Left 4 Dead: Rally for Philippine Steam community

I’m slowly becoming a convert to huge digital downloads. I wasn’t a big fan of torrents because of my relatively slow connection but the recent news that Left 4 Dead might not be available on retail for the PC in Datablitz (it might be available elsewhere) made me shell out cash instead for a digital copy through Steam. It took me about 36 hours to download, but it was well worth it. I’m able to backup games as well onto a portable hard drive in case I reformat.

L4D is THE game that brings together a montage of the best of zombie horror flicks, reminiscent from the fast “infected” zombies of 28 Days Later. And I’ve been playing. A lot.

What makes buying games off Steam more interesting is that I get to interact with old high school friends from the US who aren’t into the Facebook craze. Steam is fantastic – a digital download mechanism for games that incorporates its own “social networking” and copyright protection.

it works pretty much the way a social network would – every profile lists the games purchased, what game they are currently playing, how many hours clocked in and you can even invite friends into your current game lobby. Steam also has an integrated VoIP solution, a must have for most Source engine powered games like Half Life, Counter Strike, Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress 2.

Anyone else playing Left 4 Dead or Team Fortress 2 from the Philippines? Add me up — the zombie apocalypse is more fun with friends!! My SteamID is “The Lolmower Man” and you can find my profile at http://steamcommunity.com/id/thejayvee.

P.S. I can run Steam on my Mac using Crossover. Hah! (See screenshot)

  • http://www.mikegotgame.com Mike

    Left 4 Dead might not be available on retail for the PC in Datablitz?! That’s pretty much a deal breaker for me. I would always choose brick and mortar over digital downloads. A physical copy makes me feel more secure.

    Sometimes, disaster can strike and the downloads are lost forever.

    Sayang, this should be fun sana. Shame na wala sa PS3 so I could rent it. :(

  • http://digitalsinigang.blogspot.com/ egarayblas

    Jayvs, is it possible to play online with you if I have the XBox 360 version? Been playing this game for days now and I’m hooked as well! :)

  • http://www.jayveefernandez.com Jayvee

    yeah you can but PC and XBOX players can’t play together :(

  • http://digitalsinigang.blogspot.com/ egarayblas

    Bummer. :(

  • http://www.mikegotgame.com Mike

    I think you should be thankful that the PC and Xbox 360 gamers don’t get to play together hehe. :P The 360 players would be clobbered.

  • http://digitalsinigang.blogspot.com/ egarayblas

    That is, if you’re planning to play the versus mode. I don’t. ;)

  • http://www.codeweavers.com Jon Parshall

    Glad the game is running for you under CrossOver on Steam.

    Best Wishes,

    -jon parshall-

  • panunch

    I got a pc copy two days ago in datablitz greenhills. Before I got a physical copy in data blitz, I was also contemplating to buy a copy from steam. IMO, having a physical copy is great. You don’t need to download the whole game to install it!

  • http://www.jayveefernandez.com Jayvee

    john – a beautiful app you got there. im so glad i was able to make it to the freebie period!

  • Kristan

    I just bought left 4 dead 2day. Got it from Datablitz Park Square 1, Makati. The game’s awesome, to anyone there looking for a decent player add me up! leapStreak

  • http://www.jayveefernandez.com Jayvee

    way cool, will add you up! add me up as well. my steam URL is “thejayvee”

    couldn’t wait this long so i bought L4D online! :)

  • Anton

    please join my server (3rd try to post at the comments haha :D)




  • kristan

    Jayvee, been trying to add you for the longest time… but steam couldn’t find you, when I do a player search…

    Can you add me up? Thanks!

  • Jarek James

    how did you get it working because on mine it just shows the opening screen (zombies eating humans) and i have no text buttons any where

  • Michael

    is there a huge population of Philippine players in Steam? I usually play it in garena…

  • http://www.jayveefernandez.com Jayvee

    pretty much. thanks to bitstop!

  • http://www.jayveefernandez.com Jayvee

    @kristan — use this URL:


  • http://111111 charles

    ang ganda

  • Juanon

    planning on buying the orange box through steam. i hope it will worth the wait…. my connection sucks bigtime!

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