Mobile Pilipinas 2006: October 13-15

I saw the lineup of some of the new stuff that are going to be released, and it gives me a really wide geeky smile. Come one, come all! I’ve attached the two event banners on top. Feel free to click on them and link to our press release.

PhilMUG Meet at Teak Bistro

I’m here at Teak Bistro for the community launch of the Mac Pro, 500 inch iMac (I lost count already, the screen justgets bigger and bigger) and the new iPods. Sadly I didn’t bring my camera to take traditional “unboxing” pictures of the new Macs. You can view the full community thread at PhilMUG here.

How to make a good elevator pitch

I got this from Jeremy. The elevator pitch is similar to the drive by shooting of potential VC funding. Here’s a video to help equip you with that tool. Who knows, the next person you might be stuck in an elevator with could be your next venture capitalist.