I’m giving away 3 really epic bags from Crumpler. Join my contest!

First off, I’d like to thank Charlie for sponsoring this giveaway to the readers. Crumpler has been really generous — they’re giving away three quality bags courtesy of ABL. I’ve been a long time Crumpler user, owning an assortment of bags and accessories (like this branded Crumpler toilet paper). I can attest to Crumpler’s durability, especially during the rainy season. I once had a 12″ messenger bag from Crumpler for my iBook that survived rainfall and being dropped in the mud. True Story.

Before we go on to the contest rules, let me show you the prizes:

1st Prize – The Pinnacle of Horror – P 4,950
2nd Prize – The Kazoo – P 1,850
3rd Prize – The Carrot – P 950

The Pinnacle of Horror

There’s nothing horrific about The Pinnacle of Horror, Crumpler’s latest mainstream messenger bag for all your gadgets. Just look at it. Marvel at all the gadgets and doodads you can stuff inside. It will even fit your cat.

Loads of style. Loads of space. Loads of uses. With its distinctive fold-top opening, integrated padded sleeve for up to a 15-inch laptop and plentiful internal and external pockets, the soft on the inside/tough on the outside Pinnacle of Horror switches from work mode to play mode as fast as you can.

Top opening main compartment with full width zippered internal pocket and padded 15-inch laptop sleeve with velcro closure
Vertical opening zippered front pocket
Full width zippered rear compartment with pocket organiser
Reinforced side accessory loop

Tough but tender, the bag’s lining is made from soft to touch ‘peached’ polyester, and patterned with heat embossed Crumpler wallpaper.

The bag’s roll-top opening features a combination of clasp and zipper closure. You get extra security when you want it, and extra fast access when you don’t.

The Pinnacle’s 38mm wide strap and removable shoulder pad distribute weight evenly, while its tri-glide buckle lets you adjust the strap length to ensure the bag sits right where you want it.

Made from water resistant materials, the bag features a waterproof roll-top opening and YKK water resistant zippers for maximum protection in wet weather.

We construct the Pinnacle of Horror with ultra durable materials and reinforce the joining and/or stitching on all stress points. That’s why it carries Crumpler’s famous lifetime guarantee.

The Kazoo

The Kazoo is compact but spacious enough to fit your smaller gadgets strung around your body. It fits snug and tight especially when you’re active or on the road on your bike. You’ll always find something to place inside The Kazoo.

Compact and multipurpose, The Kazoo’s form is reminiscent of a New York based hip hop band of the early 2000’s. Its uses are as numerous as the bands song titles are imaginative, but don’t let that throw you. Designed as a secure and easily accessible travel bag for your documentation and valuables, the Kazoo also excels when carried across the shoulders, lending itself perfectly to cycling. Internally there’s enough space for your wallet, keys, passport and travel documents or a bike repair kit, spare inner tube and some light sustenance.

Zippered main compartment with internal velcro fastened pocket
Concealed full width zippered rear pocket
To help wick away perspiration, the rear of the bag features Air Mesh padding.

The rear reflector helps the bag and the person carrying it stay highly visible after dark.

The bag outer is made from water resistant materials and features hooded external zipper on the main compartment.

The Carrot

It’s the best looking pencil case I’ve ever seen. And more. Wave The Carrot in front of anyone to incite their curiosity. It fits pencils. It carries pens. It can even carry money. You need this.

Pens… pencils… highlighters… markers… at the stationery shop they all look so neat and well behaved. Take them home, or anywhere else, and they instantly start going AWOL. So take control. Show them who’s boss. Zip them into a Crumpler Carrot pencil case.

Let your Carrot free-bag, or attach it to a key ring or even the accessory loop on another Crumpler.

The Carrot outer shell and interior lining are both made from water resistant materials.

We construct the Carrot with a single piece of ultra durable material and reinforce the joining and/or stitching on all stress points. That’s why it carries Crumpler’s famous lifetime guarantee.


1. Participants must write a haiku about why they think Crumpler is cool. Entries must be written in the comments section of this blog (you can use both Facebook comments plugin and the regular blog comments section; I’ll read them all). For the sake of definition I am defining a haiku as a short poem consisting of three lines. The first line has 5 syllables. The second line has 7 syllables. The third line has 5 syllables.


Colorful, playful!
Crumpler bags are versatile,
Protects all my gear.

2. This contest is open to people living in the Philippines. However, if you are not from Manila you will need to personally pick up your prize from the Crumpler Store in Bonifacio High Street, Fort Global City Taguig.

3. Please include valid name and email in your entries. You can join multiple times but only win once. Winners are to be determined by myself with consultation from the sponsors but final decisions will be made by me. Again here are the prizes:

1st Prize – The Pinnacle of Horror – P 4,950
2nd Prize – The Kazoo – P 1,850
3rd Prize – The Carrot – P 950

4. Contest will run from October 3 to 11:59 PM of October 9 2011.

6. If for some reason there are contentions / issues with the contest, I reserve the right to take appropriate actions. All decisions are final.


124 responses to “I’m giving away 3 really epic bags from Crumpler. Join my contest!”

  1. Ronin says:

    Crumpler is comfy
    It hugs me; I’m worry-free
    Everywhere I go

  2. yen says:

    Chic, Schnazzy, Stylish
    How can someone resist you?
    Crumpler please be mine

  3. Joy Mesina-Bahia says:

    Lately, these strong rains
    Make me wish for a Crumpler
    One that is as strong!


