HTC Mozart: How to set up your Windows Phone 7 device

EDIT: I heard from someone in the industry that Windows Phone 7 devices issued in Asia are not SIM locked. So I tested it. It’s true: a telco issued WP7 device is “open line” and not locked to a provider (i.e. you can stick a SUN Cellular SIM into the SMART-issued WP7 device and it will run just fine). This is actually very interesting news.

It’s been almost a week with the HTC Mozart, the very first Windows Phone 7 in the country. Unlike others who have appropriated their WP7 devices outside the telcos, this is actually the very first official release in the country. If you open the battery, there’s a SMART Communications sticker pasted onto the circuit board. I purchased the phone under my retention plan with SMART under my regular plan 2500 but had to shell out a bit of cash (with a discount). Apparently I am the first customer in the country who has availed of this via retention. Total cash out: PHP 5750.00 not bad considering the unit costs about PHP 30,000.00. Well, that’s the price you pay for being an “early adopter.” I’m sure in the coming months we will see much cheaper handsets in the same way Android phones are releasing units at a 10k price point.

So here’s what I did. And when you do get a similar WP7 device, you can use this step by step guide to get started.

It’s actually pretty self explanatory (figured it out mostly by myself) but since this is a new platform, you may need a hand to hold:

After removing the plastic that separates the battery from the contact points (yep, got fooled here — you need to open the unit even if you think the battery is inside) I inserted my SIM and charged the device via USb cable.

Turn off data (Settings -> System -> Cellular -> Data Connection ON/OFF). Unless you have a previous plan that uses unlimited data, i highly suggest you turn it off lest you succumb to data overcharging (like what a lot of iPhone users experience under Globe).

* If you’re on SMART postpaid, you can simply text UNLI 1200 to 211 if you’re on a higher postpaid plan to avail of one month Internet. If you have an open line device, Globe has a similar thing.

Your “address book” which is known as “People” will most likely be based on the following items:

a. GMail Contacts
b. Outlook Contacts
c. Yahoo / Hotmail Contacts
d. Facebook

If you’re using a Nokia, you can simply sync your phone to your computer and export the contacts via vCard to your PC. Then import to your Address Book.

If you own a Mac, it’s the same thing: export your Address Book contacts to vCard (do not use Archive export. Instead, “select all” then export to a target directory).

* There is an awesome native Mac client from Microsoft. Download here. It’s cool because it merely acts as a conduit for syncing iTunes and iPhoto so there’s no need to reconfigure anything!

Attach your Facebook account. (Settings -> System -> Email and Accounts)

WHAT!? You don’t have Facebook?! Well that’s awkward… WP7 makes use of Facebook A LOT. So if you aren’t on Facebook, this phone probably isn’t for you!

Windows Phone 7 uses Facebook as your priority “people” directory for contacts. The phone will work without Facebook as you can sync your other address books but believe me you can do so much more with a Facebook sync.

It will take several minutes to sync so leave your phone alone and i dunno …. read the damn manual!

Link your other accounts. In my case I use 2 other GMail accounts, my Live ID (Hotmail) and Yahoo! email.

Create a Windows Live ID. If you have an XBOX Live ID, this will do. If you have a Games for Windows ID, this will do as well. If you have Hotmail, this will do. If none, go to or to get a login.

Change your country of origin to USA / UK. This is one of the bummers of Windows Phone 7 if you’re in the Philippines. You will not be able to download apps if you aren’t on a Marketplace supported country. No worries, it’s easy to do. (From the phone go to Settings -> Region and Language -> System Locale -> United States). I kept Region Format to PH.


Battery life is a bit of a let down. I got a maximum of 7 hours with regular use. Most of the time I got 6. So the workaround is that you really need to keep this thing plugged when you’re at your desk OR buy a portable charging solution. I opted for the latter: I bought a Porta Power charger that packs 3000mAh. Got it from Digital Walker for PHP2,500.00 (excluding discount).

Make sure you also buy a screen protector. I was worried that there would be none available but yay to Digital Walker for having one for less than PHP300.00. They have both for the HD7 and Mozart. No carrying case for the latter though.

If you have questions about Windows Phone 7, I’d be glad to answer based on my experience.

Disclosure: I am not an employee of Microsoft, but I do help them with various community projects.

21 responses to “HTC Mozart: How to set up your Windows Phone 7 device”

  1. Markki says:

    How do we setup the APN? I just cant get my mobile connections (Data, MMS, etc) to work

  2. Rey says:

    I’ve been using LG Optimus 7 since Nov. I trade-in my HD2 in a Singapore shop.

    My locale is the Phils since day 1. But I can download apps every now and then.

  3. Event Lover says:

    me too !! sana magkaron dn aq nyan .. 🙂

  4. Xtian says:

    Congrats on your WP7 Phone 🙂

    You can change the settings on the People panel to “Synch only SIM contacts” (or something like that, too lazy to check) to show only contacts that you have phone numbers of. This trimmed down my “People” list from 500+ to like, 200+

    I really wanted a Mozart but the HD7’s screen just was too much of a temptation 🙂

    P.S. Try the wordpress app on it, it’s a gem to use

  5. Jerry says:

    my question is sir, giveaway din po ba yan…hehehe…whoooaaa htc mozart, the sirround sound and the xenon flash….WOW

  6. @jerry talking to microsoft so hopefully they raffle something =)

  7. @xtian

    yep i like the WP app!!!

  8. NemOry says:

    winphone7 talaga da best OS for me….best interface…

  9. Noypi Kapalmukz 2.0 says:

    galing! saw you po pala sa Born to be Wild awhile ago… 😀

  10. thank you! hope you enjoyed the show =)

  11. NemOry says:

    wow? What channel po ba yun?kung nsa cable e sure wla kmi cable.haha

  12. Noypi Kapalmukz 2.0 says:

    @Nem0ry sa Kapuso network lang po after Saksi the other day… 😀

  13. NemOry says:

    talaga?GMA pla?sayang d q nkta e, .sana mg post c sir Jayvee mga scheds nya sa TV. .Haha

  14. eclipse says:

    @nemory nagpost si sir jayvee before nya inanounce ung nanalo ng ng Acer Ferrari Laptop

  15. sherwood says:

    sana magkaroon din ako.. ahahaha

  16. BrianH says:

    Jayvee: After changing your region setting to US, can you also download paid apps?

  17. with an international credit card yes you can

    i honestly think they should allow you to buy credit via XBOX live cards. i mean, they sell these in datablitz anyway.

  18. Dan says:

    HI Jayvee, 😀

    I just got my Mozart as well. How do I sync my iPhone contacts to WP7? I’m a Mac user btw. So I don’t know if it makes it complicated. I exported my address book to vcf na. 🙂

  19. […] HTC Mozart: How to set up your Windows Phone 7 device […]

  20. hi dan,

    i did the same with my nokia phone synced to my mac address book. do you use gmail or outlook? what i did was to select the whole addy book and exported them to individual cards and then imported them into gmail contacts. from there, i added gmail to sync with the phone together with facebook 🙂

  21. April says:

    I can’t connect to 3g using my sun broadband sim. Sun is asking what are the config settings but I can’t find it.

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