How to make your own “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” Meme

72 thoughts on “How to make your own “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” Meme”

  1. Jayvee
    Floood…very insensitive. 1000+ dead and 1000+ missing. 200T misplaced. The pictures are of dead kids, bloated and mangled. The whole city is in tatters and almost decimated. They never had a chance to celebrate christmas. Have a heart, man. Theres a million other catchphrases, please exclude flood for now.

  2. I already downloaded the font, and now I dont know how to do it next… Gusto ko sanang ilagay sya sa Word and Powerpoint 2003 kaso hindi ako marunong. HELP!

  3. Share this in my fb status, thanks. I’ll be experimenting on my own meme too. Way to keep the fun and excitement rolling!!

  4. astig…. cool…
    pagpatuloy nui lang poh ang pag aadvertise ng ating bansa..

    pa2nay lang ne2 na marami pa ding magagandang anyo.. sa ating bansa kahit na madaming nangyayaring pangit sa anyo ng ating bansa,!!!

    I LOVE PINAS !!!

  5. This is totally inspiring and Fun… I got here while browsing the official ItsmorefuninthePhilippines site.
    I’m a bit late in joining the morefuninthephilippines euphoria but thanks to this tutorial – will also upload my own posters soon.

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