The Geisha — PHP 700 for coffee. Why not?

Written by Jayvee Fernandez

Two Geishas. The G Flight, if I may. Two distinct profiles.

On the left is a layered cake. If there was such as thing as nursing a chocolate cake, this would be the same thing, in liquid form. There is a distinct bitterness, one that I am normally not fond of, that is mitigated by dark chocolate. And as the coffee cools, the chocolate gets darker and darker. What a profile — smooth, clean and chocolate-y. I could drink this everyday.

geisha or gesha coffees at magnum opus

On the right is a fruit cocktail. Halo-halo. A tree with a strong thick bark with a lot of low hanging fruit. The flavors explode. It’s like eating a mouthful of skittles. What a treat.

Total Price: PHP 700.00.

This is the most expensive coffee I have ever paid for. Only 500 bags a year apparently and I was one of 15 lucky customers who got to reserve a slot.

About a week before this, Jonathan invited me, Danielle and Paolo — both also Magnum Opus regulars to a cupping session for a high grade specialty coffee. Usually, specialty coffees in 3rd wave cafes (i.e. Craft, Magnum Opus, Yardstick and Curator) have a grade of 80 and above. This one was in the 90’s. So it’s extra special. Special enough to have it’s own Wikipedia page. Coffee cupping is a method of discovering the meticulous flavors of coffee — from the aroma of the beans, the aroma after pouring hot water, to the taste.

I kinda had notes:

coffee cupping notes

But these notes merely give you an idea of the flavors but the brewing methods (i.e. Aeropress, French Press) still help determine the final outcome. For instance, if you’re not fond of a bitter aftertaste, using an aeropress can mitigate the bitter notes. If you find this a bit too smug and pretentious, coffee cupping is kinda like building your character in Fallout 3. You know .. S.P.E.C.I.A.L.


But instead of Strength, Perception, Bloody Mess, etc.. it’s about flavors and aromas.

I know what you’re thinking: this is hipster stuff! It’s pretentious! Well, in a way yes. But if you’re paving a path into farming (gasp!), then knowing this stuff is definitely useful.

gesha profile text

Magnum Opus Fine Coffees
115 Aguirre Avenue BF Homes, Parañaque

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