XPLAY’s Official Statement regarding the raiding of Datablitz Stores for NBA2k13

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  1. boycott this business letcheng x-play kung di nyo kaya makipagsabayan tap out, youre not belong to this gaming industry. bwesit

  2. https://www.facebook.com/DataBlitzPH/posts/163682207107791

    DB posted this earlier

    To Our Beloved Gaming Community & Friends,

    Monday, Nov. 5, 2012, will be remembered as a day of infamy and shame for the gaming industry with XPlay initiating a disgraceful harassment action against DataBlitz for alleged selling of “unauthorized” stocks of NBA 2K13.

    Yesterday, XPlay released an official statement listing down various details of meetings between XPlay and DataBlitz in the weeks leading to the launch of NBA 2K13. In spite of all that’s been said in their press release, they’ve conveniently omitted the most pertinent details:

    1. All the meetings that took place between Xplay and DataBlitz were initiated at the request of XPlay. DataBlitz has never asked to meet with XPlay and were only asked to participate in meetings and/or to join XPlay’s so-called “marketing programs” (which are really nothing more than just glamorized parlor game events). DataBlitz participated in the meetings and “marketing programs” out of courtesy to XPlay and no such thing as “primary partnership”, whatsoever was ever discussed, offered, nor penned on paper, whatsoever.

    2. Apart from just saying that they will be distributing NBA 2K13, XPlay has never indicated in any form of writing or communications whatsoever to DataBlitz that they are the exclusive distributor of the game.

    3. Thirdly, and this is the most important and glaring omission in XPlay’s press release: in spite of the above, the fact is that DataBlitz still went ahead and purchased a considerable quantity of NBA 2K13 stocks from XPlay as a gesture of goodwill towards XPlay, even knowing that they are still very new to the industry of console games, without any proven track record whatsoever to speak of along this front.

    However, it is the understanding of DataBlitz that XPlay is just another reseller of the game, and as we still live in a free country the last time we checked, DataBlitz reserves its right to buy stocks of the game from other sources, apart from XPlay, so long as these are legitimate, genuine, brand-new, original games, that are and always have been the hallmark of our product offerings to our customers.

    DataBlitz has been in the gaming industry for over 17 years now, and our record speaks for itself, we have always maintained a pristine reputation as the one reliable source for original and genuine games at reasonable prices. From the very beginning when piracy dominated the market 17 years ago and up to this day that we have been able to steadily educate our consumers (without harassing anyone) about buying and patronizing original games and software, we have remained steadfast in our core belief of looking after the welfare of the gaming public first and foremost.

    If there suddenly are now parties out there who see the vibrancy of the gaming industry as a way to profit immensely by using sham claims of being the only party that possesses “authorized” stocks (whatever that means) in order to shove overpriced games down the throats of the gaming public, this kind of modus is just against the core principles of DataBlitz and something we just cannot and will not go along with.

    At the end of the day, we have the welfare of our customers at heart, not the twisted desires of these opportunists. Even if it means this will be a lonely battle, as Monday’s events have shown that we were very obviously the only one unjustly and unreasonably singled out, we shall always remain as the one beacon of light and hope for gamers everywhere and carry on the good fight to stop such forms of profiteering through harassment.

  3. No prob. I usually don’t comment etc, but I think x-play’s move (and GMA’s mis-headlining the whole thing) left a terrible taste in my mouth.

    Anyway, goodluck to the local gaming industry after this fiasco 🙂

  4. what if like the statement said, Datablitz acquired their copies through unauthorized channels? I like their relatively low prices at DB for legit copies, but if they were acquired illegally, i think that’s not how I’d like to get my games. Sayang naman..

  5. i think the issue here is “black market” – which in here was labeled “unfair competition”. statements from both sides heard. now we wait and see the meat that lies behind each. imo, xplay’s complaint that lead to the raid is valid. such also goes with other companies officially representing “specific” products experiencing black market issues. on datablitz side, was just wondering why they weren’t officially representing despite that they mentioned being in the game selling business for so many years. all db has to do is show they were given rights to sell this product. on the other hand, xplay has to show they are officially appointed for distribution here. 🙂

  6. This is quite shocking for what happened between DB and xplay. I guess there should have been a better way to do it. I usually buy my original games on DB not because of the price but the availablity of the games and the only store that sells original for the longest time (that’s what i’m aware of). But if I think about it when Diablo 3 was released, I saw it everywhere. Well I have to thank Xplay for doing that marketing effort. I guess I understand why xplay had to do this. I guess it’s because of the price drop that DB did, I know its for us consumers but I also understand the effect of the pricedrop to other stores. Parang kwek-kwek, kung yung 4 na vendor 3 pesos each ang benta then yung 1 vendor mag benta ng 2.50 syempre magagalit yung 4 na vendor. Well let’s just hope they could settle this because for me, the more retailers, the more games to have.

