TORQUE D100 Review: Cheapest Dual SIM Mobile at P3,799

Written by Jayvee Fernandez


There is that notion of “cheap” being nothing more than that. However, the D100 from TORQUE (successful China debut phone) is actually impressive! This is an example of a truly kick ass phone — it just so happens to be cheap, but there are small things TORQUE paid attention to that made a huge difference in the overall product.

Full review of the D100 afte the jump. I swear, this could be your next el-cheapo wonder!


If I were to summarize three good experiences with the D100 apart from the dual SIM feature, these would be: ultra loud audio, easy to use interface and easy to learn SMS input. Perhaps the biggest complaint I have with the unit would be the small keys for the 5-way directional pad. But as you can see from the photos, the real estate for the numerical keypad is actually spacious.



D100 Highlights
The D100 powers on quickly – about 4 seconds after holding the end call key, you’re good to go. You’ll be quick to notice the loud audio upon powering up the device. Moving forward, one of the things I found interesting with the D100 is its miniUSB everything compatibility. The charging is miniUSB and get this, the end of the headphones are miniUSB as well, giving you with one port for everything.

The D100 comes with a 1.3MP camera. I did some comparison shots vs the Nokia E71 and as you can see from the image, there is a bit of blur and saturation in the high quality mode of the D100. There are two modes for shooting – auto and night mode but another added bonus is timer mode which you can customize to go off whenever.

Nokia E71 Camera Quality


TORQUE D100 Camera Quality


You might say that it is rather unfair to compare the E71 to a TORQUE, but really, the E71 isn’t known for its camera. 🙂

Above is an example of how loud the audio / built in MP3 player is.



For less than P5,000 you get a really good music phone with microSD memory expansion capabilities. Sad that you can’t use generic earphones, but the stock miniUSB pipes are too tacky to ignore. The TORQUE D100 also comes with an FM radio, FM radio recorder, video recorder, Bluetooth, GPRS network compatibility — and yes don’t forget DUAL SIM BABY!

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