Nintendo announces the Wii U

EDIT: It looks like there really is a new console. But the focus of the E3 announcement is on the Wii U (FACT SHEET). Seems likely as the graphics shown for some of hte games don’t seem to run on Wii GPU’s.

Part iPad. Part controller. Part console. Count on the Japanese to boggle my mind. I have no idea if this is a console or a controller. Coming 2012.

Jeff Cannatta of TRS speaks the same thought:

UPDATE: The new console:

  • Joyce

    I read somewhere that there won’t be a Wii and that Nintendo’s next generation console will be entirely different. It confused me that they announced this.

  • Jayvee Fernandez

    well, it is entirely different! LOLZ

  • Arbet

    That’s the controller. That contains a console. But there’s a console somewhere. I know, it is puzzling.

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