This is THE Book =)

30 Pages (15 spreads) of my Underwater Photo Collection (Volume 1)
10 x 20 inches per spread

  • Lia

    Ooooh purty. How much did it cost? :)

  • NemOry

    sir I saw this post on your fb wall:
    To those going to Bacolod for the games, drop by The
    Ruins in Talisay for a relaxing
    afternoon with merienda and mini
    golf =) The tour guides are also
    capable photographers and will
    know how to handle your camera for the best shots!

    So this means nakapunta kna din ba sa Ruins or Talisay?hehe

  • Messie

    Nicely made! Congrats Jayvee! :)

  • Zen

    Congrats Jayv! :D

  • Vicente I. Ferrer

    Congrats po….

  • Ferdinand A.

    Cute ni Nemo

  • Jayvee Fernandez

    @LIA umm PHP 12,000.00 =)

    But this was part of a “book deal” for our diving club. They have cheaper ones at PHP2k lang. Check out the website!

  • Noypi

    amazing… saving for a DSLR… would like to have my shots compiled to something like this…

    pero medyo mahal… :(


  • kassy

    naks! congrats :)

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