  4. All gadgets of mine,
    All would fit on the kazoo,
    For they are all few.

  5. This small space
    the crumpler carrot possess
    Meets more than I need.

  6. Jungle of gadgets,
    My pinnacle of horror!
    Oh! Just my crumpler.

  7. Sundyne says:

    Master of Coolness,
    Carrier of my gadgets,
    Crumpler all the way.

  8. Clair says:

    You can trust Crumpler
    To protect from sun and rain
    All our belongings.

  9. Clair says:

    Geek, techie and all
    Love Crumpler because it’s strong
    Use it forever

  10. eyronn says:

    bags for everyone
    it suits your need and lifestyle
    get a crumpler now

  11. Ambot says:

    Oh Master Crumpler!
    Wanting to have you badly!
    Please be with me now.

  12. Noypi says:

    You can surely brag
    That you got the style and swag
    If Crumpler’s your bag

  13. Gadgets are not wet
    My stuff is nice and comfy
    I love my Crumpler

  14. eyronn says:

    haiku, ay naku
    bag na todong todo
    crumpler bag ito

  15. Crumpler bag’s a whale,
    oozing with pure awesomeness
    right up to its tail.

  16. Behold the Crumpler!
    so big, to an ant it is
    indeed, A Horror!

  17. a vegetarian
    if offered a Crumpler bag
    would go eat chicken

  18. Home of my device,
    Barrier of my notebooks,
    Crumpler the stickman!

  19. Safe from all dangers,
    Devices are delighted,
    Thanks to my crumpler.

  20. Ferdinand Angeles says:

    Traveler, lensman,
    Encoder or messenger?
    Crumpler has your bag.

  21. Ferdinand Angeles says:

    When it rains, it pours
    I know and I am ready
    My bag is Crumpler.

  22. Ferdinand Angeles says:

    Tough, dependable.
    Bold but hides many secrets…
    Not Batman, Crumpler!

  23. Jeanne Christine N. Ramos says:

    More than just a bag,
    Cool and trendy companion,
    Worth every peso.

  24. Jeanne Christine N. Ramos says:

    Rain, mud, pollution,
    My Crumpler bag will withstand,
    Lasts for a lifetime.

  25. Jeanne Christine N. Ramos says:

    Regal and fancy,
    A haven for my treasures,
    I shall perish first.

  26. Those beers in my place,
    I will trade for a crumpler,
    Coz’ they are better.

  27. A bag from Crumpler,
    I will treasure forever,
    Crumpler believer!

  28. Toby Floro says:

    I love my crumpler
    Crumpler crumples my papers
    Uncrumple them then

  29. Toby Floro says:

    The spacious Crumpler
    Outer space does not exist
    Only the inner

  30. Ambot says:

    What else can you ask
    In a bag for all your tasks
    Crumpler is a must

  31. gherhald says:

    Crumpler, want to have,
    keep my things in safe,
    from generous one.

  32. Endured all weathers,
    Knocked out all the Mayweathers,
    Don’t mess with Crumpler!

  33. Maria Lea says:

    Super durable,
    Crumpler bags are so cool,
    So dependable.

  34. Maria Lea says:

    Carrot, or Kazoo
    Or Pinnacle of Horror,
    Be mine! Oh, be mine!

  35. Maria Lea says:

    Get crazy, get wild,
    With a Crumpler, you got style
    It sets the bar high

  36. Maria Lea says:

    Travel near or far,
    With Crumpler bags anytime,
    Get hip, strut in style!

  37. Maria Lea says:

    Go west, east, north, south!
    With a Crumpler at your back,
    Take a walk, get wild!

  38. ^^^Revised^^^

    If mountains have trees
    and great oceans have corals,
    Gadgets have Crumplers!

  39. JJ Rimando says:

    JJ Rimando

    Unos at bagyo,
    magunaw man ang mundo,
    Bunker loob mo.

    hindi maintindihan.
    Ang ganda mo lang.

    Laman ay buhay,
    Araw-araw ay gamit.
    Kapag wala…s**t.

    Maliit tignan,
    kulelat sa pintasan,
    astig sa exams.

  40. Ambot says:

    I think it’s so cool
    Having Crumpler bag at school
    Tell me I’m a fool

  41. Ambot says:

    I think it’s so cool
    Having Crumpler bag at school
    My friends will sure drool

  42. tinaps says:

    For work or for play
    Protection is guaranteed
    Crumpler, I feel safe

  43. tinaps says:

    Stylish and comfy
    A head turner for the swag
    A bag you can brag

  44. tinaps says:

    Sturdy protector
    Fashionably fabulous
    Crumpler is sublime!

  45. tinaps says:

    Durable, Stylish
    Crumpler protects my gadgets
    worth every penny

  46. tinaps says:

    Logical design,
    Trusted brand we all admire
    Made for everyone

  47. tinaps says:

    by the way, my name if tina atienza. i just read the mechanics and thought if nicknames would be valid. hehehe.

  48. Jeffrey John Imutan says:

    Here, There, Anywhere.
    Gadgets, Gizmos, Clothes and Shoes.
    Crumpler Bags I Use.

  49. Jeffrey John Imutan says:

    Wherever You are,
    In an ever changing world.
    Crumpler is ageless

  50. Crumpler bag it is!
    Fashionably terrific,
    Only one for me!


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