Sorsi’s blogging adventure begins!


One of the nicest things about blogging is that it is, just like art, never a finished product. As an advocate of continous improvement, we left BlogCon 2006 with a case study for the migration of Sorsi Soriano’s blog from Friendster to WordPress. Correct me if I’m wrong but Friendster does not archive posts.


I’ve been a fan of Sorsi’s “kwento style” blogging which not a lot of people have the knack for. If I were to give a reward to the best journal style of blogging, that award would go to Pam Pastor for her uber long posts and uber camwhoring skills. Sorsi’s style of blogging is similar to this, for she engages readers with her everyday “matter of fact” content.

This is what I call the “Seinfeld Phenomenon” (coined after the famous TV sitcom Seinfeld) where Jerry Seinfeld, as himself, finds humor in everyday things.

The Project
To help her in her blogging adventure, Marc (Mr. SEO), Abe (Mr. Monetization), and myself (content) will be giving in advice on the mentioned topics. This doesn’t mean that comments and suggestions are closed. Let us all help her develop “blogfabulous” content.

Upon first glance, two things I’d suggest would be for her to make use of the “more” command in WordPress for really long posts. Not only will it condense her blog to be more reader-friendly, it will also increase her page views.

Second would be for her to start using category tags this early on. Categorizing things under Uncategorized isn’t really advisable for SEO purposes (eek, that’s Marc’s line).

There is some debate on the utility of categories. Of course, having categories will allow you to see which categs are more read than others – this is good for $$$ purposes. Others just file them so that their readers will be able to sift through content faster.

One cool use of categories, as I have learned, is for moving stuff around in a portal-style layout. Award-winning WordPress web designer Gail redesigned our Mobile Philippines site and we made use of a three tier information architecture design. We based the tiers on level of importance, from announcements to editorials to reviews. For those who choose not to view the site through a portal, they can choose the traditional “inverse chronological order” style by clicking on the BLOG tab.

Okay, that was a mouthful! Stay tuned for more updates, and do check out Abe and Marc’s sites too. Blog on, Sorsi!

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