Fly Away Cafe

I’ve been browsing through my network’s stable of blogs and we recently launched a rather interesting one called Fly Away Cafe that documents the travel adventures of flight attendant Mary Jo around the world. Press release here.

NBA Obsessed

I always knew my brother Angelo was into basketball, particularly the NBA. But I didn’t know he was that obsessed with it. Today, b5 launched a new blog entitled NBA Obsessed, a sports commentary blog on the intricacies of the NBA. As I was telling Aaron our channel editor, I wouldn’t have referred him if … Continue reading NBA Obsessed

let the GAME! begin

By the time you’ve read this, GAME! would have prolly already been placed on the racks. There were many people involved with the creation of the second local gaming title (the first is Games Master) in the Philippines. But it is also important to note that this is the first all-Filipino gaming magazine. This means … Continue reading let the GAME! begin

9:55 am,

Me: Excuse me, but are you Manolo Quezon? Him: Yes I am. Me: Hi. I’m Jayvee from m|PH. I read you blog. You’re speaking today right? Manolo: Ah yes Jayvee. Kaw pala yung sa m|PH! Yes I am. Me: Great. I hear Abe is coming too right? Manolo: Yep. In fact, this is going to … Continue reading 9:55 am,

Digital Exchange in Greenbelt

I’m currently in Digital Exchange, Greenbelt waiting for our new graphics retainer. I’m hungry and sleepy. I’m leeching off the free WiFi at the palmOne Podcentral store. And after browsing through my iPhoto library for old pictures of my dog, I wish I had his problems. He deserves the George Lindemann Jr. Award!

The Magic Three

I’m predicting a record high for my blog this month. In terms of stats, I’ve had the following unique user pageviews: January – 1541 users February – 1189 users March – 508 users (as of March 7 2006) Wow, whatta way to go. So who’s driving traffic? Thanks to AW stats installed on my blog, … Continue reading The Magic Three

SPAMtastic !!!!

Wow! Look at what people are saying about my blog: I am so impressed with this blog. I totally agree, in my humble opinion. Make sure you post often.Blog away!. I can’t believe how nice this site is. Not everyone has to totally agree, but I certainly do. If you don’t mind I will back … Continue reading SPAMtastic !!!!