And thus I greet you all …

Christmas Tree Worm
Spirobranchus giganteus
Taken in Dari Laut Wreck
Anilao, Batangas

The worms’s most distinct features are the two “crowns” that are shaped like Christmas-trees. These “crowns” are actually highly modified prostomial palps which are specialized mouth appendages of the worm. Each spiral is actually composed of feather-like tentacles called radioles, which are heavily ciliated which allows any prey that are trapped in them to be transported straight towards the worm’s mouth. While they are primarily feeding structures, S. giganteus also uses its radioles for respiration. It is because of this that the structures are commonly called “gills”. [Wikipedia]

  • Eduardo G.

    i’m excited for next year :D

  • Camille

    …that’s… a worm?! WTH :))

  • Andrew

    nice worm… does it come with silver bells and christmas balls too? :) merry christmas to all.

  • skysenshi

    Merry Christmas! :D That’s a beautiful worm… Oro?

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