Does the Nike+ kit really encourage you to stay fit?

8 thoughts on “Does the Nike+ kit really encourage you to stay fit?”

  1. Yes the Nike+ sports kit is really wonderful. But if you don’t have enough dough for it you could always just get a pedometer.

    Just be carefu where you do your runs as those ipods tend to attract attention.

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  2. Is this an official name? How politically incorrect of Nike! I’ll start a campaign to call it the… “gravitationally-challenged Nano”! hehe

    I might just get it when I get back. 🙁 *misses the ipod classic he lost*

  3. This to me equals marketing gimmick. If you want to run, go out and run. If you want music there’s a myriad of ways to do it, it doesn’t have to be an ipod and a tricked out pedometer.

    My own problem with running while listening to music is that my sweat glands are overactive. Any earphones I use will inevitably be covered in sweat after a 1 minute run, which is just gross.

  4. I heard about the Nike+ kit from a friend. She, too, pointed out hearing Lance is motivating. There must be something to it.

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