Smart Infinity launches Samsung Galaxy S5 Promo starting at PLAN 3500

4 days ago

Spotify launches in the Philippines; Premium Access for PHP 129 / mo

1 week ago

Video: The Coral Garden

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Crumpler Cobram Outpost: Efficient compact camera storage for underwater photograhy

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ASUS unveils affordable MeMO Pad 8″ and 10″

ASUS Philippines has unveiled their first MeMO Pad line for 2014. If you’re unfamiliar with this device, the MeMO Pad caught our attention almost exactly a year ago when ASUS released the ultra-epic Nexus 7. For those that could not afford the Google-branded phablet (with ASUS as their OEM), the MeMO Pad 7 was the next best thing — made by the same manufacturer with slightly toned down specs. ASUS continues the tradition with new 8″ and 10″ devices with this 2014 listing.

The MeMO Pad HD 8 and HD 10 are available at Php9,995 and Php 13,995, respectively. Contact your local ASUS dealers nationwide.


Lazada launches iOS app and celebrates with a sale!

Lazada has launched their iOS app (compatible with iOS 7 on the iPhone and the iPad). Here’s the direct link to the Lazada app on iTunes (on the web) but you can easily find it on the App Store.

So I Connected my Vita to the Office PS4

So I connected my Vita to the PS4. Everything works seamlessly. My only complaint is that the back touchscreen of the Vita emulates some of the buttons from the PS4 controller (like R2 and R3, L2 and L3). So this might be an issue unless you remap them.

Valerie Taylor, the diver who shot Jaws had no idea it would make people afraid of sharks

I got a chance to do a phone interview with renowned underwater photographer and videographer Valerie Taylor. You may not know her personally, but you’ve probably seen her works: she shot the underwater footage from Jaws, Orca and well, every teenager’s sizzling romantic film (in 1980) Blue Lagoon starring Brooke Shields.

ASUS Launches Everything At CES 2014

ASUS has a ton of tech to launch. So here’s everything in a nutshell for easy digestion. Thanks to Eason de Guzman of ASUS Philippines for curating everything.

Here’s what they got:

Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

samsung galaxy note 12

It’s out of the bag — an actual photo of a working unit in the Philippines. Samsung was going to introduce a Pro series tablet for people who need even more stuff done. The bigger screen lets you multitask. Frankly, in my short demo I was able to play Space Team and the big-ass screen elicited the same joy of gaming on a laptop. On a side note, if you want the full details on the Samsung CES Keynote, we’re doing a live blog now over at Manila Bulletin with Art Samaniego on the CES floor!

7 Most Memorable Underwater Shots from 2013

2013 was an awesome year for SCUBA Diving. And I don’t use the word awesome loosely. For one, I got to finally compete in an underwater photo shoot out in Cebu, flying there twice in a span of two weeks. Out of the several “memory card full” warnings, here are the 7 most memorable shots from last year. By memorable, I don’t necessarily mean the best — these are just the shots that left a lasting impression on my hobby.

All photos were taken using a trusty Canon 350D. Wide angle shots taken using a Tokina 10-17mm lens and macro shots were done with a 60mm Canon macro lens. I shoot with two YS-110 alpha strobes from Sea&Sea.


Make Money on the Go: Three Key Questions to Ask before Transitioning to a Mobile POS

One study projects that within the next two years, the industry of mobile payments will reach well over $1 trillion around the world, according to Heavy Reading Networks Insider. More than 60 percent of consumers in the US actually believe that making payments on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, will inevitably replace traditional credit card payments that are made at terminals within stores, according to a Harris Interactive Poll.

To my son

jayvee and javi


Dear son,

One day you will wonder
At the state of affairs of this world –
In wonder as to how it was when you first saw the light of this earth.

It is suffice to say that
You were born at an exciting time.
“What kind of time?” you asked me.
And I replied, “It was a time of great change:

When music was no longer divided by era,
With every song in the world playing at your fingertips
And every culture a niche
With every niche a subculture in itself.

