“If a network problogger left the blogosphere, would anyone care?”

13 thoughts on ““If a network problogger left the blogosphere, would anyone care?””

  1. I’ve taken over a few blogs and there is always that worry — what if the loyal readers hate me. What if I’m not the same (which you never are) as the ex-blogger. It’s a hard line. Especially if, like me you have a strong personality — I tend to mellow down for blog take-overs so I don’t frighten people away.

    Very cool thoughts and great post.

  2. I’ve taken over 1 and have left 2(personal and complicated reasons).

    I don’t know which is easier. Right now I feel like leaving my other two and watching new bloggers take over is harder. I guess coz I treated the blogs as my babies that it’s hard to watch someone put their twists on ’em. Plus I felt like I abandoned my readers. I’m working on getting the same blog niches up again except on another network so hopefully my “audience” would find me again somehow.

  3. Unless the blog has a REALLY distinct voice and has a large audience, i dont see much of a problem.

    Take for example Kotaku or Joystiq, they have that sarcastic tone that obviously regular readers like me have grown accustomed to.

    But most of the time, it also is a good idea to carve your own path and make your own voice. There’s a reason why you were hired for that particular blog and unless the network specifically tells you to blog in a certain way then just do your thing and make the blog your own.

    Remember also that it may not be necessarily your voice that grabs people but your content…even if you have a robotic way of writing, if they need/enjoy/want/lust after your content, people will still come to your blog…

  4. this one i got from rico. the sarcastic tone thats usually prevalent in a number of blogs is actually an easy way out to dish content. i think rico has a point. 🙂

  5. It would be hard to write under the shadow of the previous EIC. It may have a negative effect on the new writer especially if the style of writing of the previous one is different from his.

    But of course, by instantly changing the overall voice of the site, the readers might get confused and annoyed ay the sudden change.

    The best thing to do is to slowly change the direction and voice of your site to your preference while checking out the reactions of the readers.

    Nice post.

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