Back from BlogCon 2006

Written by Jayvee Fernandez

Elber poses beside the BlogCon logo

Elber poses beside the BlogCon logo

Wow, what a trip! (as if it was really that far away)

Thanks to everyone who came and spread the link love. I hope everyone enjoyed the evening as well as the short presentations given by the guest speakers. Thank you Globe Innove for the sponsorship!

I want to apologize for two things though.

First, the “autograph signing” thing was actually supposed to be similar to the barnyard shoepile game where we have a list of all the blogs and people match the bloggers with their respective URLs.

Second, the podcast we recorded is corrupt. Something unknown to my geeky powers corrupted the audio file as it was being compressed in GarageBand. The file is lost forever! How tragic. How irresponsible. So so sorry about that.

There were some people I really wanted to talk to (especially the famous Jac Ting Lim!) but everyone was, as we all experienced, overwhelmed with the first meetup. I think we have plans of doing this every quarter so expect a Blogger Kris Kringle this Christmas.

I will be posting pictures soon (actually check out Rico’s blog because he downloaded all of my pictures into his computer…). In the meantime ….

BlogCon 2006 from the point of view of SOME of the attendees:

Teh BlogCon is the shizzle!
Sasha Manuel

Pinoy Bloggers Face to FaceChris Lagman

What happened in BlogCon 2006? Rico Mossesgeld

Live Blogging at the First Philippine Blogcon 2006Noemi

BlogCon 2006 was a blastGloria

To the BlogConMorofilm

After the BlogConMarkku

BlogCon 2006

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