5,000 games being developed for the Wii!!!

2 thoughts on “5,000 games being developed for the Wii!!!”

  1. I tested Wii when I was in LA. My 11-year-old friend was obsessed with it. Kids these days don’t get enough exercise. The Wii is a great way for them to move away from being thumb-punching couch potatoes.

    Thing is, the games are such prototypes. Skeletal characters? It’s like a kid drew a circle, added a head, and submitted it to the Wii developers who turned it into a game.

    I’ll wait ’til they come up with better graphics.

  2. i just saw this wii game website on the net, and my mom in law enjoys playing speed solitaire in a flash wii game.

    me, enjoyed surfing the web using my wii.

    too bad that the wii has a low memory, that some flash content failed to load.

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