Problogger: how many columns is best for your blog

I’m posting this link from Problogger. It’s an interesting piece on how to decide how many columns your blog should have. We’re actually in the process (actually, barely starting) of redesigning the m|ph weblog together with Gary. The primary consideration of the re-layout is to accomodate more ad space – so its more utilitary than … Continue reading Problogger: how many columns is best for your blog

more on God

One of the funniest Google Ads I have ever seen. I wonder what keywords your site needs to have this pop up. You see, God really loves you. 🙂


I got lost in the email exchange among the b5 tech channel dudes. We were talking about permalink formats and then suddenly jumped to how cold fusion can save the world. I didn’t get any of it. However, during the email exchange I did chance upon Jon’s Blogger Idol site, which was located in his … Continue reading B-listed!

WordPress 2.0

Aaron Brazell, who does a great job over at Technosailor did a fantastic post for Problogger defining the 10 Things You Should Know About WordPress 2.0. We’re currently running at version 1.5, supporting better spam guards and the ability to recognize podcasts. WP 2.0 looks even more promising. Yep, WordPress is getting a mighty upgrade … Continue reading WordPress 2.0