the HIP video

The scary thing about not being in the Cebu ad congress is that your face is on an AVP that’s supposed to be viewed by the most influential corporations in the country. Those of us back at the office are curious as to how HIP was received. When you’re the magazine arm of the country’s … Continue reading the HIP video

Google Analytics

I just installed Google Analytics onto A Bugged Life. It only started tracking stats after 7 hours. And now its compiling stats, which will take another 12 hours. Not bad actually, considering what others have… to… say. Of course I could be wrong about the 19 hour wait. So I’ll just count the chickens later. … Continue reading Google Analytics

Site browser problems?

Logged on using Internet Explorer today and noticed how my right sidebar gets pushed to the bottom because of my post images. On Firefox for Windows and Mac, everything looks OK though. DO send me a message if you’re having problems viewing the site and tell me what browser you’re using so I can adjust. … Continue reading Site browser problems?

Stuff Added

Updated blogroll links as well as my cool Flickr badge. If I am forgetting people who have linked to me as well, please tell me here so I can post your personal weblogs too. I’m currently debating whether to keep the title text on top since it looks really neat as it is – or … Continue reading Stuff Added