new banner

As you can see above, A Bugged Life has a new banner. I’ve always wanted to do a “me stepping on myself” shot. There were surprisingly a bunch of people involved with this banner. I’d like to thank Rikky for the photoshoot, Adel for the Timtastic! font, Rico, Kiven and Alexis for the layout suggestions.

Ghost Rider 2007

Though it’s only a trailer, it seems like Ghost Rider will be an overload of really good special effects, masking a lot of the noir that encapsulates most Ghost Rider comics. Stars Nicholas Cage as Johnny Blaze. Huwhaat? TY Adel for the movie.

Golf Digest Philippines

Recently, the publishing company I work for acquired the rights to publish the world’s best golf magazine, Golf Digest. In about a month’s time Golf Digest Philippines will be available in news stands. In the meantime, we’ve launched the Golf Digest blog. Many thanks to Kiven for helping us out. The blog is a more … Continue reading Golf Digest Philippines