3 Tips if You Want to Start Backpacking

When you decide you want to start a new adventure and travel new countries with your backpack, going out of you comfort zone, seeing new places, trying exotic food, and meeting local people is going to be on the agenda. If you have a budget, backpacking is the best option for traveling. If you like the idea of taking a trip and saving some money, here are three tips to help you enjoy the journey.

Research is everything when you travel on a budget. The internet is the perfect tool for looking how different places are going to be, what kind of food to expect, typical weather in the region and popular places to visit. Another option to get information is talking with people that have been around the area where you are planning to visit. You can sign in on a chat group or discussion group with tour guides, previous travelers, and locals. They can help you make the experience more cultural, telling you about excellent places to stay for one or two nights with good prices; they’ll know the best local food stores, free activities to do and recommendations about the area. Having an itinerary will help you organize your trip ahead of time with reservations and dates. When your start looking for places to stay, check if they have the necessary stuff for a backpacker; shower, bed, kitchen and internet if you still need to plan the next leg.

When you are backpacking, you will likely have to reduce your costs everywhere, especially transportation. Some travel agencies sell discounts for trains or bike rentals, you can ask different opinions about the best way to move around that area. Downloading new apps can help you stay up to date with maps, the closest transportation, time it will take from point A to point B, etc. Also locals can help you with this; they can recommend you the fastest, easiest, or cheapest ways to move around.

Space is everything and you are going to be moving a lot, so the best way to do it is with a light backpack and comfortable clothes that will likely be ruined when you return. You have the information on your schedule like the weather and places you’re going to visit so only pack the basics: shirts, jeans, and pair of shorts, underwear and shoes. Check out Macy´s. They have everything that you need for your new adventure and great deals. Don’t worry about your dirty clothes, many places have washing machine or you can find a laundry place close to you.

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