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Hello. Download a copy of my media kit for a better understanding of what this is all about.

A Bugged Life Media Kit dated February 2013 by

An excerpt from ‘Cult Followings,’ a feature piece by Nante Santamaria which appeared in the June 2012 issue of METRO Magazine.

“Jayvee Fernandez has been blogging for a decade, maybe even more, but unlike today’s mostly clickthrough-motivated bunch, he now seeks a different kind of challenge. While there are only a handful of reputable tech blogs in the Philippines, he has chosen to break the optimization rule of sticking to one subject. Nowadays, his legendary blog, A Bugged Life, serves not only gadget reviews beyond the specs but also bits of his new passion as a scuba diver as well as occasional geekery about coffee.It may sound like a retirement plan, but Fernandez is not one to stop at this point. After co-founding BlogBank and Philippine Blog Awards (PBA) in 2007, deciding that the ad model is over after gaining 600 bloggers and now taking the backseat as PBA’s new officers work on projects like Tech Tanod, social reporting for daily life, he just started working on ID8, an online publishing network tapping niches ranging From advocacy and travel.

“We need to retake our heritage as an island culture. We seem to be stuck up on malls,” he says and jokes, “I still want to make cats relevant online in the Philippines,” but he’s on a new level now. Well, that and publishing his photo of a cat on upcomingbook by Mary Higgins Clark.

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My downtime is spent watching classic James Bond and Dr. Who , playing with my Boston Terrier and being a geeky husband. To get a glimpse of me outside my blog, follow me on Twitter or add me up on Facebook. This is my G+ Profile. Maybe when it hits 5,000 i’ll decide to convert it into a fan page. See ya!