ASUS Transformer Official Philippines Launch: SRP PHP 29,995 with keyboard

27 thoughts on “ASUS Transformer Official Philippines Launch: SRP PHP 29,995 with keyboard”

  1. The transformer is selling at 399.99 and the keyboard at 149.99 in the US.At 43 pesos per dollar, it is equivalent to 23,650; while here it will be 29,995. Seems unfair.

  2. That is if you can find one. It took weeks for me to find one available. I just got lucky that someone posted in a forum that I was hanging out at that there were some available at a local store.

  3. Hey JV,

    Correction. i got it for about U$500, and not HK499 as stated in ur blog. if i knew its available in the Philippines, i would’ve just bought it here specially if they have a 0% installment plan.

    Nonetheless, I love my new transformer.

  4. When will the transformer hit local stores?!? I’m ready to buy and I’ve been visiting stores around the metro but to no avail…..:( can anybody relay the official release date in the Philippines?!? THANKS!!

  5. Can it transfer files like movies downloaded directly from the Asus eee going to an external hard drive?

  6. I hear it doesn’t support ad-hoc wifi tethering. A limitation all android phones share.

    Still, I love this device. 🙂

  7. Will ASUS ever release a 3G counterpart for this? That is something to look forward to. 🙂

  8. I literally can’t wait for this device to come out in retail stores. I am DEFINITELY going to buy one! 🙂 I’ll use this for my last year at college! 😀

  9. i bought this last June 30,,, together with Acer Iconia A500 as a gift to my wife… the gadgets looks cool. android version equipped with 3.0.1 and still waiting for both tabs update to 3.1.

  10. Too expensive! It’s only $350 dollars in the U.S. plus tax…but they’re selling the 16gb model here for the 32gb price. It’s supposed to be a full hundred dollars cheaper than the base model of iPad2. Fail! Waiting for the Galaxy Tab 10.1! Go Samsung!!!

  11. Got my asus transformer on the first day of launch in the US, got the last in stock at frys:-P….and bought my sleeve in Macau when i was there 2 wks ago:-D

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