Before you buy: What it feels like to own a Windows 8 computer

4 thoughts on “Before you buy: What it feels like to own a Windows 8 computer”

  1. Even with the promotional cheap update price to Windows 8, I decided to stay with Windows 7. Well, Microsoft has this good-bad-good pattern on it’s Operating Systems since Windows 98, and I found that it still applies to Windows 8:
    Windows 98 – good
    Windows ME – hmm
    Windows XP – great!
    Windows Vista – uh oh
    Windows 7 – Awesome!
    Windows 8 – *sigh*
    However, if this follows through, Windows 9 can be a knockout. =)

  2. I consider this the 2nd Windows 2000. This feels solid for a supposed to be flop version. The two interfaces you have to get used to just seems like ‘simple’ (metro/modern UI) and ‘advanced’ (desktop UI) mode when you think about it, or at least for me.

    I admit I have to run Steam on Windows 7 compatibility mode (because CS:GO quits itself whenever the fun starts) but since then, I haven’t had a problem with gaming. 🙂

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