The Orange Box: The best PC Game deal for 2007!

15 thoughts on “The Orange Box: The best PC Game deal for 2007!”

  1. With regard to the installation problems with Orange Box…there is more going on than lack of installation instructions by Valve.

    The problem is Steam. Many dial-up users and some high speed users cannot fully download the Steam Update client. It drops out about 30% download and then restarts. This means no Steam client gets installed. Which means nothing from The Orange Box can be installed either. Including offline play.

    As of November 21,2007 there has been no response from Steam to these user issues. There are suggestions to try this setting and that tweak, even to install strange freeware modem enhancements. None of these things work. So, the user is left in the lurch with DVDs that won’t install because Steam can’t get their verification client, Steam, to download to customers’ Pcs.

    Hasn’t Microsoft been doing that relatively problem free (verifying user copies and deploying updates) for several years now? But still Steam can’t.

    I have troubleshooted this issue on different PCs etc. and the best hope for anyone is the following thread at Steam forums. You can see the extent of the problem and lack of support:

  2. hi easten,

    is the problem very prolific? i had no problems when i finally got the thing to work.

    but thanks for the heads up. the troubleshooting link is great!

  3. I’m completely baffled by all this.
    What a bizarre way to install a game! Fortunately finding this post has saved me from pulling all my hair out and attempting to aquire a refund.

    Good job I decided to be patient about my previous installation nightmare and have another look around the web.

    Thanks for this.

  4. thank god for the installation update, i spent hours last night with my update bar slowly creeping up and now they’ve installed in half an hour. kinda makes me feel dumb but i’m ok with it.

    Cheers for ze info

  5. whenever the bar reaches the end of the “prepairing Half Life 2 for Instalation” bit the next icon doesnt highlight so i cant go any further, any clues?

  6. I, for one, simply have no idea what to do. I read your suggestion on how to install it, And I still don’t get it.

  7. how do i use the cd key that came with it to register my games for online play? kuz i cant find any way to play gmod online or team fortress 2. PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME

  8. @ simon said:how do i use the cd key that came with it to register my games for online play? kuz i cant find any way to play gmod online or team fortress 2. PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME

    Answer: You need a steam account.After making a steam account,
    open steam then sign in, then click on activate steam product
    then click ok until you reach the part where you need to put your cd key. It a bar thingy

    Q. Are there any more HL2: orange box available near metro manila, If you know please tell me where. many shops keep on telling me that they dont know any orange boxes. Please help

  9. Where can I buy TeamFortress 2 or Orange Box? kasi datablitz already phased out TF2 and Orange box because of problems in Multiplayer I suppose? so where can I buy?

  10. yeah. where can i get team fortress 2, too? i dont want to download it from steam for personal reasons. so, anyone knows where i can get the game? i live in davao city and they already phased it out at datablitz.

  11. I was lucky to have bought a copy of the Orange Box in SM north Edsa last Jan 10 2010 for only P1300. I dont know if they restock it though, cause last time I bought it, it was the only copy there. Totally worth the money.

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