Predictably Irrational: Perceived value with “bottomless” “unlimited” and “cheap”

4 thoughts on “Predictably Irrational: Perceived value with “bottomless” “unlimited” and “cheap””

  1. Hi Jayvee…just like to ask your opinion since you’re talking about value for money…well I got a friend of mine offering me to join a networking business. Wherein to start the business I will have to pay for a global package that is worth P7,980. In return I’ll get:

    (1) P6,750 worth of product (food supplement)
    (2) P200,000 personal accident insurance (MAFRE/Insular), wherein I may also claim P10,000 maximum medical reimbursement per accident not resulting to death.
    (3)50% discount certificate in Jansen Cosmetic Surgical Clinic
    (4)Free Medical Check up in MedCentral Dr. Nonoy Zuniga Clinic in Galleria
    (5)One scholarship certificate that is transferable, no qualifying exam and no maintaining grade that is good for the entire course in any of (AMA, Informatics, Datamex or Inteface)

    Do you think it’s okey to invest in this business?

  2. Thought provoking as always Jayvee. In an economy where how much you save is just as important as how much you make, it’s important to see marketing concepts applied in favor of the consumer. I had a Sun cell for a while, less than 3 months really. The “savings” just wasn’t worth the value I was getting, which in this case was close to nil. So I chucked it. I order the bottomless drinks sometimes though but that’s only because I can finish off 4 or 5 glasses and even then, I don’t order it all the time. People should really stop and take a good look at the actual value they’re getting and not be sidetracked by the supposed value the vendor is projecting.

    Oh and Genski, give this a read. It might save you a few bucks.

  3. the sun cell i got a few weeks ago — its still there but i really don’t use it anymore because of lack of signal. didn’t bother loading as well. apparently there’s an expiry date to the “unlimited” promo so you’re really forced to consume the load.

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