Toshiba FF1 Ultralight LED Projector

8 thoughts on “Toshiba FF1 Ultralight LED Projector”

  1. Great find Jayvee! Do you have the tech specs for this projector? min/max supported screen res?

    I saw a usb port as one of the input options. Have you tried inserting a usb stick and project files from there?

    Not really sure if ANSI lumens also applies to LED projection units… in case it does what is its ANSI lumens rating?


  2. great item!!!!!

    i was looking for a perfect and less expensive projector.and this might be the item i want.

    and its a mobile projector..with the batteries.

    hope to see a sample of the projection in some local tech shows here

  3. @azrael – sincerely doubt you’ll see samples as this product is a 2006 item.

    @tech box – im not well versed in projection technology so i really can’t say. a google search will show you a few results on the exact specifications though 🙂

    will update this post if i have any more information.

  4. Res 800×600
    Lumens 25l
    Very reliable, I’ve used one nearly every day for 2.5 years.
    I’d like to get another one if someone has a secondhand source.

    Much brighter (100l-150l) LED projectors have recently become available eg Samsung P400, but still 800×600. Even brighter (750l) full HD led projectors should be available by Jan 09. There should also be even smaller pico LED projectors available in the same time frame.

  5. hey guys,

    if you are still interested in this product, we have more of this model in our inventory. the price at P25k is already a give-away. original price was P95k. drop by during office hours.

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