Star Diamond: Cheapest LEGO knockoffs for PHP 35.00 only

OK so I just found the dirt-cheapest place to buy knock off LEGO figures. I’ve seen a handful of knock off LEGO bricks — Wange, Sluban and now Star Diamond and I have to say that for PHP 35.00 a piece, they make the most practical Christmas gifts. Yes, they’re knock offs but after opening and assembling a number of them, I really have to say that you can’t go wrong with the price.

Star Diamond kits come in many sizes and the most affordable is a small box that will barely make a dent in your wallet. PHP 35.00 for the smallest kit gives you a “minifig” and a vehicle / accessory. Pictured here are the crane kit and the SCUBA diver with DPV kit. Compared to the real LEGO, the main difference lies in the minifig copies because they require more assembly versus the real deal which I honestly don’t mind doing.

Where can you find this? I found an accessible stall at the NBC Tent Weekend Bazaar. The unmarked stall is found towards the end of the tent hall and you can find several other brands from China as well as the real stuff.

3 responses to “Star Diamond: Cheapest LEGO knockoffs for PHP 35.00 only”

  1. Jef Dizon says:

    I got them at 15 pesos each wholesale (12 per pack) at 999 mall at the second floor. Unfortunately that was last year, I haven’t been to divisoria yet. I’ll post back once I get the chance to visit the stall again.

    And I agree with you, they’re very practical gifts, both for young boys and their fathers, lol.

  2. @Jef wow 15 for wholesale?!?! that’s insane! HAHA!

  3. Azrael says:

    hahahaa..mas ok sya kaysa dun sa LIIGO china brand
    must buy one..I need more characters for our tomica play set

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