Geek Orgasm Trifecta: Sandy Bridge. Portal 2. Sixense Motion Sticks

9 thoughts on “Geek Orgasm Trifecta: Sandy Bridge. Portal 2. Sixense Motion Sticks”

  1. Hi Jayvee, 😀

    On a totally unrelated note, would you know when we’re getting the NoDo update for WP7 here in the Philippines? I’ve been checking for updates everyday and wala pa rin eh. Thanks.


  2. good question! i also don’t know but hopefully soon. i always thought the update would happen simultaneously but i guess not. AT&T is getting theirs april pa daw. baka sabay?

  3. Thanks for the reply, ikaw lang kase ibang kilala ko using WP7 here. Haha. But yea, yung naririnig ko baka sa April nga daw. Thanks again.

  4. Yea. 🙂 haha. Pero my friends who have iPhones are impressed with the WP7, ganda lang eh. I still use my iPhone din, only because of Instagram. Wala pa kaseng maganda talagang magandang photosharing sa WP7.

  5. I actually asked Johnny Benitez on Facebook about NoDo. Hahaha. He got it already. 🙁 Must be because I’m using the Windows Phone Connector for Mac.

  6. It’s just my assumption, but it could be the reason. Sobrang minority na tayo. Windows Phone 7 users on a Mac. Hahaha

    We’ll get it soon I’m sure. 😀

  7. Hi Jayvee, got my NoDo update na. Small world, friend mo pala sina Luis and nagcontribute ka rin pala for UNO. Yey!

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