U Mobile (ümobile): Country’s 5th Telco is the Free, Advertising Based Service

EDIT: Erratum on the free load and how it works

EDIT II: Apparently the referral system is now up. I’ll be referring people who want a umobile number. The application requires me to input your name, email and a current cellphone number so if you’re comfy with giving that out to me, send me an email. All info you provide will be held in strict confidence.

EDIT III: Short video walkthrough here

SMART Telecommunications, Globe Telecommunications, SUN Cellular, Bayan Telecommunications. And now there’s room for one more.

There’s a new number in town and that number is “+63999.” Word is out that a telco called CURE which was bought by SMART has been launched for the public, and their name is U Mobile or ümobile, the country’s first free advertising-driven telco. It’s sort of like Inquirer Libre which we get to pick up on the train station free of charge — because everything is subsidized by advertising.

ümobile is a brand owned by Connectivity Unlimited Resource Enterprise, Inc. CURE belongs to the family of the 2 leading telecommunication giants—PLDT and SMART. We maintain our independence as far as strategic business decisions and day-to-day operations are concerned. SMART supports us in our needs especially on network complement. [FAQ]

Is this the telco for the masses? Well no. Not really. Not yet. Currently, applications are by invite only and I heard that people who have been invited to the service (those who went to the launch party a few hours ago) will be able to refer friends who can join up and avail of the free service. I heard as well that there is an allocation of P350 worth of credit per month for users P100 a month for the first 6 months for free. The P350 is the maximum amount of load you can receive by participating in the ad program that is sent to your mobile. We were blown away and I really have so many questions to ask. But as of the moment, that’s all I know.

Commenting on the worldwide telecommunications scene, this is something Google wanted to do – buy their own spectrum and launch their own telco free of charge, driven entirely by advertising. The Philippines is the first in Asia to have an Ad Driven telco and yeah, this is huge. Freakin’ huge. The telco has been in operations for more than a year now undercover and have now launched officially with several partner establishments to deliver advertising directly to the mobile phone.

Ads are purely contextual and users will have to answer a thorough survey which is updated every year in case interests changes. So yes, “contextual” is dependent on the survey as far as I was informed.

Cool beans. Freakin’ cool beans. This is big.

P.S. I won an LG KU380 Phone from the raffle — well I think everyone went home with one! Marketing is surely aggressive. Open bar. Piss drunk. Wheeee!

24 responses to “U Mobile (ümobile): Country’s 5th Telco is the Free, Advertising Based Service”

  1. Poyt says:

    Oh sh*t, that’s big! Big news for freakin’ smart and globe who rips off people! Update us when you get some news! 😀

  2. Jayvee says:

    @Poyt — U Mobile was bought by SMART actually, before they launched. But they are run independently although they may use SMART’s existing network.


  3. SoNn says:

    Hi Jayvee, you got any invites for U Mobile?

  4. myrae says:

    Comments from the service?

  5. Jayvee says:

    @SoNn, not yet. I still haven’t received my SIM card 🙂 I still have to figure out how everything works

  6. Allan says:

    Pasa-invite naman when you get it o 😀

  7. digitalwormfreak says:

    You can check their site -www.umobile.com.ph.

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  9. aldwin says:

    this sounds really awesome. don’t forget to post new updates about this, and to share invites 🙂

  10. Jeric says:

    Wow! I’m excited to try uMobile (how do you input the “u” with the .. on top in Mac?). Good thing someone sent me an invite code.

  11. Mike Abundo says:

    PhP 350? My phone bill is waaaaay more than that. Hope you won’t have to view too many ads to get that small subsidy.

  12. Mike Abundo says:

    To justify their low ad-supported credit cap, U Mobile should send no more than four ads a day.

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  14. Mike Abundo says:

    Each ad gives you only a penny of load. The time and effort it takes you to grab your phone and delete an ad is probably worth more than a penny.

  15. mapi says:

    hi jayvee! seems umobile is cool.. been finding ways to get an invite..
    hope you could give one..

  16. Jayvee says:

    hi friends, here is updated information on how to get a umobile invite faster:


  17. Ian says:

    thats cool!!!

  18. It took them 2 weeks for my application to get approved! But then again, it was worth it, and I might be getting my SIM within this week and ready to load it up. I’m so excited to get that 0999 area code, hehehe. =)

  19. stahn says:

    anybody still got a code, please send me one too, thanks in advance, my email is cfleron@yahoo.com

  20. Jay says:


    Anyone who wants to trade a code with free hosting for one year :)? My email is peterpunc@gmail.com


  21. yukito says:

    hi there!

    just got an invite code from my friend.. lucky fella here.. hahaha…

  22. Cool, I finally stumbled to a site about this! I was daydreaming about it this morning (well technically evening dreaming as it was evening time ) and now I discover this site. Coincidence alright. Might be checking back!

  23. Bryan says:

    What a relief to discover a page that may be ultimately really worth reading! I’ve been seeking all-around about this topic but men and women just put rubbish posts, or brief meaningless posts. I have seen a couple vids on youtube but it’s now the same as reading a good post. Great job!

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