U Mobile (ümobile): Country’s 5th Telco is the Free, Advertising Based Service

24 thoughts on “U Mobile (ümobile): Country’s 5th Telco is the Free, Advertising Based Service”

  1. Oh sh*t, that’s big! Big news for freakin’ smart and globe who rips off people! Update us when you get some news! 😀

  2. @Poyt — U Mobile was bought by SMART actually, before they launched. But they are run independently although they may use SMART’s existing network.


  3. this sounds really awesome. don’t forget to post new updates about this, and to share invites 🙂

  4. Wow! I’m excited to try uMobile (how do you input the “u” with the .. on top in Mac?). Good thing someone sent me an invite code.

  5. hi jayvee! seems umobile is cool.. been finding ways to get an invite..
    hope you could give one..

  6. It took them 2 weeks for my application to get approved! But then again, it was worth it, and I might be getting my SIM within this week and ready to load it up. I’m so excited to get that 0999 area code, hehehe. =)

  7. Cool, I finally stumbled to a site about this! I was daydreaming about it this morning (well technically evening dreaming as it was evening time ) and now I discover this site. Coincidence alright. Might be checking back!

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