When Culture — all the world’s Culture
Was no longer a one way street found in some book (the pages of which you had to turn)
And can be experienced, if not understood deeply through
the words
the sounds
the songs
All from the screen in front of you.

It was a time when people stopped looking forward
And all decided to look up;
Rather than launch a man up to the moon and back
We decided to head for Mars
And mine asteroids (among stars!) instead of the Earth.

javi fernandez

Today if you had asked me what path I would have put you through,
Know this:
That the stars are much closer than a dream
And the Unknown, a religion you can follow fervently.”

My son, you were born at an exciting time
When cars were only beginning to drive themselves
When we wore computers on our hats
And toys we could print from home.

It was in these conditions that you were born
And as your entrusted steward I have prepared you for a life that looks beyond the horizon
Whether it is the exploration above or below the Earth.

Happy birthday.

javi fernandez scuba diver

The Geisha — PHP 700 for coffee. Why not?

Two Geishas. The G Flight, if I may. Two distinct profiles.

On the left is a layered cake. If there was such as thing as nursing a chocolate cake, this would be the same thing, in liquid form. There is a distinct bitterness, one that I am normally not fond of, that is mitigated by dark chocolate. And as the coffee cools, the chocolate gets darker and darker. What a profile — smooth, clean and chocolate-y. I could drink this everyday.


Smart offers iPad Air starting at PHP 1,499 a month

Smart announced its latest offering: iPad Air with LTE starting at PHP 1,499 per month (w/ initial cash out of PHP 5,000.00). Oh noes, too many choices! Do you get the iPad mini or the iPad Air? Both of these come with crisp Retina display with the only noticeable difference being the size — the iPad mini has 7.9 of screen real estate while the iPad Air has 9.7 inches.

Keeping it Classy: Wood Cases for the iPhone 5

The slim and sleek design of the iPhone 5 had you believing in love at first sight. With a larger screen to accommodate the multitude of apps you can’t live without and the thinner case that is a perfect fit for your hand, you can’t believe you ever owned any other phone. You don’t think there is anything that could make the iPhone 5 any more perfect. But then, just when you think it couldn’t get any better, you see something you just can’t believe.

PhotograSEAries I: Subjects on Black Backgrounds

When friends ask what it is like to take a camera down into the deep, I always tell them that it is quite similar to bringing down a 6 pound darkroom. Playing with light underwater can get rather tricky as instead of just dealing with the invisible air between you and the subject (on land), in the water, there’s an entire water column that separates you and the subject. And light. Light comes from the sun, which is directly above you and fades to black as you go deeper. The first color to vanish as you go deeper is red which is why new divers who get cut or bruised underwater panic upon seeing that their blood has turned green. Nope they’re not poisoned — the color red is merely absent.

Beyond the Box in VMall is the best looking gadget store in the country

beyond the box vmall amazing

You’ve probably been here — before it was renovated. The new Beyond the Box concept store has finally re-opened at the 3rd floor food court area of VMall in Greenhills. A gadget and accessories store? Really? The design is just amazing and well, very out of beyond the box.

Check it out for yourself!

The design is just amazing and well, very beyond the box.

The design is just amazing and well, very beyond the box.

Beyond the Box has been my go-to store for Apple accessories and audiophiles will love their line of Marshall iPod speakers and Braven portable travel speakers which I’ve reviewed early this year.

This particular branch was designed by Buensalido Architects.

beyond the box 3

beyond the box vmall photo

This Beyond the Box concept store is located at the 3rd floor of VMall, Greenhills. You can follow their quirkiness on Facebook at

Home PBX Phone Systems; a Strong Choice for Businesses

There are many kinds of business phone systems that are being used today. There are those that allow employers to have full control over the company’s phone system, effectively preventing employees from making any inappropriate calls while at work. Then there’s one that allows different companies, who otherwise co-exist within the same building, to communicate with each other as needed. However, one more commonly used in this day and age is the home PBX phone system, with PBX being defined as “Private Branch Exchange”. Unlike most other phone systems, the home PBX phone system is more appropriate for private companies or individuals seeking to communicate with one another.

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