Going Rogue

There’s a new men’s magazine in town. From the guys who created Manifesto (Jose Mari Ugarte, Miguel Mari, and pals) under the C! group, Rogue is their new brainchild under a different publishing group. Here’s the Press Release and photo from Jim Ayson’s Philmusic: ROGUE’s long-term mission is to accurately tell the story of our … Continue reading Going Rogue

On Social Networks

Social networks are successful not because they inherently express who we are. They are successful because they project an image of how we want people to admire us, and ultimately, who we want to become.

One Laptop Per Child “Curriculum Jam” in Manila

They’re here. This is the official Wiki for the Curriculum Jam in Manila. OLPC is organizing a Curriculum Jam in Manila, scheduled for the first weekend of October (5-7). We’ll be working with teachers around the world who are running Curriculum Jams in their countries at the same time. We’ll be creating learning activities – … Continue reading One Laptop Per Child “Curriculum Jam” in Manila

Crocs, Revisited.

Even though this blog is described as “the pseudo personal blog about blogging, technology and stuff” it seems that the most popular post has to do with my fashion sense. Let’s revisit Crocs. Eek!