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  1. I am inspired to write whenever my heart feels like there’s something to get out and translate into words on paper, for my pen to transcribe and flourish on the texture of a paper which will never know my emotions.

  2. Most time it’s not a question of when I’m inspired to write. It’s more of why. True, there is a certain time of day when I’m most inclined to pick up my pen and notebook. But there is that lubricated flow of words because I feel the need to express a idea. Or else I might burst!

  3. My inspiration comes from the elation you get when your hard work pays off, when something you did meant a lot to someone… its those moments that you want to treasure and remember as a short story poem or a even a simple journal entry. ^^;

  4. Writing outlandish things/fantasy stuff: by just thinking of uber cute things. Right after reading a childrens book. Or watching a cartoon! Cartoon Network! = p

  5. it’s hard to predict what can bring on the urge to write… intense experiences, simple nostalgia, a long-time pet peeve that’s been simmering in your head for a while.

    but one way to get inspired is to actually start writing.

    “sometimes we write to say what we want to say; sometimes we write to find out what we want to say.”

  6. when i was an avid journal-writer, the look of the blank page felt like an invitation. it whispered to the pen in my hand and drew out its ink almost against my will. it was like seduction, and my empty journal pages seduced me into filling them every day.

  7. Very early in the morning, when no one’s awake yet except you. Minimal distraction = maximum productivity.

  8. I write when my feelings get the better of me. The words pour out in sadness, anger, enthusiasm, and yes, sometimes happiness.

    I write when I want to remember, or when I need to forget. I write to frame the situations and states of mind in which I find myself, to give them a semblance of order and perhaps, of meaning.

    I write to see where the writing takes me. In the past, I wrote rhymes for no reason; these days, I write for various reasons, with or without rhymes.

    I write because I can.

    I write because I am.

  9. hi folks! thank you all for participating thus far! the contest closes tonight at 11:59 PM for entries so if you have some last minute inspirations, do leave them here 🙂

  10. When my insomnia kicks in! I get so restless with thoughts buzzing in hyperdrive that the only way to get them to stop is to put it on paper. Then I can sleep.

  11. According to an often quoted saying…
    “If you wait for inspiration, you’re not a writer, but a waiter.”

    I get inspired to write when I read witty lines like that.

    I admit that more often than not, I am a waiter.

  12. Looking out the window, just as the plane is taking off and seeing the world below get smaller every passing second.

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