The Tagcloud: a microcosm of what’s hot with Pinoys

It’s actually quite fun (and geeky) to analyze the tagcloud. It is fun because you get to see, as a visual learner, the magnitude of certain events that occur in the Philippines that make it to the news. The more prominent tags would include BASKETBALL, CRIME, ELECTIONS (2007), ENTERTAINMENT, and POLITICS. Interesting too the … Continue reading The Tagcloud: a microcosm of what’s hot with Pinoys

b5media Blog Openings

The b5media technology channel is looking for passionate bloggers to cover these niches: 1. A blog about VoIP. We’re looking for someone who knows the wireless industry well enough to write about it. Trends, products, laws, companies that are all over Bluetooth, wireless Internet, WiMAX, VoIP, and many more. 2. A blog about portable media. … Continue reading b5media Blog Openings

Yo Joe! Pinoy Hero!

Here’s a shot of one of the vehicles of mass destruction on display at the 11th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta at Clark. Somehow, it really looks like a toy. The shot was taken at twilight, which explains the interesting light in the background.