Contest: 10 TICKETS for Trance Alliance with DJ Fleming and Digital Blonde

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  1. What i love about Manila’s clubbing scene is everyone who come to the shows has lots of energy and carries such openness to be acquainted. We anticipate and appreciate the art of music and show respect by dancing to it. In all the events, clubbers go off without a hitch nor engage in petty fights so everyone leaves the show hyped.

  2. i remember faces, it was the Embassy of the late 80s and early 90s, minus the bugbugan. back in the 80s it was the heydey of louie y and his crew. i’d like to mention tet antiquera dancing without her undies, but that’s too far back when clubbing was still known as disco dancing. man, i’m old!

  3. I love how Filipinos dress to impress. Clubbing lets you see people who literally look like models, all made-up! Beauty is bliss!

  4. Gazing and observing the gorgeous crowd visavis with the trying hard-attention-getter people… thats what I love most here in Manila

  5. I love the clubbers who dance in wild abandon, celebrating life to the fullest!

    PS: I blogged about your contest. Suggestion: wouldn’t it be nice to have a pair of tickets for each winner? Or are those 10 tickets really for 10 different winners? Just thinking out loud. Thanks!

  6. I am delighted that Manila’s clubbing scene offers Gospel House music, thanks to DJ Benjo Marquez of Spirit @ Warehouse 135!Glory to God!:)

  7. The last time i’ve gone out for a clubbing night was way back in early 2000.. when eastwood was the “in” place for a really great party and events.

    fast forward 2008…

    Clubbing scene is everywhere! there are so many choices that trying them once isn’t enough… there’s the fort area, some parts of pasig and metrowalk, QC is still there and now clubbing events are also evident. simply put, just be adventurous enough and you will have a slim chance of getting bored of the usual night out place.

  8. What I love most about Manila’s clubbing scene is that it is full of crowd inspite of the economic crisis of our country. Everyone of us is affected by the problems of our country but we are resourceful to find the medium to release our stress — socializing with different people and appreciating music. Proud to be PINOY!

  9. What do i love most about Manila’s clubbing scene?

    dancing like a loon and not caring,
    sweating and losing all the calories from alcohol,
    and seeing beautiful people (where the hell are they on normal days?)

  10. What I love most about Manila’s clubbing scene is how much pinoys enjoy dancing even if they don’t have the slightest bit of rhythm in their bodies! A club is a home and the partyphiles treat each other like family! 🙂

  11. of course, the fact that its liberated compared to the older days..and Pinoys really know how to have fun!! Shoot! =)

  12. the clubbing scene in manila is not far from the scene in the states now a days.. we have so much high end clubs now, and well.. boys hang out to get girls, and girls do the same.. haha its so LAME. but i guess it works.?

  13. we dont have to do shxt to have fun, just go to the club and dance your night away.. forget about problems in life even for a while, have a few hang-overs in the morning, and say exactly to yourself. ..`wtf happened last night.?`.. right?

  14. i just realized something — if i raffle these off by friday night, no one will get a heads up if they win. im thinking if it will be OK to raffle earlier, like thursday noon since we already have around 25 entries so that people are informed earlier.

    what you guys think? 🙂

  15. WHat I love about the clubbing scene in Manila is the sense of belongingness you feel with just a step inside in one of the clubs here in the country. Everybody is family and music is food for all. 🙂

  16. “Faces”, “Where else?”, “Another World”, “StarGazer”, “King Kong”, “Metro” where hast thou? lol =)

  17. what i love about the club scene is that particular moment of the evening when the crowd roars in euphoric unison to a song which has anxiously been awaited by everyone to be played, reaches its electronic peak.. sensory overload begets the naked soul.

  18. yes thursday afternoon. ride on. 🙂 and yes, i Love how they play GospelMusic at warehouse 135… sometimes, it takes some real club to play such things…

  19. I love the good vibes that just comes off the party people all around…vibrating off the walls..putting the partyphiles in a dance trance that just inspires the DJs to spin like there’s no tomorrow…I love the organizers/promoters of Manila’s Club Scene for bringing it all together..for getting Awesome DJs with their mind blowing music…We thank you!! For making our dreams come true!!..And for inspiring our restless and tired souls to Live Strong, Enjoy Life and Party Hard!! 🙂

  20. Its the people. Trance is a minority here in the Philippines and all the people who love the club scene are very friendly and very happy people. Chinese, Italians, Indians etc etc can be seen in these kind of events and there are no discrimination going around. I have been into big events like these and all the crowd is dancing and having fun. Its very easy to approach anyone and talk to them. The people who really like trance can stay until morning, dancing, that’s why DJs like to comeback here and play.






    —- THE BIGFISH!!!!

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