  7. well I guess, this reflects the bad media practice that our country has right now, It creates bad publicity on both sides. xplay will suffer most, well indeed they are just protecting their rights and business, on the other hand, i cant accuse DB because they are been in the business for more than a decade and have already have its name as one of the leading distributor in gaming industry. It’s really more on business competition that i think can be settled down in a more peaceful way like in proper court…

  8. Datablitz should explain how they acquired the said software and present some documents that can support their explanation.

  9. DataBlitz should explain how they acquired the software and present some documents or evidences that can support their explanation.

  10. iwas muna bumili ng games sa mga shops na to.
    para maramdaman ng x-play ang galit ng mga pinoy gamers. hindi tama yang ginawa nila.

    X-Plays list of retailers.

    Diablo III

    iTech Trading
    F3 PCQuest
    F3 Warzone
    CyBr Network & Internet Cafe Webworx
    i-Quick Access Internet Kiosk Webworx
    F1 Computer shop/icafe
    Open Source
    RAC Computer Center
    Cyvilnet Internet Cafe
    Netmode Internet Cafe
    Niczac Internet Cafe
    Paf Internet Cafe
    Vogz Online
    North Pole Computer Shop
    Chill Inet Cafe
    Quantum Tech
    Mineski Gaming
    F3 Mineski Infinity
    F3 Gmick
    Digital Walker
    Beyond the Box
    Digital Hub
    Cebu Appliance Center
    Ed Cafe Kima Glass Company
    Battle Station
    Cyber City Ltd. Co.
    JRS Computer House
    Datalab Computer Systems – Malolos
    Datalab Computer Systems – Baliuag
    JLC School Mart
    Online Avenue
    Mai Mai Computers
    Atlantica Internet Cafe
    Game City – Holy Angel
    Game City 2 – AUF
    Netsomniac Internet Cafe
    Comsville Cyber Cafe
    PC Complex Dau Computer Center
    Project Zone Computer Services
    Microworld Computers
    PC Gilmore
    Game Gizmo

    Mists of Pandaria

    iTech Trading
    Game Gizmo

    NBA 2K13

    Game Xtreme
    Quagmire Ventures, Inc.
    Grand Gaisano
    Planet Toys
    Metro Gaisano
    Automatic Centre
    Toy Kingdom
    Toy Kingdom Express (SM Department Store)
    Toy Box (Robinsons Department Store)
    Lee Super Plaza
    iTech Trading
    SM Appliance
    Game Gizmo

  11. who the fuck is XPLAY ? i havent heard of this bunch of morons and i’ve been playing since 90’s where i first purchased my SC from datablitz makati.

    riding on ““free ride” on the good will and marketing excitement established by XPlay”, are these retarded we beaurocrats been gaming at all ? veteran gamers don’t rely on hypes or marketing gimmickry …the rep of game production and the series of games is what makes us purchase, so marketing non-gaming dimwits, with or without your hype we will or will not buy … u think u can fool us from buying games we dont like?

    Datablitz has been the retailer for ORIG games, and this distributorship of XPlay was only meant to rake in profits for XPlay … controlling the goods so YOU idjits can control the price. Think again retards, we can buy expensive consoles, we also have access to buying these games abroad. push that xplay stickered local CDs up your access we gamers wont buy it.

    low move. u deserve ur own womit.

  12. @Mark Jon “I don’t blame xplay! Next time DB should not smuggle anyamore”

    learn how to read facts dumbass or be prepared to eat the contracts. ALL game ORIG CDs pass through PHL Customs and tax paid.

    the issue is about distributorship, not smuggling or fake CDs dimwit. go back sucking your nanny.

  13. ^ Yeah, I heard xplay pulling some PR consultants to infiltrate famous sites, like this one to damage control. These people might be one of them

    Regarding the fair competition, it’s somewhat Ironic. I remember with diablo, the so called “official” local copies are a couple of dollars higher than the original price. Pano bababa yung presyo eh yung “official” distributor ang laki ng patong.

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