The Galleon.PH is like our own local ThinkGeek online store

UPDATE: Why The Galleon is expensive

Ever wished us folks from the Philippines could order stuff from ThinkGeek? Unfortunately their amazing geeky furniture, toys, appliances, knick knacks and doodads can’t make it into our local shores due to the site’s shipping / transaction restrictions.

Well guess what? We now have a local store for discerning geeks (like you and me!) that sell off-center merchandise which we otherwise would not be able to bring in. Like these anti-gravity boots for PHP 10,xxx.

The Galleon is founded by Christian Blanquera and the store’s concept is social by nature as it allows the customers to choose what items to bring in. In an interview with The Bobbery, a web magazine that highlights excellence in the Philippine tech scene, Christian says that:

We think this project is pretty unique in that we are selling products not originally available here. The products we sell are ever growing because it’s the social community that really builds the store, based on what they truly want. We are trying to make this into a social experience and experiment.

At the moment, payment method is limited to credit card purchases and processed using PayPal. The site is on public alpha.

What are you waiting for? Check their current collection of goods out now. Also, this beer bottle leg holster is amazing:

9 responses to “The Galleon.PH is like our own local ThinkGeek online store”

  1. Bruiser says:

    If you look at the site’s source code it is just a link of, I’m surprised you would even regard this as a “local” ThinkGeek, which is sad because all their items are 35% more expensive than Amazon which actually turns out to be cheaper ifyou just directly purchase from Amazon.

  2. Jeffrey Siy says:

    Hi Buiser, Jeff here at We souce products from the US by going through several US suppliers. Items are indeed more expensive provided that the price already includes shipping within Metro Manila (provincial soon to come), customs and taxes and other fees. We believe that the prices are fair considering that we provide a convenient way of shipping unique items from the US to your doorstep with just one click of a button in just 15 days.

    I would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have at

  3. Jeffrey Siy says:

    We now have Aisapay as payment gateway. Now you can pay via credit card, GCash and Smart Money

  4. Adrian says:

    I agree with Bruiser. The prices are too expensive. The google nexus 7 32 GB is locally available for 14,000. Galleon sells it at more than 16,000 for the 16GB. Too overpriced in my opinion

  5. Andy says:

    I just wish they won’t sell computer parts like cases, etc. The price they put for example on the NZXT Phantom 410 or nVidia HAF X is many times over too pricey even with customs, etc. Overprice is even an understatement! Comparing it to local market price and also neighboring countries’ prices, it’s like a 300% – 400% increase.

  6. Jeffrey Siy says:

    @Adrian If you see a price here that is cheaper we suggest you go for that. We try to lower down the prices as much as possible but some are still able to provide a lower price for several reasons.

    @Andy The reason it’s expensive is because it’s bulky to ship. Again, if it’s available here, you should buy it here. We specialize on items not available in the Philippines

  7. nate says:

    Hi .. I’m texting you now..I want to personally hand you my downpayment for a pre order of leap motion and maybe chrome cast.. even if it’s indeed expensive.. I just want my order to be delivered as early as possible. in your site …it stated that your office hours is from 9am to 12 midnight?

  8. […] of my older posts has been getting a lot of attention lately. Back in July last year, I wrote about The Galleon, a new online store that delivers products very similar to ThinkGeek. It’s been more than a […]

  9. RJ says:

    Moto X is very expensive! The price is around 34-41k pesos! Hopefully there are other sellers that can match that price. 🙁

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