad 7 was the next best thing — made by the same manufacturer with slightly toned down specs. ASUS continues the tradition with new 8″ and 10″ devices with this 2014 listing.

The MeMO Pad HD 8 and HD 10 are available at Php9,995 and Php 13,995, respectively. Contact your local ASUS dealers nationwide.


Lazada launches iOS app and celebrates with a sale!

Lazada has launched their iOS app (compatible with iOS 7 on the iPhone and the iPad). Here’s the direct link to the Lazada app on iTunes (on the web) but you can easily find it on the App Store.

So I Connected my Vita to the Office PS4

So I connected my Vita to the PS4. Everything works seamlessly. My only complaint is that the back touchscreen of the Vita emulates some of the buttons from the PS4 controller (like R2 and R3, L2 and L3). So this might be an issue unless you remap them.

Valerie Taylor, the diver who shot Jaws had no idea it would make people afraid of sharks

I got a chance to do a phone interview with renowned underwater photographer and videographer Valerie Taylor. You may not know her personally, but you’ve probably seen her works: she shot the underwater footage from Jaws, Orca and well, every teenager’s sizzling romantic film (in 1980) Blue Lagoon starring Brooke Shields.

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