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  1. Brilliant Jayvee. Thank you for this post.

    I would have to say that blogging is in its birth stages still. Advertisers are in a rush to get into it because it is THE wave of the future. But in reality, Many do not know about it. Many know about it but do not understand it (or just overanalyze it.)

    So even 4 years after (as stated in the anecdote), blog advertising is STILL in it’s birth pain stages. There are lots to learn and lots to unlearn and it takes time…

    Just keep calm. SMILE. Be clear about your objectives. Learn more about the advertiser. Learn more about bloggers. And more importantly, strive to always be better at your craft 🙂

  2. Hi Jayvee,

    CLAP CLAP CLAP! Very well said. You were there? Cy and I were there too. A lot of people roughed it last night–It was not a very well planned out event–clients, advertisers, bloggers, models, personalities, media people all had to patiently stand up and see how the night will pan out–no one did the diva thing and expected a VIP treatment–not even the very pretty mother-daughter tandem Pia and Maxene — I reckon there’s nothing more to expect no?. I am going to blog about the event but in my own creative way–as a date for me and Cy while he monitored the buffet — so much more positive and interesting rather than waging a war hehe

    See you soon! We should have our monthly thing w/ Didi and Anton hahaha

    Kai 🙂

  3. Note: Be brazen. Brazen is an adjective not a verb.

    “Change your template also.”

    Why is it always the template? Isn’t traffic growth more important? Isn’t reader demographics more relevant?

    Let’s be honest. Bloggers do not become popular because they can compete with journalists in terms of professionalism. They become relevant when their blogs begin to get noticed. That’s all the PR people need from you–to spread the word. Now, a journalist or a celebrity writes a blog; that’s another matter. Blogs become mere extensions of their personalities. An anonymous blogger depends solely on his reach and the type of people he reaches.

    Don’t think dahil uso last year ang blogging, magiging uso pa rin ngayon yan. I think companies who have tried out blog advertising have come out disappointed (I only have anecdotal evidence on this) because of the low returns, and they have become wiser. Stop being naive and please stop over-hyping blogs and instead try to really work on your content and your readership. It’s not just about having a blog. Even a three-year-old can write a blog. It’s still about what you write.

  4. interesting that you’re the only one to point out the use of “brazen” vs “brazened.” in old books, they interchanged this use. i first encountered the word reading the Iliad (or was it the Aeneid?)

  5. Amen.

    Mabuhay ka Jayvee!

    Isa ka na ngang alamat!

    Humanda sila. Malapit na rin yata akong maging relevant sa aming baryo. Bwahahaha!

  6. Very WELL said jayvee!!

    hanep ka talaga magsulat!!!


    I’ll repost this on my blog ah!!

    Inspiring as hell!!


  7. Brazen is both an adjective and verb, according to WordWeb. You can use “be” before an adjective, as in “be confident,” “be brave.” Template drives traffic growth and demographics?

    Tarugoman: lol!

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