Played with the Galaxy Tab. Pretty neat!

12 thoughts on “Played with the Galaxy Tab. Pretty neat!”

  1. How’s the camera? Is it as good as the Galaxy S’?

    I read Carlos Celdran will be designing a tour using this for the launch.

  2. it’s a bit weird to take photos because it’s really big. in terms of quality OK naman sya. i only took a few shots but from the looks of it mas OK pa yung galaxy S. i could be wrong. we were in a low light area kasi.

  3. Whoa! It almost looks like an iPad. The only Apple product I really like is the Macbook. Other than that, I think there are better products out in the market than what Steve Jobs sells. For his iPod, I prefer the Philips Go Gear. For his iPad, I prefer the Amazon Kindle (serious bookworms will not want backlit interfaces). And I think I am more inclined to purchase what you just posted, the Galaxy Tab. Although based on what you said about the camera, I think I will just get myself a Galaxy S.

    Thanks for this post!

  4. Was impressed with the Tab also! What’s up with Apple and Adobe, will they ever resolve it… like Air not having Flash preinstalled, I think it’s stupid… maybe just me though.

  5. Ey, this looks like a cool new toy! 🙂

    But I have a question though. Have you tried the Nook ebook reader yet? I’ve read more than a couple of reviews but they’re mostly coming from foreign tech review companies. I’m very interested in finding out how a Pinoy finds Nook. Please do post a review if you get to play with one. Thanks 😉

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