Thoughts on SMART myTV

SMART finally launches their mobile TV service in partnership with MediaQuest. The time between now and my Boracay trip last April dictates the several weeks of preparation of the guys from SMART to go live with the service.

Cebu Detention Center Inmates Do A Thriller

The inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center remake Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. Some of the many many things inmates do to occupy time. BONUS: Take note of the guy dressed in drag.

Emergency Food Supply

Holy cow, I knew this was possible, but highly improbable — that you can actually commercially survive with $500.00 worth of food in a year. Here in the Philippines, that’s roughly P100.00 a day excluding weekends. What you get in each bucket of Emergency Food Supply: Basic preparation will impact the probability of your family‚Äôs … Continue reading Emergency Food Supply


Several months ago, I was having a conversation with Joey Alarilla about how the Internet and social media are causing a phenomenon which I want to call “compartmentalizing” your life. This phenomenon is most apparent, but not limited to, bloggers who have started several niche blogs – compartmentalizing their life to food, technology, travel, politics, … Continue reading Compartments

Blogger Down!

So it finally hit me. The GTalk banter of CJ telling me to go to sleep were all unheeded as she would see me online at 3PM her time, which is about 12 hours in time zone difference. Repeated late nights online and the preference to walk around the city (instead of taking a cab) … Continue reading Blogger Down!

T9 Advocacy: “We’ve lost one generation to TXT Speak”

[display_podcast] I was able to interview T9’s Marketing guy, James Young last week. For those unfamiliar, T9 is the company behind the “predictive text” software we see in most Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Windows Mobile and Motorola phones: A campaign is being launched in the South East Asia region to address the alarming rate of elementary … Continue reading T9 Advocacy: “We’ve lost one generation to TXT Speak”

Blogger Breakfast at Portico, Serendra

Yesterday morning, I brought my family to a mini breakfast meet up with Dine, Noemi, their husbands and Chats. My mother was quickly assimilated into the group and boring talk about child rearing and childbirth were brought up. The small meet was held at Portico, at Serendra by invitation of the marketing group of Chateau.